Chapter 13

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Dungeon of Earth – Capture 1
Proceeding in the directions Allen and Elena have picked, we quickly found stairs leading below.
Looking at the map, this is possibly the shortest way.
In addition, the two children’s opinion which way to take didn’t differ even once. They are demonstrating the twin power to its fullest.


Allen’s and Elena’s exploding kicks.
It gets blown off and crashes into the wall.
It slides to the ground just like that.
It ceased to breathe.

How many times did I see the exact same scene…
Un. There’s no enemy! Hahaha.
Because the monsters in the Low-Class dungeon aren’t that strong, I let Allen and Elena deal with them as they see fit.
Thereupon, all Slimes, Ground Moles, Ground Spiders (Indeed, this being “Dungeon of Earth” the monsters that appear are mainly that of earth attribute) who appeared …… were defeated one by one.
For now, I let the kids run wild, but such training in the future, would it still be okay? Being strong is not a bad thing. Especially in this world where the average lifespan is shorter than on Earth.
They are still small, so it’s okay, right? In Japan, they would be in pre-schoolers. Pre-schoolers should be playing vigorously, right?
Once they grow up a little more, I will start teaching them, or let them attend school! Everything would be all right then!

We have arrived at the 5th floor without an accident; there is a small room, so I decided to call it a day and camp there.
First, I clean their bodies with Washing. They are not that dirty, but keeping hygiene is good.
Next is the dinner preparation.
I take out a portable stove magic tool. Well~ it’s similar to a tabletop electric cooking device. Although it’s not running on electricity, but on fire magic stones. I have found this magic tool while walking around the town. This was the only magic tool at a reasonable price. But, even if the price weren’t reasonable, I would buy it on the spot because of the convenience.
I put a pot with soup on top of the magic tool and warm it up.
I asked the『Komadori Pavilion』boss if he could cook something for me and this is it. It’s soup with a tomato base, lots of meat and various vegetables.
The sweetness and acidity are refreshing.
Then, I made a potato salad with a fresh bread I bought back in the town. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a square bread, therefore I had to use a round one.
Yep, seems good! Well then, itadakimasu.

After eating dinner, it’s preparations to sleep.
That being said, my sleeping posture is leaning on the wall while sitting wrapped in a blanket with two children clinging to my sides. The same as in Gaya Forest.
Normally, it would be necessary to set up a barrier with Barrier Stones. It’s a defensive measure against both monsters and humans. Bandits for example. Also, I’m afraid to say that nasty adventurers also exist. They would attack an unwatched place and steal all your belongings.
But, I’m the only one of us who can stand a watch. I have a feeling that my body would be able to go on without sleep for a few days, but I have no intention of trying it out.
It’s all right. We will definitely wake up when a person with ill intent approaches us.
That being said, goodnight.


The next day, the second day.
When I wake up my eyes, Allen and Elena were already up and staring fixedly at my face while clinging to my arms as usual.
I fix my clothes and prepare a simple breakfast.
The menu is sausage and scrambled eggs, fresh bread with strawberry jam.
The sausage and eggs are quickly cooked. The strawberry jam is something Syl prepared for me, made in Japan.
There’s a proper product information-like paper on the jar, but its contents are written with Aetherdia’s letters. And, there is MADE IN JAPAN written on it.
Did Syl intentionally replace it? To be sensible to such degree……
Well, we three gratefully consumed it.

We took a little break after breakfast and commenced the capturing of the 5th floor.
We advanced smoothly just like on the first four floors without change.
The Dropped Items weren’t too expensive, but the amount is significant.
There’s no problem if you have a Magic Bag, but there are probably many low ranked adventurers who still don’t have it. If that’s the case, they would probably start sorting out their stuff and dispose of the rest. They probably think it’s all right to dispose of it since the market price is low~ Particularly, this “Slime Jelly” which doesn’t look like it has a use…
What is this used for? It’s squishy and cool, it’s pleasing to touch.
Can this be used for mattress or cushion? Doesn’t it sound lovely? All right, let’s try making it if I find the time.
First of all, Infinite Storage may fertilize it, but I don’t know its use so I will put it together with everything else.

Speaking of baggage, Allen and Elena are fundamentally empty-handed. I want to keep the things they have at them at the minimum if they ever separate from me by any chance~ I don’t have plans to get separated, and there is no problem to start looking for them if they do immediately, but things like money… water, and preserved food. And a knife would also be good to have~
But, all that packed in a bag would get in the way during close combat… Besides, it would be heavy~
Should I get some low-class Magic Bags for the kids? But, isn’t it dangerous for children to carry expensive magic tools around?
Alright! Let’s ponder about this matter a bit more!


Ah, a wolf flew again.
The enemies are still lacking. We keep on advancing at a steady pace.


◇ ◇ ◇



The capturing proceeds and we are currently on the 8th floor. We have captured half of the dungeon.
The quality of the monsters increased a little. An insect monster with a hard shell that Allen and Elena can’t defeat in one hit has started appearing.
The kids have a bad affinity with insect monsters, unlike the usual animal type. Although they won’t get defeated, they will hurt their bodies by hitting that hard shell over and over again, so I decided to take care of the insects myself.
In addition, the monsters have stopped appearing alone and started attacking in groups. From small groups of 2~3 up to a big group of around 10.
We don’t have any problems, but the first obstacle for the young adventurers is most likely this 8th floor.

While advancing――


A cry echoes from ahead.

“Please run a~way!!”

The desperate cry was from a party of adventurers. A party of young men and women in their teens.
A group of monsters is chasing the party. Wolves, Horn Rabbits and Slicer Bats, tens of various monsters in a group.

“Wa, hey! What are you doing!?”

A young adventurer stops right after passing us and shouts at us in panic.
“I want to escape quickly” and “We should have left it alone” emotions were transmitted to me from his expression.

“Wind Cutter.”

When all people in my field of vision disappear, and all in front of me are monsters, I cast wind magic while emphasizing the magic power behind it.
Several wind blades pour on the monsters who changed the target on us.
Un, most of them got defeated.
However, a monster slips from within the cloud of dust. But, at that moment, Allen and Elena charge towards the monster and drive a kick into its body without reserve.


The young adventurers who witnessed that shout in disbelief.

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