Chapter 192

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I, who hurriedly returned to the Ruven mansion immediately informed Rebecca-san that today is Allen and Elena’s birthday.

“My! That is a serious matter!”

Then, in order to prepare for the celebration, Rebecca-san promptly left the room.

“Then, I will go prepare a feast with Barry-san. I will call Joule and others, so you guys wait with everyone in the room, okay?”
“”Will help~””
“N~ you can’t help just for today.”
“No… it’s not like you must not, but…”

We are preparing for Allen and Elena’s birthday today, so I would like if they did not help out with anything if possible. That is my wish.
However, while that may be true, it’s difficult to say “You can’t help.” to the two. Rather, I can’t say it……… now then, what do I do?

“Takumi-san, I have finished the arrangements!”

While troubled about what to do, Rebecca-san who rushed back to the room returned with a cheerful expression.

“… Oh my? Did something happen?”
“Rather than something happening… I thought of preparing some dishes, but…”
“”Will help~””
“——That being the case, I was troubled over what to do.”
“My, oh my.”

When I explained the situation to Rebecca-san, the children stated that they would tag along.
Seeing that, Rebecca-san let out a “Fufufu” giggle.

“I have time now and I am free. Allen-chan, Elena-chan, won’t you play together with Obaasama, pelase?”

Rebecca-san called out to the children, wanting me to “Leave it to her.”


Allen and Elena alternated their gazes between me and Rebecca-san, seemingly troubled.

“I will be fine, you guys wait here and play with Rebecca-san.”
“”Yea, got it~ —— Obaasama~ let’s play~””
“Oh my, thank you.”

When I told the two to play with Rebecca-san, the two obediently chose to play.

“Then, Rebecca-san, I will leave the two with you.”
“Yes, leave them to me.”
“Allen, Elena. I will be going to the kitchen now.”
“”Yup, got it~””
“Everyone is~?”

Everyone? … Ah, they mean Joule and others.
I did tell them to wait here with Joule and others first.

“Err… Rebecca-san, may I leave my Contracted Beasts with you as well?”
“My! Is that the rumored Fenrir and Celestial Tiger? Sure, sure! I wanted to meet them! But, you did not quite introduce us~”

Thinking that summoning Contracted Beast in a noble’s house might not be a good idea, I was restraining myself to the best of my abilities, but Rebecca-san apparently couldn’t wait to meet Joule and others.
I would summon them on the spot if asked, but I was hesitating since I didn’t have the permission of those taking care of us.

“I am sorry about that. Umm… I will be calling everyone then.”

I called for Joule and the other four and also summoned Shiro and the other four Rebecca-san was already familiar with.


“They are Fenrir Joule, Celestial Tiger Feat, Thunderhawk Bolt, Scarlet King Leo Vector, Forest Rat Mile.”
“My, my, my! They are all cuties, aren’t they!”

The eyes of Rebecca-san who was looking at Joule and others were sparkling.
I have been missing the opportunity to introduce them up until now, but I am glad I did it now.

“Everyone, this is the madam of the family that is currently taking care of us, Rebecca-san. Wald-sama’s mother. Make sure to not be impolite to her.”

Joule and others all acknowledged.

“Fufu, they really are well-behaved children, aren’t they?”
“Erm… Rebecca-san, you will be here with a large number of children if I leave them all here, are you really fine with that?”
“My, oh my, you have finally called for them, so don’t speak of sending them back. Everyone seems to be a good child, it will be fine.”
“Is that so? ——Then, everyone, be good children and wait here, okay?”

The children all gave out a cheerful reply, so I left them to Rebecca-san and left for the kitchen.

“Takumi-sama, I was waiting for you!”

When I entered the kitchen, Barry-san was already waiting there with many ingredients prepared.

“I am sorry for the suddenness today.”
“No, no! I heard that it’s Allen-sama and Elena-sama’s birthday today! I will assist you with my all!”
“Thank you very much. It’s just I have not decided what to make just yet.”
“It was so sudden, after all. However, we still have plenty of time, so it will be fine.”

What is the standard for a birthday party fest? Deep-fried chicken? Sushi?
Ah, but, it might be better to hold back on raw or fresh fish, so… scattered sushi? It might be good if made with boiled crab or shrimps, no?
Ah, I don’t have rice vinegar, though… well, I do have vinegar, so it should be fine. Rather, I am not going to use raw or fresh fish, so I can do without vinegar, I think?

Next… something Allen and Elena are fond of like potato salad and millet soup?
It’s still not enough, but let’s think about it while cooking.
Right, right, for a celebration, a decorated cake is a must. However, you see~ I can’t make a sponge. Do I substitute this with a pound cake? But it would be too hard with pound cake, wouldn’t it~
Ah! Wouldn’t Ice-cream cake or something be good?

“Barry-san, can I ask for your immediate help?”
“Yes, please instruct me!”
“First, I would like you to make ice cream, err… hardened in the size and shape of that pot over there and decorated with fruits and cream.”

The chefs of the Runve Household had already improved their ice cream making skills, so it should be fine to leave this to Barry-san.

“Ohh! That is quite a novel idea again! Although we will have to leave the decoration to you, you can leave the foundation to us! What about the flavor?”
“Let’s see~ A tripe-flavor of milk, Ichi, and chocolate… it will take some time to make, are you fine with that?”
“Yes, leave it to us.”

Barry-san promptly instructed other cooks and also began working himself.

“Well then, I should start as well…”

First, I should make seasonings for the deep-fried food, and then… what meat should I use? Barry-san had prepared fowl and rook bird meat in place of the chicken, but… let’s splurge here.
I retrieved Evil Viper meat from my Infinite Storage. It’s not chicken meat, but I believe that Evil Viper meat will taste great even if deep-fried.

“Ta, Takumi-sama~ A, about that meat… why do I feel an uncommon aura from it…”
“This meat? This is the Evil Viper meat.”
“E, Evil Viper, you say-!!”

Starting with Barry-san’s scream, a series of screams echoed around the kitchen.
For today only, I don’t intend on holding back on ingredients! Therefore, I have already disregarded the screams of Barry-san and others!!

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