Chapter 146

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Sudden Request
Upon returning to the town, we visited the Adventurer’s Guild first.
And then, when we lined up in the queue of the counter, I noticed that the receptionists behind the reception desks brought about a hurried atmosphere.
I feel that something similar happened once before, but at that time, they sought adventurers to dispatch to the goblin nest which appeared near the town. I accepted that request that time, but…… this feels quite similar.

“…… Umm.”

When I called out to the receptionists because they weren’t noticing the existences of the adventurers at all, one of the women hurriedly ran over to the counter.

“Ah! I am sorry. Err……”
“I want to report the completion of the request.”
“Yes, I will accept it. Please submit your guild card first.”
“Here you go.”

I handed over my guild card and placed the Battle Eagle feathers on top of the counter.
Allen and Elena imitated me and took out their guild cards on the counter.

“Ta, Takumi-san!?”

When the receptionist verified the guild card, she looked at my face again in surprise.

“Y, yes, that’s right…… are we acquaintanced?”
“No, not directly. However, I have heard about you. My name is Mikina. Would you understand if I told you that I am the Guild Master and Katie’s daughter?”
“Ah! Then, you are Kana’s sister!”
“Yes, that’s right!”

She was Andy-san’s and Keimi-san’s second daughter, Mikina-san.

“For Takumi-san to return from a request just at this time, what a good fortune! ――Someone, go inform Master!”

Hearing Mikina-san’s words, one of the women ran towards the Guild Master’s office.

“…… Ermm?”
“There is a little trouble you see…… we would like to ask Takumi-san to resolve that trouble for us!”
“Trouble, is it?”
“Yes, we will definitely explain further, so please would you at least hear us out first?”
“All right, I cannot make a judgment without listening first, so if it’s only hearing you out……”
“Thank you very much!”

I can’t decide whether I can solve their troubles without hearing about the situation first after all.
Just accepting to hear them out made Mikina-san this happy though.

“Ah, I will handle the processing of this request first.”

Then, she quickly started with the procedures of the Battle Eagle feathers request.

“—Yes, it’s finished. Err, I think they will come soon, but…… ahh, here she is.”
“Yesyes, thank you for waiting~”

When I matched Mikina-san’s gaze, I saw Keimi-san approaching.

“Then, I leave it to you, Takumi-san♪”

Keimi-san came, waving her hand and smiling while talking as if I have already accepted their request.

“Nonono! Please explain the situation first!?”
“That’s right, Okaasan. Let’s explain! Moreover, he has not given his acknowledgment yet, you know!?”

Let alone me, even Mikina-san was startled by Keimi-san’s remark.

“Oh you~ I was just joking, just joking. Please don’t look at me with such condemning gazes, you two.”

Keimi-san laughed “Hohoho~”.
She’s saying that she was just joking, but I am pretty sure that Keimi-san was serious.


“Gee~ Okaasan~”

Mikina-san dejectedly hung her head at her mother’s playfulness.

When we moved to a private room, Keimi-san promptly explained the situation.

“You see, a herd of Armored Buffaloes has apparently appeared at the beginner adventurer level grassland.”
“Armored Buffaloes, is it?”

The monsters known as Armored Buffaloes have bodies hard as steel, their tough skin is their characteristic trait, and they have imposing horns on their heads.

They are monsters of a B-rank, so it’s only natural that they would cause many troubles for the beginners.
But, there should be plenty of capable people in the capital. I believe that the guild should be able to find people that are able to deal with the Armored Buffaloes in no time……—

“Speaking honestly, I am wondering why did you decide to call upon me.”
“Well, of course you do. Normally, we would be already moving to deal with them. There are many people that are able to deal with the Armored Buffalo. However, unfortunately, the people available at present are only those who mainly use weapons to fight.”

I see, so that’s what it is about.
Armored Buffaloes are really tough, so people using weapons such as swords would be at a disadvantage while fighting them.
Even if they defeat them, their swords would be chipped or broken…… they would probably love to avoid that at all costs. Therefore, even if there are people capable of defeating them around, most of them are hesitating to undertake the request.
Fortunately(?), the appearance of the Armored Buffaloes is not a pressing matter, so there don’t seem to be people willing to accept the request.

“However, the guild cannot possibly leave the grasslands which are used by the beginners in its current state~”

That being the case, they turned to me who fights with magic.

“The meat of Armored Buffaloes is delicious, you know! Hence, Takumi-san. Would you please go out for just~ a little and defeat them for us?”

A delicious beef, huh~…… this is quite a tempting request.

“Indeed. It’s very yummy!”
“”Wanna eat~!””

Hearing about the delicious meat, the children were extremely on board.
They were looking at me with sparkly eyes.

“…… We have just returned though, aren’t you tired?”
“”Is fine~!””
“I see. —That being the case, Keimi-san, we will accept your request.”

That being the case, I decided to accept the Armored Buffaloes subjugation request.

“Thank you! Although I knew, you are bringing the children along, aren’t you? However, it’s fine if you rest for today and do it tomorrow, okay? You have just returned from a different request, no?”
“Though I understand that it’s not a pressing matter, these kinds of things are better cleaned up right away.”
“Besides, as you can see, we want to get our hands on the Armored Buffalo meat as quickly as possible, that would probably be our true intentions?”
“Oh my!”

Although Keimi-san said that it doesn’t have to be today, the children were urging me.
Looking at the two who were singing “”Meat, meat~♪””, Keimi-san giggled and nodded in understanding.

“Fufu. So you will be eating all sorts of Armored Buffalo meat for the dinner tonight? How nice~ Hey, Takumi-san. Not mentioning the meat, the guild will take the skin and other materials off of you.”

Since they mentioned that it’s a “herd” it won’t be just one or two animals. We will be able to secure enough meat for us to eat, so there should be plenty left over to sell to the guild.

“Roger that.”

Finishing the procedures right away, I was urged on by Allen and Elena’s “Quickly, quickly”, and so we left for the grassland immediately after returning to the town.

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