Chapter 193

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Birthday Party
“Allen, Elena, Happy Birthday!”

After a while in the kitchen occasionally echoing with screams, the feast had been successfully finished and Allen and Elena’s birthday party started.
However, Allen and Elena could only tilt their heads to the side after hearing the words of celebration. They had experienced Rebecca-san’s celebration before, so they should have a notion of what “birthday” is.

“Today is your birthday Allen, Elena. It’s the day you two had been born on.”
“Yeah. Therefore, today is the day you receive ‘congratulations’.”
“”N, you see… thank you?””
“Yup, that’s correct.”

When I explained what birthday is, the two spoke up after thinking very hard for a while.

“Allen, Elena, let’s keep getting along, okay?”

Allen and Elena being born and me being able to meet them was my fortune.
Well, I would like to have a few words with Water God-sama who escaped from his responsibilities, but… thinking that I was able to meet the twins because of that makes me feel quite complicated.

“Allen-kun, Elena-chan, Happy Birthday.”
“Allen-chan, Elena-chan, you are so cute~”
“”Happy Birthday, you two.””
“”Thank you~””

The members of the Ruven family, Matthias-san, Rebecca-san, Velio-san, and Almeria-san wished the children Happy Birthday.

“Here, this is my present to you.”
“”Thank you, Obaasama~””

Moreover, Rebecca-san was apparently able to prepare a present on the very day. While surprised about whether she prepared it in such a short time, she told me that she had prepared it a long time ago.
I was told… that although Allen and Elena’s birthday wasn’t ascertained, Rebecca-san was sure since her birthday that they must have their birthday somewhere near the time I met them for the first time, so she had prepared beforehand. As expected of her.
……… I did not think of preparing a present in advance.

“Allen-kun, Elena-san, Happy Birthday.”
“”Happy Birthday, Allen-kun, Elena-chan.””
“”How pretty~””

I thought it should be fine with just us congratulating them, so I did not consider inviting anyone. But, Rebecca-san was tactful and invited those we get along with. Moreover, even though it was sudden, many people gathered.
From the Risner family, Cedric-san, Isaac-san, Theodore-kun, and Latis-kun came. Theodore-kun and Latis-kun presented them with a bouquet and Allen and Elena delightfully accepted.
By the way, when I inquired from Cedric-san about the jelly and mayonnaise in the spare time, he told me with a grin “You told me you don’t mind if it spreads, no?”
Yep, I did say that. I did, but also obtaining profit from it was unexpected. Well, one would normally welcome the extra income, but in my case, the surprise was bigger.

“Allen-kun, Elena-chan, Happy Birthday.”
“Congratulations. How old are you guys now?”
“”Fiv… six~””

Larry-san and Helena-san from the McPherson family also came.
When asked about their age, Allen and Elena were about to reply five as they usually do, but they corrected themselves and said six. Still, they were perfectly in sync as usual.

“Allen, Elena, congratulations.”
“Happy Birthday.”
“”Thank you~””
“Erm… everyone, thank you very much for coming.”

For some reason, Al-sama, Grace-sama, and Lionel-sama came too.
They have, for some mysterious reason, came to join us, but… I must not mind it, so I said my thanks without crumbling.
I don’t think Rebecca-san had an invitation written for the royalty too. Then, did they perhaps overhear from somewhere and decided to come?
Yep, it’s believable when you take these people into consideration.

“Still, everything here looks so delicious! Oh~ how glad I am we had our duties switched. Right, Isaac?”
“Wald-sama, you should congratulate the kids first, right?”
“Wald Niisan…”
“Grunwald, I know that the food must be delicious, but don’t overdo it with your gluttony.”
“Indeed. Calm down a bit.”

Wald-sama and Isaac-san naturally came for the family gathering, but Najack-sama, Kevin-sama, and Claudio-sama also came.
From what I understood, Wald-sama and Isaac-san who were on duty received a report about Allen and Elena’s birthday and the story had reached Al-sama and Grace-sama’s ears. The two are Royal Guards, after all.
Nevertheless… Wald-sama’s pace is stable as usual~ Well, that’s what makes him Wald-sama, though.

“Well, you are right. Allen, Elena, congratulations.”

Yep, he indeed is Wald-sama.


“And so, you guys are also starving, right?”
“”Yea, starving~””

… It’s so like him, but I would like him to pay more attention to his words.

“Can we eat~?”
“Sure. However, Allen, Elena… it’s ‘I am hungry’ you know?”
“I am.”
“All right! Then, eat up a lot. Everyone too, don’t hold back and enjoy the food.”

Once the meal started, everyone ate in a trance.

“Takumi, all of them are great! Especially this! This is super good! Rather, you were hiding so many dishes I have yet to eat!!”

What Wald-sama was highly praising was deep-fried Evil Viper meat.

“”Onii~chan, Onii~chan.””
“What is it?”
“”Is this big snake~?””
“Correct! So you guys could tell~”

Ohh~ it appears that Allen and Elena could recognize the deep-fried Evil Viper.

“Ngu!? W, wait a moment! Big snake, you say!? I have a bad feeling about this… is this meat perhaps…”
“Hahaha~ it’s a celebration so I have splurged!”

Wald-sama guessed the origins of the meat too as his face cramped.
Others who knew that I defeated Evil Viper before were also staring at the deep-fried meat.
Among the people who came today, only the McPherson couple, Theodore-kun, and Latis-kun were making curious faces.

“Takumi, what other high-class ingredients have you used today!? Explain yourself at once! Alright?”
“Explain myself, you say…”
“Then, confess. No, spit it out.”
“It’s getting worse!? Rather, I did not commit any crime, right!?”
“Don’t mind it and spit it out!”
“You are so heartless~ But, for the high-class ingredients, I have used only truffle, Snowbelow mushrooms, and Majesta fruit, you know?”

It’s abnormal mentioning these three ingredients in one sentence, but Wald-sama has eaten all of them before. Well, I won’t mention that now.

After a while, Wald-sama spoke to me again.

“Ah~… also, Takumi. I have been curious about this since a while ago, but…”
“N? What is it, Wald-sama?”
“That green pipsqueak wasn’t with you the last time, right? Did you get more?”

Wald-sama questioned while directing his gaze at Mile.
Joule and other Contracted Beasts are also participating in this birthday party. It’s Allen and Elena’s birthday, so Joule and others should participate too, Rebecca-san gave her permission.

“That’s a Forest Rat, Mile. I contracted her after coming to the Capital.”
“As I thought. Well, let’s leave it at that. But, why are our people monopolizing your Contracted Beasts?”

As Wald-sama said, Rebecca-san was hugging Feat, Matthias-san was shrewdly holding Joule up in his arms. Additionally, Bolt was standing on Velio-san’s shoulder, while Mile was sitting on Almeria-san’s shoulder. At the feet of the Ruven family members, Vector was absentmindedly eating his food.
Therefore, the reason Rebecca-san permitted Joule and others to participate is that she has yet to enjoy them thoroughly, is what I think.

“It’s not like my children dislike it, so isn’t it just fine for today?”
“Well, if you say so.”

After this, the peaceful party continued.

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