Chapter 134

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No Way

Entering the Adventurer’s Guild after a while, Allen and Elena called out the moment we went inside.

“Ah! I have finally encountered you~!!”

The Beastman I have dueled before has appeared before us.


He was a man with quite an abusive language and I have also finished the duel instantly, so his friendly attitude made me uncomfortable.
Allen and Elena showed caution at first, but his attitude changed so much they stared at him in puzzlement.

“Err…… Raizel, was it?”
“Yes! You have remembered me! I’m delighted!!”

As expected, something is wrong. Raizel shouldn’t be such a character.
Even though he was like an ill-bred, drunk Yankee before, he seems like a good young man now.
Just what has woken up in him?

“Do you need anything from me?”

I directly inquired about his business.

“I’m truly sorry about before!! Please make me your underling (little brother)!!”

Raizel suddenly fell to his knees prostrating and apologized.
I understand the apology. However, underling? Just what is Raizel talking about?

“Wha, wait a moment. I don’t understand well what you are saying……”
“I would like you to treat me as a little brother!”
“No, what are you asking for now……”

I seriously don’t understand.

“I have fallen in love with Aniki’s (big bro’s) strength!”

Uwa~…… what is this? …… What kind of farce is this?
Ah, perhaps…… wolves have the habit of flattering the boss, don’t they? Do the Beastmen have the same habit…… or something~?

“What is this? What’s going on?”
“Oy, the『Ash Wolf』is prostrating himself!?”
“Seriously? The fellow in front of him is…… wha, it’s that guy!!”
“What, you know him?”
“It’s him, the one! It’s ‘Setsuna (Moment / Instant)’, the one who insta-defeated ‘Ash Wolf’ in a duel!”
“That is ‘Setsuna no Takumi (Takumi of the Moment)’!? He certainly is accompanied by children just like in the rumors!”
“That man of delicate features insta-defeated Raizel? Seriously? Have you not make a mistake?”
“I’m telling you it’s him! He really decided the match instantly!”

The surroundings started making a ruckus. Well, it would be strange if they didn’t make a ruckus with Raizel prostrating himself in the public~
Rather! Wasn’t that discussion quite improper? What do you mean by “Setsuna”! Just when did you attach a nickname to my name!! Moreover, what rumors!?

“My, my, I was wondering what the ruckus was about, so it was this~”

At that time, the receptionist of the Adventurer’s Guild Keimi-san came after hearing the ruckus. Then, after confirming the situation, her expression showed consent for some reason.
Why are you showing consent after seeing this!?

“Keimi-san, there are many things I would like to ask about……”
“Is that about Raizel? Or perhaps about the nickname?”

Keimi-san who knew what I wanted to ask returned my words.

“…… Both.”
“N~ you won’t calm down if I don’t explain, right? Let’s see, I will prepare a private room, so let’s move there?”

After making the proposal, Keimi-san grabbed the nape of the prostrating Raizel and dragged him along.

“G, gan’t breathe……”
“Be obedient for a little. ――Takumi-san, this way.”
“…… Y, yes.”

Keimi-san…… you are simply dragging the arrogant Raizel behind you…… it looks like she actually has superhuman strength.

In the private room, the happenings until now have been promptly explained to me.

“First, regarding your nickname because that matter is simple. People who saw your duel with Raizel immediately spread the results around. There seemed to be other opinions such as ‘Insta-killer’ and ‘Strong Wind’ but they eventually decided on ‘Setsuna’. Takumi-san has become A-rank adventurer very quickly so you didn’t have a nickname, but all high-ranking adventurers have one, so please give up on opposing. ‘Setsuna’――doesn’t it sound good? Of course, I was also pushing for ‘Setsuna’♪”

I shouldn’t have asked. Well, having a nickname isn’t a bad thing, so let’s accept it.
But, Keimi-san finished her explanation with a wink at the end. Doesn’t『Setsuna』sound like something Keimi-san would come up with?

“Next, about Raizel……――”

With my thoughts in another place, Keimi-san started explaining my second question.

“Raizel was originally a child like this.”
“Eh? No way!?”
“It’s true. Well, he always had a short temper though~ However, I was getting worried about his sudden growth of power…… to put it bluntly, it was rubbing off on him. It must have been the backlash from courting our Carna. He’s not a bad child so I was carefully watching over him, but…… the rest is as Takumi-san knows. By challenging you, he got beaten at his own game and snapped out of it.”

It’s hard to believe since my first impressions of him were the worst, but there’s no reason for Keimi-san to lie, so let’s believe it.
…… Ahh, so that’s why. No wonder Keimi-san’s and Andy-san’s reactions were so carefree even though their daughter was involved……

“I really believe that I was wrong at that time! Therefore, please! Please make me your underling!!”

Still, even though Raizel might not be a bad guy, I would like to refrain from having an underling.

“Sorry, but――”
“No, sorry――”

He wouldn’t let me say no.
Not knowing what to do about this, I looked at Keimi-san who was smiling in amusement!

“…… Keimi-san.”
“Fufu, pardon me.”

Keimi-san apologized, but it seems she has no intentions of doing anything about this situation.

“Aniki! I beg you!”

A, Aniki, he says……
Raizel pleaded with his head deeply bowing.


But at that time, Allen and Elena raised their voices.

“Onii~chan is Allen’s and Elena’s-!”
“Won’t give-!”

Because Raizel called me “Aniki”, the two clung to me as if saying “not going to hand him over”.

“My, my♪ Raizel, it looks like these children won’t give you the rights for Takumi-san to become your Oniichan. How about giving up?”
“…… Ku. B, but……――”
“It’s not like you are going to bully little children like this too, right? Give up?”
“…… Ugh.”

Keimi-san eventually threatened him with her smile, so under Keimi-san’s oppressing smile, Raizel finally gave up.

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