Chapter 135

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Traveling Together
“A, Aniki――”
“…… Takumi-san, the place of destination is that way.”

Raizel who has reluctantly given up on becoming my underling wanted to be in contact with me even for a little, so he brought up going on a request together next.
I have declined at first, but…… I was beaten by his persistence. Keimi-san also told me that Raizel should calm down once I grant him his wish, so we decided to accept a request together on that very day.
And along the way, when Raizel calls me Aniki, Allen and Elena will glare at Raizel, making him correct himself――such thing has already repeated several times today.
Allen and Elena dislike it when Raizel calls me Aniki, but they don’t seem to mind Raizel tagging along on the request itself~

“Did you stay at the Capital for a long time, Raizel?”

The request we have received this time was a simple herb gathering, but the herbs themselves are located deep in the forest…… it’s quite a difficult place to reach. Despite that, Raizel guided us on the way as if he was used to the path.

“Heeh~ have you been born here?”
“No, I wasn’t. I have become an adventurer immediately upon coming of age, left for the capital a while later and then settled down here after a while.”

Raizel is…… 23? That means he has been in the capital for 7 or 8 years?
Rather! I have noticed this just now, but isn’t Raizel older than me!
But, the current Raizel is…… he’s acting like my admiring junior, isn’t he~


At that time, Allen and Elena noticed something and called out. Judging by their reaction, a monster is coming our way.

“Oh, a monster is coming. ――This is a Shadow Wolf, isn’t it?”

Simultaneously with the two’s reaction, Raizel noticed the presence of the monster. Moreover, he even got the race of the monster right! Seeing his nose sniffing the air, Raizel must have distinguished the monster by smell. As I thought, the noses of Beastmen are very effective.

“There’s two of them. What would you like to handle them?”

Before long, two black wolves――Shadow Wolves entered the view.
Raizel is surely asking who is going to confront the Shadow Wolves.


I have glanced at Allen and Elena.
I was worried about the two who were obediently standing by my side since they usually charge at the monsters that appear before us.
However, the children were staring at Raizel without moving……

“Ta, Takumi-san. I, I feel like I’m being extremely stared at by the children, but……”
“…… That seems to be the case.”

Allen and Elena stared at Raizel so much I thought they would stare a hole out in him.
Just what do the two want from Raizel?

“! F, first of all, I will take care of the Shadow Wolves.”

Not being able to stand Allen’s and Elena’s stare anymore, Raizel started running towards the Shadow Wolves in flusteredly.

“He’s fast as ever~”

When Raizel drew closer to the Shadow Wolves, he punched out without any wasteful movements. One of the Shadow Wolves who received the blow has gotten blown away.
The second Shadow Wolf rushed at Raizel from his blind spot, but Raizel dealt with it by roundhouse kicking without panicking.
They are lower-ranked monsters, but he fought without any risks. As expected of a B-ranker.

“As expected. You had no wasteful movements~”
“Nono, the opponents were Shadow Wolves after all. I still have a long way to go. ――Oh, there is another Shadow Wolf coming.”

It seems that another Shadow Wolf has appeared again.
But, Allen and Elena who didn’t move before sprung to action now.

“In this way.”
“Like this?”

The two who approached the Shadow Wolf moved with familiar movements.

“Roundhouse kick……”
“Are those my movements?”

Right, they defeated a Shadow Wolf with the same movements Raizel showed while defeated the Shadow Wolves.

“”Did it~?””

The two who defeated the Shadow Wolf dragged the corpse along with cheery smiles.

“…… Did Allen and Elena mimic Raizel’s movements?”
“”Yea! Did it~?””
“Ahh, yes, you were amazing~”

It wasn’t a coincidence, Allen and Elena were definitely mimicking Raizel’s movements.


A Rock Bear has appeared this time.
Then, Allen and Elena stared at Raizel again……

“A, are they telling me to go, perhaps?”

Raizel who already understood from seeing the two fight realized what Allen’s and Elena’s gazes meant.

“That seems to be the case. Can I leave it to you?”
“A single Rock Bear is not a problem, but……”

Raizel confronted the Rock Bear while bewildered.
I won’t force Raizel if he felt uncomfortable, but…… he seems to be all right.
When Raizel cut the distance between the Rock Bear, he dove into its bosom. Then, he sent out an uppercut. He hit its chin, which caused the Rock Bear to falter. He then grabbed the Rock Bear’s arm and threw it against a nearby tree.
The Rock Bear vigorously crashed against the tree and groaned…… the moment the tree fell to the ground, the Rock Bear stopped moving.
A way of fighting that is impossible for me. In the first place, I don’t think I would be able to jump into a bear’s bosom. That’s why I have been mainly fighting from range with magic up until now. I don’t think my way of fighting is bad, but I feel that Raizel’s way of fighting is simply amazing.


Allen and Elena let out voices of admiration with sparkles in their eyes.

“Err…… was it to your liking?”

Raizel who returned nervously got embarrassed from the children’s honest praise.

“Yea~ you really was incredible.”
“Pl, please stop it! W, what is this supposed to be! Keep your flattery at moderation please!”

I feel that Raizel’s cheeks turned even redder when I gave him praise.

“No, they are my true feelings. I really think you were incredible. ――Right, Allen, Elena?”
“A, aren’t you praising me too much!?”

Raizel’s face became increasingly red. Moreover, his tail which was originally only lightly swaying is now moving without any signs of stopping.


Because of Allen’s and Elena’s straight pitch, Raizel’s tail stood up in attention and his face got bright red.

“…… Ku. Hahaha~”

Seeing such an exchange, I unintentionally burst into laughter.
I think that Raizel’s actions were only natural, but…… it somehow became really fun.

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