Chapter 12

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To the Dungeon
Few days after Allen and Elena KO’ed the bald adventurer.
At present, we do Requests for two days and take one day off. I’m taking on Requests like this in order to not burden the children’s bodies. We were able to steadily raise our ranks to E.


Name: Takumi Kayano
Race: Human? Wind God’s retainer (Temporary)
Occupation: Mage
Age: 20
Level: 13
Light Magic 52
Dark Magic 51
Wind Magic 157
Space Magic 109
Life Magic 124
Swordsmanship 50
Throwing 34
Appraisal 202
Dismantling 117
Cooking 92
Sewing 23
Washing 12
Cleaning 31
Crafting 37
Gathering 13
Concealment 22
Detection 12
Arithmetics 107
Reading 125
Oracle 8
Physical Attack Resistance 300
Magic Attack Resistance 300
Transmigrated From a Different World
Blessed by the God of Creation, Marianora
Friend of Wind God Sylphreel

We defeat monsters on the side while doing Gathering Requests, my level slightly rose, my skills and skill proficiencies increased slightly.
I even obtained a “Savior” title.
Did I receive it only by being together with Allen and Elena?
I don’t know what the standards are, but obtaining titles is not as surprising as meeting with a god, therefore I decided to leave it be for the time being.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Takumi-san, are you not going to a dungeon?”

We came to the guild right in the morning today.
Luna-san inquiries while I view the Request Board while looking for a good Request.

“Dungeon…… ah!!”

Dungeons are all over Aetherdia. I don’t know to what extent the people of this world know about dungeons, but there exist 108 dungeons in total.
Dungeons difficulty is determined by the number and variety of the monsters inside, the floors are divided into a bottom, middle and high levels.
Although people are aware of the dungeon’s existence, there are still many undiscovered dungeons. As for how the dungeon’s difficulty is determined……
It’s determined by the existence and efficiency of the dungeon’s transfer devices.

Beginner Class――No transfer device.
Intermediate Class――Transfer devices are installed every ten floors.
Advanced Class――Transfer device on each floor.

Such easy to understand criteria are in effect.
Because it seems that capturing a single floor of Advanced dungeon takes up to several days, it wouldn’t be possible to easily capture the dungeon without transfer devices.

In addition, it’s unknown how the dungeons work, but the monster defeated in them don’t leave corpses behind. Instead, defeated monsters leave behind a part of materials――they are leaving behind a Drop Item.
You never know what Drop Item will be left behind.
If you defeat Red Wolf, it’s materials, claws, fangs or meat… you have no choice but to defeat many to get what you need.
Also, it’s possible that a rare item would drop. Some amazing medicine can be obtained.
Well~ it happens only rarely.

There is a 15-floors deep Low dungeon near Shirin.

“I totally forgot their existence. No wonder we rarely bump into other adventurers outside the town.”
“Is that so? I was certain you didn’t want to go because of the children. You are very helpful because you are taking on Requests on non-dungeon materials, though.”
“You mean that most of the adventurers are going to the dungeon?”
“Yes. Most of the adventurers, up to D-Rank go to the nearby dungeon. The adventurers above D-Rank mostly take on Escort Requests. Truthfully, only a few newcomers go to the outskirts of the town.”

The monsters near the town aren’t a big deal. You must make a few days trip to arrive at a place with strong monsters.

“The dungeon is a half day on foot from here, after all.”

Half a day, huh… it’s surprisingly close.
Going to the dungeon certainly enables making more money than going to the outskirts.

“Then, should we also go to take a look~”
“Eh!? You are going?”

Luna-san gets surprised at my muttering.

“We can’t?”
“Nono, that’s not it. It’s just the designated Request for Gaya Forest is next week, so I was thinking if it’s not too hard timewise……”
“Ah. You could say I intended only to take a look at the bottom floors before challenging, so we should have plenty of time, right? If I deduct a day off before the designated Request and the travel time, we should be diving just for three days.”


Because the traveling may increase with Allen and Elena traveling with me, we will be able to dive at least for three days.

It’s plenty of time for sightseeing, right?

“I think so. Fufu. When it comes to Takumi-san and the children I was under the selfish impression that you would ‘capture’ it straight away.”
“You are expecting too much from E-Rank adventurers.”
“Ara, not at all. It’s not just me, it’s the evaluation of the entire Guild, you know?”

I have a feeling that the Guild’s expectations got heavy since the incident on the day of our first Request.
Even though I was just a human that didn’t stand out at all on Earth, I have a feeling that it’s the exact opposite on Aetherida.
I stopped being normal the moment I became a god’s retainer, though……
I just can’t get used to it.
I left the guild with such complicated thoughts and purchased the necessities (mainly food).
After that, I informed the “Komadori Pavilion” couple that we will be going out for a few days and headed towards the dungeon.


◇ ◇ ◇


There was still some time until sunset when we arrived at the dungeon.
The plan was to arrive in the evening, stay overnight and go to the dungeon the next day.
This happened because Allen and Elena walked better than I expected. Their pace was fast with small steps.
There’s no need to hurry that much, I told them, but the two didn’t lower their pace. In addition, their stamina is better than that of an ordinary adult so we have arrived earlier.
Now then, what should we do?

The fourth dungeon, “Dungeon of Earth”.
A 15-floor underground dungeon with an earth attribute. A dungeon with relatively high capture rate.
The entrance to the dungeon is hollowed in a two-story large rock.
From there, a sloping road spreads out. It’s wide enough to fit three adult men. The depths are not fully visible.

Spend a night here as planned or to enter the dungeon nearly……


While considering what to do, Allen and Elena exclaim.

“Is it really okay? Are you not tired?”
“”Is alr~ight””

Since the two say they are okay, I decided to go inside. I will only watch their condition properly and take a break before they get fatigued.
I illuminate the surroundings with “Light” before descending. I can keep on the “Light” for one hour before having to cast it again. As it can only illuminate the surroundings in 1m radius, I locked hands with Allan and Elena and started walking.

“Looks like a normal tunnel, huh.”

There is a hall further down. A hall that looks like a tunnel in a large mine.
The walls and floor are made from earth, but it seems to be very sturdy as it’s not easily damaged. In addition, it’s wide enough to swing a sword in all directions. The route in the distance seems to be complicated as a maze, though.

The first straight path comes to an end quickly. It splits into two passages.
Allen and Elena restlessly look at the passages.
Speaking of mazes, walking along one side of the wall will bring us to an exit (the previous path in this situation) without problems… what to do?
The Guild is selling the dungeon map, but it’s only accurate up to the fifth floor so I didn’t purchase it.
Ah, which reminds me, wasn’t there a map function in the menu?
I open the window screen at once.
N~ there’s no map while inside a dungeon. There’s auto mapping function instead. It displays only the way we went.
But, with this, we won’t lose our way no matter which road we go and we will be able to easily return back.
If that’s the case… let’s let the children choose the way.

“Allen, Elena. Which way do you want to go?”
“”? …… That way~””

They point in the same direction at the same time.
Then, let’s go that way first!

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