Chapter 127

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While walking on the highway, a creature resembling a squirrel appeared before us. Its ears were slightly longish for a squirrel, and above all, its entire body was emerald-green.
That should be, if I’m not mistaken, a monster called Forest Rat. It’s just a small animal similar to the Pastel Rabbit, but unlike only having cute appearances like the Pastel Rabbit, it should be a considerably troublesome monster.
That very Forest Rat is for some reason running towards us.
Far from being vigilant, Allen and Elena stared with their eyes open wide at the approaching adorable animal. Anyhow, preparing for battle doesn’t seem necessary.
But, today seems to be the day of encountering small animals.


The Forest Rat who came up to our feet climbed up on Allen and sat on his head.
Allen let out a startled voice while Elena looked at Allen enviously.

(Ah~…… can you hear me?)
(How do you do? I’m the Earth God Nomoodle.)

Ehh-!? This squirrel is the Earth God Nomoodle-sama!?

(This Forest Rat is a monster. My voice is only reaching through this Forest Rat as I’m actually in the Sanctuary.)

A reply came for what I was thinking in my mind.
Come to think of it, Gods are able to read minds. That ability is effective even when not meeting directly, huh……

“Excuse me. How do you do, Nomoodle-sama. I’m called Takumi.”
(Yes, yes. I’m aware. You have been a hot topic within the Sanctuary recently. I’ve heard that you are Sylphreel’s retainer and have received Marianora-sama’s divine protection. Moreover, you are raising Windell’s children, and even received Salamanteel’s favor. Wouldn’t that make me an outcast? Therefore, I thought of talking to you like this.)

It seems that Nomoodle-sama has contacted me with appropriately terrific reason.
He gives off a calm impression from his way of talking and the tone of his voice, but he seems to be quite a bold God.
Rather, wait a moment! The hot topic of the Sanctuary…… what that might be about!? As for others…… well, they are all true~
Still, I didn’t think a God would contact me in a way like this!
With this, I got involved with all of the Gods in some way or shape, huh~

“…… Is that all right?”
(By all right you mean? There’s no problem with talking to you through a living being like this, you know?)
“…… Is that so?”

I see, it’s all right…… I thought it might be done through overbearing means, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Rather, the Forest Rat has moved from Allen’s head to Elena’s head before I noticed.

“Err…… did you take this form just because you wanted to talk with me, Nomoodle-sama?”
(I heard that you made contributions with many dishes.)
“Yes, looks like it.”

Talking about cooking? I heard that cooking is the domain of the Fire God Salamanteel’s, so it should be unrelated to the Earth God Nomoodle-sama, right?

(That’s not the case, you know?)

Nomoodle-sama denied what I was thinking about.
It seems he has read my mind again.

(The ingredients――in other words, the crops are part of my domain. Seeing them getting widely utilized is a joyous thing.)
“I, is that so? I’m glad I could be of help.”

I see, I can consent to that.

(There are still many ingredients that this world hasn’t seen yet. Ah, of course, there are things similar to Takumi-san’s world and things unique to this world. I have expectations for the future, so please do your best.)
“…… I will work hard.”

Although I say that, the things I can do are limited~

(Letting the children eat delicious stuff while living carefreely like you were up until now. That’s enough.)

I would like you to stop reading my mind so naturally……

(Ah, right, right, Takumi-san. Please contract this Forest Rat by all means.)

Ah, yeah, he smoothly ignored me, huh~

(It’s combat power isn’t that high, but it’s of a dexterous race, so I believe it will be useful to you in various ways.)
“…… Thank you very much.”

Haa…… first of all, let’s use Appraisal on the Forest Rat.


Race: Forest Rat (Takumi’s Contracted Beast)
Age: 5
Level: 20
Earth Magic
Wood Magic
Presence Detection
Abnormal Status Resistance

Ah~ yeah. This Forest Rat does indeed posses Earth Magic and Wood Magic skills that we don’t. As Nomoodle-sama said, it will be quite useful.
Rather, it has already become my Contracted Beast, so returning it would be impossible!

(Ahh, let’s make Takumi-san able to use Earth magic too.)
“T, thank you very much.”
(All that’s left are items, huh. I will choose suitable things later and send them to you, alright?)
“No, no, you don’t have to go that far……”
(Don’t say that. It’s not like I can fall behind the others. Please look forward to it.)

Nomoodle-sama unexpectedly hates to lose, it seems? No, is that his pride?
Well, if he decided on giving me items, then I will quietly receive them.

(It was a worthwhile time today. Well then, let’s meet again.)

Probably feeling satisfied, Nomoodle-sama left. The Forest Rat he used as the vessel curiously looked around.


…… Huhh? Just now, did Nomoodle-sama say “Again”? Eh, there’s “Again”!?
At that time, will this Forest Rat become his vessel once again?


When I looked at the Forest Rat who moved back on Allen’s head…… it curiously returned my stare.

“Ahh, sorry, sorry. Right, we have to name you.”

Remembering that I have not named the Forest Rat yet, I hurriedly started thinking of a name.

“N~ right. Mile…… how about that?”
(Un, it’s Mile nano! Takumi Nii, please take care of me nano!)

Ah, come to think of it, Mile already has the Telepathy skill. Although you feel somewhat connected after making the contract, being able to talk directly is several times more convenient~

“That’s right. Mile is our child starting today as well. Get along with her you two.”

When I introduced Allen and Elena to Mile, Mile who was on Allen’s head moved to his arms.

(I’m Mile nano! Let’s get along nano!)
“Allen nano~”
“Elena nano~”

After introducing themselves to Mile, they were playing with her while moving her from arms to arms. Allen and Elena played by mimicking Mile’s way of speaking.
It seems they will get along with no problems.

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