Chapter 131

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Katsu Curry
“Matthias-dono, is this today’s lunch?”
“That’s right, is something the problem?”

The next day after the women’s tea party, a luncheon meeting was held next. Of course, by the Ruven House!
The participants are noblemen including Matthias-san. In additions, Knights including Wald-sama and Isaac-san are here and there.
And, the crucial menu is the long-awaited curry.
It has been requested by the people of the Ruven House, so I actually wanted to let them eat it sooner. However…… there was no opportunity. Somehow, it got prolonged, but it finally reached the dining table today…… well, the number of people eating is much larger than originally planned~

“The…… problem……”
“Because the brown color…… it’s quite an indescribable dish……”
“Yeah, the smell is also a little tight……”

The participants seem to be slightly put off by the curry’s appearances. Well certainly, curry might seem nothing but suspicious to those who aren’t accustomed to seeing it. There are no colors in particular after all~

“Everyone, don’t be tricked by its appearances and give it a try. You definitely won’t regret it.”

But, Matthias-san confidently recommended it.
But you know, Matthias-san. This is also your first time eating curry, isn’t it Matthias-san? And yet, how can you be so confident…… no, it makes me very happy that you think it will be delicious since it’s something I have cooked, though.

“This is!?”
“D, delicious!”

The moment the people who were hesitating because of the curry’s appearances tried it, they shouted in surprise.

“Yeah, tonkatsu and curry do match well just as I thought!”

Wald-sama ate greedily with an expression of consent.

“Takumi-san, it’s delicious.”

Isaac-san ate gracefully, but the curry in his plate was decreasing rapidly.


Allen and Elena stuffed their cheeks with whole-faced smiles.

“So this is the Katsu Curry, huh. This is very good!”

Matthias-san also ate while admiring.

“Still…… to think White Wheat could be this soft~”
“White Wheat, you said!?”
“What!? This is White Wheat!?”
“Count Ruven, is that the truth!?”

The people showed surprise at Matthias-san’s “White Wheat” remark.
Well, White Wheat = fodder, after all.

“Yes, this white grain is called rice, which is a prepared White Wheat. I’m sorry for not saying anything before you tried it. However, it was delicious, right?”
“Haha! I’m not going to blame you after eating something this good.”
“Matthias-dono was surely aiming for that.”
“Haha, that’s right.”
“Then, we have splendidly met your expectations, didn’t we?”

They don’t seem to be angry. Well, they are people Matthias-san chose to invite, so he might have let them secretly eat White Wheat while anticipating their reactions.
This and the tea party too, it’s certain that the Ruven couple has eyes for people. They certainly invited people with whom we might become friends.

“N~…… we harvest White Wheat in our fief every year, but to think it had another use besides fodder! And that is for people to eat!”
“Truly! I did not think it could turn into something like this.”
“Yeah, we produce it in the leftover plot of land, but if it’s this delicious, then there’s a worth in expanding. It might be a good idea to consider increasing production.”

Ohh! Isn’t the White Wheat’s wind going in the right direction?
As long as White Wheat’s deliciousness spreads, I will be honestly joyful.

“I think everyone understood from eating, but rice itself doesn’t have that much of a taste, therefore it has a great affinity with various foods. Isn’t that right, Takumi-kun?”
“Correct. It goes well with strongish flavored dishes like curry and it’s also delicious when stir-fried together with various chopped ingredients.”
“I see. So, this curry, was it? Was it made by you?”

One of the participants asked while looking at me.

“Yes, as you might have guessed, he is Takumi-kun――the adventurer I’m a guardian of.”

When Matthias-san explained in my stead with a smile, all the gazes gathered on me.
Being center of attention really feels unpleasant~

“Err…… this is made with a seasoning consisting of a combination of many herbs called curry powder, and anyone can easily make curry by using that. Also, about this curry powder, it will be soon on sale at the Fiji Company.”
“Oh! Is that true!?”
“I have to confirm with the Fiji Company right away!”

I ended up advertising the sale of the curry powder.
Look, there’s a possibility that it won’t sell at all if there’s no degree of familiarity with the product, right? That would be sad~ I don’t expect it to sell like stupid, but since it will be on the market, I would be happy if it sold.
But, seeing the reactions, it seems to be going in the right direction.

“My, my, Takumi-kun seems to have a knack for business too~”

Matthias-san poked fun at me, but……――

“”Onii~chan, seconds~””
“Ah, Takumi, seconds for me too please.”

Allen and Elena interrupted that and asked for another helping. Followed by Wald-sama.

“…… Sorry. My son is like that.”
“Ha, hahaha~……”

Though it’s natural for the children, Wald-sama also ate in silence without listening to the conversation.
Matthias-san let out an exhausted sigh.

“Oy, Takumi?”
“Yes, yes, do you want another helping of Katsu Curry? What about Allen and Elena?”
“”N~…… ah! Medama~ (eyeball)””
“M, Medama!? Oy, Takumi! What are you feeding them!?”
“No, no, no, Wald-sama, what are you misunderstanding!? It’s Medamayaki (sunny-side-up eggs)! The children are talking about eggs!!”

Medama, what kind of eyeballs were you imagining in the first place!? Tuna or Seabream――fish eyes? Although I have never eaten them, they are commonly eaten, you know?
N~ is it perhaps that the eyeballs of the fish on Aetherdia have poison so they can’t be eaten or something?
No, even though it can be eaten, the situation might be similar to the White Wheat. It’s probably like that.

“Eggs? What, don’t startle me like that~ ah, Medamayaki for mee too then!”
“Takumi-san, I would also like to eat that.”
“Me too!”
“Same here!”

After the vanguard of the Knights, a storm for seconds occurred and the large stock of curry kept on emptying.

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