Chapter 154

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New Ingredient
The inn Vivian was staying at wasn’t far from the place we met her.
But, even though it was the inn Vivian was staying at, it would be difficult to ask them to lend me, a mere visitor their kitchen, so I negotiated with them to lend me a part of the dining hall. That’s because I can make Dorayaki pancakes on the portable cooking stove as long as I have a stable surface.
There weren’t many customers as the time for lunch has already passed and it was still early for dinner, so the owner gladly agreed.

“Here, it’s done.”
“Yaay~ Thank you very muuuch. I certainly received it, so here’s your payment~”

When I handed the freshly made Cream Dorayaki and regular Dorayaki to Vivian, she handed me the Enerunrun♪ With this, the transaction is done, but… ——

“Are you really okay with this as payment?”
“It’s plenty~ I mean, this is not being sold anywhere after all.”
“Well, that’s certainly true, but… that’s similar to this medicine, no?”
“Nono, although there are only a few circulating around, they are definitely not unobtainable~ ham.”

I feel that this transaction was way more profitable for me. Vivian said that there’s an added value from the Dorayaki not being purchasable anywhere else, but Enerunrun♪ is a Vampire special-made medicine too, so I feel that its popularity would bring its worth up.
Vivian didn’t seem to mind that at all as she promptly sunk her teeth into the Cream Dorayaki.


Allen and Elena watched the Cream Dorayaki eating Vivian in envy.

“You have just eaten Dorayaki a little while ago, so you each get only a half, alright?”

As expected, I would feel sorry for them if they had to endure with a person eating in front of them, so when I handed each a half of the Cream Dorayaki, the two ate with great joy.
This time, they didn’t stuff their cheeks but ate little by little instead. They looked like little squirrels… so cute, oy.

“Hafuu~ that was delicious. Ah, right, right! Takumi-san.”

Vivian who quickly finished eating the Cream Dorayaki called out to me.

“N, what is it?”
“Takumi-san, can you make something tasty out of this?”

What Vivian presented to me was a bag stuffed with fingernail-sized yellow grains.

“What is this?”

I didn’t know what it was, so I tried appraising it right away.

“This is!”

It was dried corn. It seems to be called Yellow Millet on Aetherdia though. There are apparently variants of different colors like Black Millet, White Millet, and Red Millet too. They all differ in taste, but I don’t know how much different they are.

“How come you have this, Vivian? I have not seen anyone selling it.”
“Huhh~? From the way you talk, you seem to have been searching for it~? Just like White Wheat, this is used as fodder for the domestic animals in a few areas~ Well, these were dried though~”

I knew that not only the White Wheat—Rice, was used as fodder on Aetherdia, but…
So it’s restricted to certain regions? Now I can understand why I have not found it yet.
Rather, why is it that domestic animals have such variety of fodder? How mysterious.

“I thought that you might be able to make something tasty out of it just like with the White Wheat~ So I bought it just in case~”

The first thing that comes to mind with dried corn is popcorn. But, I believe that a certain kind of corn is used for that. Different kinds should get burnt when used.
Also… would I be able to make a corn soup if I had the flour?

“It’s unfortunate that it’s not raw. Say, Vivian, can you get it only dry?”

If it was raw, I could fry it in butter and soy sauce, I could add it to pilaf and stew as well, I could even put it into a bread. No, when it comes to bread, I might be able to use the dry ones too?

“N? Not dry, is it~? I think you would be able to get them at the actual place, but I am afraid to say that they are produced on the west side of the Gaya Forest, in the country called the Farce Kingdom~”

The Farce Kingdom, huh~ If we go in a straight line from here, the Guardia Country, through the Gaya Forest and another country, we could reach the Farce Kingdom. It’s too far indeed~

“Are the dry ones obtainable somewhere around here then?”
“There might be a shop that deals with them here in the Capital~”
“I see. I should try looking for one then…”

I have not looked around the stores in the Capital just yet, so I should take a peek after this.

“Rather, Takumi-san. You can keep that~”
“Eh? You sure?”
“Yes~ I won’t be able to use it anyway~ It would be nice if you could treat me with something yummy that was made from that the next time~”
“… If I am able to make use of it, that is.”
“Yes, that’s fine with me~”

However, even if I manage to make something nice from the Yellow Millet, I can’t tell when I will come across Vivian again~
Well, although I have not told Vivian that I can use Infinite Storage, she has surely noticed by now, so there shouldn’t be a problem?

“You and I are connected by fate, so you don’t have to worry as we will surely meet again~ Therefore, please be at ease and prepare something tasty for me, okay~”

Err… was I making such obvious expression again? Moreover, for it to be read by that Vivian… I really must be easy to understand~ Should I train my mimetic muscles a little more?
Still… —

“Having my fate tied with yours… I don’t want that though…”
“Ehh~ you are cruel, Takumi-sa~n.”

I am fine with a light association, but talking about fate and things… it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
“Now then, we have finished our business, so we should be on our way.”
“Waa~oh, you are going with this timing~”
“Allen and Elena just finished eating too.”
“”Was yummy~””
“Huh, my~”

Somehow managing to bid farewell with Vivian who tried to detain us, we who left the inn decided to look around a store that dealt with fodder and manure along the road.

“Yellow Millet? You are looking for something unusual, lad. Err… if I am not mistaken, we should have Black Millet and Red Millet in the stock, but we have never dealt with Yellow Millet before.”

The store we have visited has never dealt with Yellow Millet, but they apparently had two different kinds. If they had the White Millet too, I would have all kinds of the colored millet, but things didn’t go that smoothly.
Well, there are many stores of this kind in the Capital, so I might be able to find it by looking around.

“Is that so? Can you sell me the Black Millet and Red Millet then? I would like White Wheat if you have it as well.”
“Thank you for the business! You help us out by buying the Millet, so I will sell it to you cheap! Also, the White Wheat? We have just restocked, so buy as much as you need!”

I decided to buy the Black Millet and Red Millet at once and also made an additional purchase of White Wheat while I was here. We have recently increased the amount of White Wheat we eat, so let’s buy a larger quantity.

“Thank you for waiting! Here you go, Black Millet, Red Millet, and White Wheat.”

The Black Millet the clerk has brought was slightly purplish in color and the Red Millet grains were of orange-yellow hue, so as he sold them to me cheaply, I decided to buy out his entire inventory.

“”What will you make~?””
“N? Let’s see~ First of all, I will try to make it into flour and cook some soup. I want to confirm each variety’s flavor first.”

I think soups would be good to compare the flavors of the millets. I won’t be able to tell the millets flavor by mixing the dry grains into food.

“Sounds yummy~”
“Quickly want to drink~”
“Hahaha~ no need to be in such a hurry. I understand that you are looking forward to it, but as I thought, I would like to obtain all four varieties first and compare the flavors all at once. That won’t be possible today, but let’s look around different stores tomorrow.”

Allen and Elena were looking forward to the soup, but they showed obviously dissatisfied expression when I told them that I won’t be making it just yet.

“I will make them immediately after finding the White Millet, so endure for a little longer.”
“”A little longer~?””
“A little longer. If we find the White Millet tomorrow, I will make four kinds of soups. Endure for a day, okay?”

The two still seemed a bit displeased, but they reluctantly agreed, so I decided to explore the town tomorrow.

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