Chapter 153

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Regrettable Beauty, Once Again
When we strolled around the town after leaving from the magic tool store—

“Takumi-san, please give me food!”

We encountered a red-haired woman—the Vampire Vivian.
Moreover, she solicited food the moment she met us.

“… Vivian, look here~”

First, we met at the Bailey Town near the sea, then we met in the city of Alveil, so this meeting will make it the third one, but… she’s frightfully intimate.
Nevertheless, this is too frightening for a coincidence. I could still understand if it was in the same one town, but for it to happen in three different towns~

“This time, I will compensate you with this!”

Unmindful of my uneasiness, Vivian took out something and flaunted it before me.
Does she think that I will give her food anytime as long as she compensates me?

Blessing of the Forest’s Fresh Verdure
Vampire special-made hair growth agent.
If properly spread and rubbed onto the head before sleeping, you will be bushy in the morning!
Affects only the head. Has no effects even if spread by mistake on other places.


When I appraised what Vivian took out, I was at a loss for words.
Why a hair growth agent!? Eh? There’s nothing strange going on top of my head, right? I don’t need to use this, do I?

“You might not need it, Takumi-san, but there are many people who do, you know? If you present this to people with losing hair, they will definitely bite! You won’t be at a disadvantage by having this on hand!!”
“……… Certainly.”

I felt relieved by hearing Vivian’s words and on top of that, I ended up agreeing with her without thinking.

“By agreeing with me, you have acknowledged my request, right! Well then, well then, please give me food!”

Do I get on the negotiations obediently…?
Although I don’t need it now, in the future… I might really need it in the future!
Besides, what Vivian said is true as there are surely many people who would want this hair growth agent. That being the case, I might be able to negotiate for some high-class ingredients with this.
Yeah, I won’t be at a disadvantage by having it!

“What do you want to eat, Vivian?”

When I asked if she has any requests, Vivian’s expression was clearly plastered with delight.

“Yaay~♪ I am fine with anything! Ah, but if possible, I would like something I have never eaten before!”

Anyhow, I can’t let Vivian eat here, so I thought about what to feed her while walking.
Something she has not eaten before, huh~ Err, what I let Vivian eat until now was… Onigiri, miso soup, crocodilian meat saute, and sweet buns? In that case—

“Then, how about this?”

There was space to rest on the benches, so I took out a pre-made Katsudon from my Infinite Storage and handed it over to Vivian.
Vivian seemed to like White Wheat quite a lot, so Tonkatsu should clear her conditions of “never eaten before” as well. I should give her Dorayaki with it too~

“Ohh~ This looks very delicious! Well then, let’s dig in at once!”

When Vivian received the Katsudon, she retrieved a spoon from her own bag, and started bolting down the food.

“… This is! Bery delishhh~”

Vivian opened her eyes wide while chewing.
She finished it in the blink of an eye and moved onto the Dorayaki.

“Ohh~! This is also yummy.”

She promptly finished one of the three pieces of Dorayaki I gave her and she soon moved onto the second one.

“Onii~chan, Allen wants to eat too~”
“Elena wants to eat too~”

It seems that Allen and Elena got hungry from seeing Vivian go “Delicious, so yummy” while eating the Dorayaki. It was just the right time for a snack, so when I gave the two Dorayaki as well, they immediately bit into it.

“My~ it really was delicious~”
“By the way, what was this called?”
“Hoeh~ Dorayaki, is it~ Err, what was it called again? Anpan? It was similar to that, but it didn’t have a bread-ish husk, and I prefer this sweet husk much more~ What was it… cream bread? Doesn’t it look like cream bread’s filling would also go well with this one?”
“Umm, would it be called Cream Dorayaki, perhaps? Takumi-san, tell me, did you not actually make it already:”
“”Did you~?””

The children have completely hit it off with Vivian and the three looked at me expectantly.
To think of Cream Dorayaki, Vivian is quite good herself~ but—

“Unfortunately, I did think about it, but have not tried making it just yet.”
“Why have you not made it yet!?”

Even if you ask me why~ If I had to say then I thought that I could make it at any point in time so I delayed it off instead? I thought I made a failure when I saw Allen and Elena so disheartened, so I should make it when I am free.

“Ahh, that reminds me, Vivian. Do you still have the medicine you gave me the last time?”

At times like this, nothing is better than changing the topic. I decided to bring up the matter of medicine to Vivian.
“Oh? The energy agent?”
“Not that one! The nutrient one! The one you feed to unconscious people!”
“… What~”
“What are you looking so deplorable for! Haah… I used it all up, so I would like some more if possible…”
“You mean ‘Enerunrun♪’ right? Wait for just a mo~ment please~”

Successfully changing the subject, Vivian rummaged through her bag.
I have used Enerunrun♪ on the Crown Princess Miranda-sama in order to maintain her life force during the designated request in the Argo Country, so I have nothing left at hand. But, it looked useful, so I would like to get my hands on it again if possible.***
I remember Vivian saying that it was “a spare medicine” when she gave it to me before, so now that I met her, I have to confirm because there’s nothing to lose!

“There, there it is. Err, I have only five of them on me at the moment, is that fine with you?”
“Yeah, I just want to have some on me, so it’s plenty.”

Apparently, Vivian did have Enerunrun♪ on her.

“May I have them please?”
“I don’t mind~ I can make it anytime as long as I have the ingredients~”
“I see. Then, how much do you want for it?”
“N~? How much?”
“Nono, even if you ask me…”

As expected, far from knowing the reasonable price I don’t even know the rough estimation~

“I am fine even with a more or less unfair price, so just charge me whatever, Vivian.”
“Erm… then, ten Dorayaki!”

Even though I told her to make up the price, she didn’t demand money.
Moreover, ten Dorayaki for one nutrient supplement… is she fine with that?

“That would be too cheap, you know?”
“Then, add ten Cream Dorayaki to that! Now, Takumi-san, please make them right away!”

… It seems that I wasn’t able to change the topic after all. Moreover, the payment didn’t change from Dorayaki.


Allen and Elena looked at me with puppy eyes.
Even though they just ate Dorayaki for the snack~ It might be my fault, but the two grew into gluttons. No, I am also extremely fond of delicious things, so it’s only a natural result that the children were influenced by me.
Now then, Cream Dorayaki, huh~ I have a stock of custard cream, and I can make the Dorayaki pancakes immediately.

“… The problem is where to make it.”
“Ohh! Leave that to me! I will ask for the inn where I stay to lend us their kitchen!”

That being the case, we have moved to the inn Vivian stayed at.


***I don’t remember Takumi ever leaving the Guardia Country (other than the Gaya Forest), nor any character named Miranda. This might be a Light Novel-only event or possibly the author’s mistake.

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