Chapter 145

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No Turn?
(They are in sight!) (Joule)

Joule and the rest are really fast when they run seriously. We have arrived at the place where the Battle Eagles fought with the Silver Python in no time.
And so, I intended to help the adult eagles at once, but――

“Oh my?”

The Silver Python was in an obviously unsteady state and full of injuries.
In comparison, although there were some wounded among the Battle Eagles, there didn’t seem to be anyone at risk of life.

(Somewhat…… the parent birds seem to be able to defeat it~) (Joule)
(Indeed, it looks like they gradually depleted the python’s stamina over time.) (Feat)
(We have no turn.) (Vector)
(Let’s be glad that the adults are safe.) (Bolt)
(Yeah nano! It’s good that we don’t need to interfere!) (Mile)

While feeling relieved about the unexpected, I saw one of the Battle Eagles withdrawing from the battle.
Noticing our presences, it flew towards us.

“Pii, pii.”

The eaglet let out a bright cry and jumped towards the approaching Battle Eagle.

(It seems to be this child’s parent.) (Bolt)
“Is that so?”
(Yes, he’s confirming the eaglet’s safety. Also, he’s asking why it is in a place like this) (Bolt)

The parent bird was taking glances at us, but the eaglet seemed to have explained well as I didn’t feel any hostility from the parent bird. It seems that we were not mistaken for kidnappers.

“Pyuru, pyuru~”

The parent and a child seemed to finish talking as the parent bird turned towards us and let out a cry as if wanting to say something to us.

“What is it saying, Bolt?”
(Err, let’s see…… ‘Thank you for taking care of our son. We had a wee~ bit of a difficult time, but we will finish soon, so wait for a moment’) (Bolt)

What do I say here…… it was neat and tidy? Manly? No, older bro-like? person (bird).
After saying that, the parent bird returned to the battle and begun attacking the Silver Python.

(Ohh~ this feels like the last all-out attack, doesn’t it~?) (Joule)

The Battle Eagles suddenly rose into the air and swoop attacking the Silver Python all at once. And then, they slashed the python in succession.
As Joule said, it felt like a conclusion of the battle was made.
The Silver Python couldn’t withstand the attacks of the Battle Eagles and――thud, its body fell to the ground with a loud noise.

(They defeated it!) (Mile)
(True. Their cooperation was amazing~) (Feat)

It felt like watching troops as they attacked in perfect order.


Before long, the convocation of Battle Eagles flew towards us.

(Aniue, ‘Ou, we made you wait!’ he says.)
“…… Yeah, thank you, Bolt.”

Bolt is surely trying to speak with the tone of the parent bird, but coming from Bolt who is always so polite, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

“We have not waited at all, so it’s fine. You have worked hard.”
“So stron~g!”


When I replied, Allen and Elena showered the Battle Eagles with an endless amount of compliments.


Then, the Battle Eagles chirped proudly in a chorus.

“Pyuru, pyururu~”
(‘Being praised by humans feels ticklish~ But, it doesn’t feel bad~’ he says.)

As the representative of the Battle Eagles, the parent bird returned words in embarrassment, but…… as I thought, the way Bolt interprets it makes me uncomfortable.

[Now then, we took longer than we planned, shall we return?] [Yes, Tousan, I am hungry~] [I see. We got lots of good meat, so I will let you eat when we return to the nest.] [Yaay~] [Right! Why don’t you come too, Niichan~] “Eh!?”

Bolt was interpreting after that too, but it seems like they are returning to the nests.
But, at that time, we have received an invitation to have a meal together from the Battle Eagle. As I never thought to receive an invitation from a monster, I unintentionally let out a voice.

(Allen and Elena seem to be growing children as well, so he’s saying to eat lots of meat.)
(Yes. The Silver Python’s meat on its fat is apparently very tasty.)
“Allen, wants to eat~!”
“Elena will eat too~”

The participation of the monsters’ dinner party was immediately decided on.

(Also, Aniue. They need to carry that Silver Python back to the nests, so they are requesting a dismantling.)

Moreover, they even requested dismantling from me.

(Battle Eagles are able to do it themselves, but it would take them time to get through the skin, and you would be faster and do it more beautifully, so they are asking you to do it.)
“…… Ahh, yes, tell them I understand. Bolt, confirm whether it would be better for me to carry it as well.”

I tried offering the transportation of the Silver Python which the Battle Eagles seemed like they would have a difficult time doing as well.
Bolt immediately got a confirmation.

(Aniue, they are requesting you to do it. Also, they won’t need the skin and fangs after the dismantling, so you can apparently keep them.)

After asked for transportation, they even presented a remuneration.
Somehow…… the steady exchange repeats so much I am starting to forget that the other party are Battle Eagles.

When I stored the Silver Python into the Infinite Storage, we returned with the Battle Eagles to the nests. Then, I immediately dismantled the python. Battle Eagles have no problems with eating raw meat, but that’s not the case for us, so I decided to simply grill the meat with salt and pepper.
Then, the Battle Eagles got interested in “cooked meat”, so I ended up grilling a great amount of meat. Again, I felt it to be unsatisfactory for us, so I also decided to grill some vegetables and mushrooms.

“”It’s tasty~””
(Oniichan, I want to eat Rook mushrooms next!) (Joule)
(Variously seasoned food is good too, but simply salted with pepper is nice as well~) (Feat)
(Aniue, do say if you need help) (Bolt)
(Niichan, Niichan! More meat~!) (Vector)
(It’s yummy! I want to eat more nano!) (Mile)

That being the case, the dinner transformed into a large-scale barbecue party.

[I see, cooked things are also quite good!] [Yummy!]

The Battle Eagle parent and a child also seemed to like it.
The more than ten-meter python had a lot of meat. But, it decreased very fast, and in the end, we ate about half of it.
Although lots of it was eaten raw, I also grilled a lot so I am quite tired~

When the barbecue was about to finish, we have made friends with the other Battle Eagles too and that day, we fell asleep buried in Joule and others near the nests.

[Visit us again.] [Come to play~] “”See you~””

We were delayed considerably, but we decided to return to the town after promising to come again.

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