Chapter 132

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Sales Start?
The next day after the luncheon meeting, when the inquiries about the curry powder were flooding in, a messenger of the main branch of Fiji Company arrived at the Ruven House.
A response right on the heels of yesterday…… it appears that people who ate yesterday’s curry liked it quite a lot. No, I realized yesterday that they liked it, but I didn’t know it was to this extent.
Therefore, I immediately returned with the messenger back to the Fiji Company.

“Takumi-dono, please forgive me for calling you over.”

The one who came to greet me was the president of the Fiji Company, Stefan-san. He’s a man in his forties with pretty good physique.

“No, please don’t mind it. Rather, I’m sorry for coming late to greet you.”
“No, no! However, I appreciate your concern.”

I intended to show up at the Capital’s Fiji Company before long. See, I thought of confirming the state of progress of the curry powder~
However…… I have missed the opportunity and completely forgot about it~ Well, as long as Stefan-san doesn’t mind it.

“So, what did you want to talk about?”
“Mainly when is the curry powder going to get sold.”
“Is that so~”

Which reminds me, I have not heard when the curry powder is going to enter the market.

“Do you have a specific date fixed yet?”
“No, that’s…… actually, we don’t have a concrete date yet. We are currently making arrangements for the stable purchase of the herbs……”
“I see.”

Indeed, the purchase route of the herbs can’t be neglected.

“However! This is the ideal timing to acquire many herbs! My merchant intuition is telling me that I can’t miss this chance!!”

Oou…… Stefan-san got extremely passionate.
Well, I also think that this is the perfect timing.

“Therefore! I’m thinking of priority sale in the Capital and Bailey!”

A simultaneous sale in all branches of the Fiji Company would be impossible, but the Capital and the origin (?) of curry which is Bailey shouldn’t be a problem. I think there should be plenty of sales if it’s those two shops.

“That sounds good. I think I am fine with that.”

To begin with, the existence of curry powder is known only to a part of the Capital and Bailey. Starting there shouldn’t be a problem…… n?
…… Huh? Come to think of it, I did send some via the Adventurer’s Guild’s transfer device (simple) to Road-san of the『Gold Wheat’s Shop』who took care of me in Shirin~ Together with a recipe for Curry bread.
I don’t know whether Road-san was able to make a Curry bread or not after that~
Well, I sent plenty of curry powder at that time, so I think he should still be all right…… let’s see~ would it be all right for Shirin to receive priority after Bailey and the Capital? ….. But, huh?

“Excuse me, Stefan-san. Does your company has a branch in Shirin?”
“Yes, Shirin is a major city, so we do have a branch there. Is something the matter?”

Oh, there is a Fiji Company in Shirin. I haven’t noticed when I was in Shirin at all though~

“No, I believe that an acquaintance of mine is using curry powder in Shirin…… I was wondering if Shirin could get prioritized next if that would be all right with you…… ah, but it’s fine to ignore me if I’m asking the unreasonable!”
“There shouldn’t be a problem if that’s the case. I will keep that in mind.”
“Thank you very much.”

I’m glad. With this, Road-san will be able to purchase curry powder if needed.

“Erm…… then, all that’s left is to decide on the date of sales?”
“No, I have one more thing I would like your opinion on, may I?”
“Yes, sure. What is it?”

Stefan-san who was smiling from the beginning to the end suddenly looked serious.

“I am confident that those who know about curry powder will buy it. However, if the familiarity is low……”

Ah, I see…… of course it would be like that. Soy sauce also didn’t sell much because no one knew how to use it~ If that’s the case, then it’s highly possible that the curry powder would be treated the same way.
Since it’s like that, to put it simply, we should raise the familiarity of the curry powder?

“Let’s see, how about a sampling gathering in front of the shop?”
“Sampling…… is it? Curry powder? It can’t be eaten on its own, can it?”
“We could let people sample a curry powder flavored soup or smallish pieces of meat. The passersby may taste it and like it enough to buy the curry powder.”
“I see, to let the people actually taste it, huh.”

I once unconsciously bought a product I sampled in a supermarket…… my goodness, I actually did it quite often~ Therefore, I think that those who liked the taste of the curry powder will buy it on the spot.
No, rather than that――


“Better yet, how about opening a stall in front of the shop? Something like curry powder flavored meat skewers.”

It would be fine to sell it like the butter and soy scallops the last time, right?
Dishes made with curry powder are equally as fragrant as butter and soy sauce, so I’m sure it will attract customers.

“Ohh! That is a good idea! ――Meat skewers, soup…… n~ stir-fried vegetables also sound good……”

When I spoke about a street stall, Stefan-san quickly got on board. Well, he is a merchant, I feel that actually selling the product has more charm for him than a simple sampling.
Stefan-san has completely gotten submerged in thoughts as he was muttering “That’s not good, but that might work well” to himself.

“N~…… I wonder about that?”

Allen and Elena called out to me when the discussion suspended.
I can’t set the concrete sale day by myself, so I don’t think the discussion has come to an end just yet……
As expected, the two find this kind of conversations boring~ But even so, I’m grateful that they could stay obedient.

“…… Umm~”
“Ha! I, I am sorry about that.”

Allen and Elena asked again. They asked Stefan-san this time.

“Yes! I am sorry to have taken the time of your Oniisama. I have newly acquired products from a dungeon as an apology, please wait a moment by all means.”
“…… Eh~…… T, that’s……”

It seems that Stefan-san has prepared gifts, but he was hesitating for some reason when the children asked about the taste.

“I have no doubts that it’s food, but…… it has been discovered just recently, so…… I’m quite not sure……”

Is this that? Did he hear something from the Bailey’s branch’s manager that I’m looking for unfamiliar ingredients like the soy sauce?
A new food from a dungeon, huh~ I wonder what would it be? I’m looking forward to it a little.

“Then, you mean it hasn’t appeared on the market before? I’m happy to hear that. But, it’s something unusual, right? Is it all right to give me something like that?”
“To be frank, it’s a product beyond our capability…… I thought of giving it to you…… I heard that Takumi-dono asked for unusual ingredients like that in Bailey……”

Ahh, he did hear about it from Bailey just as I thought~

“That’s correct. I don’t mind buying it off of you either?”
“No, no! Please take it without minding. Well then, I will have it prepared right away.”

Stefan-san decided to kindly hand me the newly discovered product of a dungeon.

“―― This is it. It contains rather bitter beans, but……”

What Stefan-san came with was a dark-brown, rugby ball-like thing.
When I immediately used Appraisal on it, it unexpectedly displayed “Kaoka Pod”!
Isn’t this that! Cacao!?

“In which dungeon was this discovered!?”
“I heard it was from Creta Country’s intermediate-level dungeon.”

Creta, huh…… that’s the neighbor of Guardia country’s neighbor if I’m not mistaken.
Going immediately is not possible, but I would love to take a look eventually~

“Takumi-dono, do you know what this is?”
“To be honest, I can’t say. However, I would like to try using it in various ways. If you can obtain more of these, could you please secure them for me?”
“Yes, please leave it to me!”

Alright, even if I can’t obtain them myself, I have a way to acquire them again.

“”Onii~chan, is that delish~?””
“N~ I wonder? Will Allen and Elena help me to make delicious things out of it?”
“”Will work hard~!””

Obtaining cacao beans that I did not plan to get, I returned to the Ruven House while feeling like chuckling to myself.

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