Chapter 70

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Female Knight’s and Female Priest’s Double Service – Part 5※
“Stand up, Claire, Racine……”

I speak with an excited voice.

“Both of you, put your hands on the wall and push out your butts.”

With this ferocious impulse around my abdomen, just a normal physical touch won’t satisfy me.
I want to wildly connect with Claire and Racine from behind.

Almost as if I wanted to violate them, I want to do intense ecchi with them──

“L, like…… this?”
Claire timidly presented her round hips in front of me.

Her young buttocks shake as if inviting me.
Since being polished a little while ago with soap, her ass is brimming over with feminine charm.

Inside her butt valley, blushing lips and pale pink anus are defenselessly exposed before me.

“Haa, haa, haa…… yaaa…… this is, too embarras…… ing……”

That Claire with unyielding spirit is looking at me while almost bursting into tears.
She leaked a shy voice and rough breathing from her slightly open lips.

I honestly thought that she’s adorable.
I want to see even more of such cute Claire, I strongly thought.

Before I became aware, my meat rod swelled up enough to hit my navel and warped backward in a manly way.

“T, then, me to…… o.”

Racine shyly lined up next to Claire while fidgeting.

Her buttocks are smaller in size than Claire’s, it looks like a small immature peach.
Shiny and glossy from the soap, her butt overflowed with freshness just like Claire’s.

In this butt valley, a small hole and a cute looking anus are in a plain view.

Because there are two girls lined up, the visuals have double the impact.
My swelled symbol trembles up and down in excitement.

“…… Ohh……!”

I unconsciously leak a voice of admiration.

The spectacle of the beautiful girls shaking their hips in front of you is the best.

Two beautiful butts are pushed in front of me as if saying please, have a taste──
From now on, I will savor these two butts to my heart’s content.

With my abdomen burning with passion, I extend my hands towards Claire’s and Racine’s butts.

Claire’s eyes meet mine first.

Alright, let’s assault Claire first──

I push my hand through the pubic hair and reach the sensitive lips.
I gently stroke the soft, wet petals.

After tracing the petals with my fingers for a while, it became clear to me that they started slightly opening little by little.
I sink my finger inside the slightly open gap.

I get deeply impressed by the intravaginal sensation on my finger.

“N……!? Ku, wa…… ah.”

Claire bends her upper body and lets out a moan.

I press my finger deeper through the slimy flesh walls.
It’s tight as always, but I have a feeling that the softness increased.

I wonder if it slightly expanded after receiving my penis two times?
Although I say that, my finger is being forced back just as when she was a virgin,

I increase the strength of my finger and sift through the hot creases.

“Waaaan, an…… Abel’s, finger…… is…… going in…… u.”

Both of Claire’s hands on the wall and her hips start trembling.

The deeper I push in, the more nectar starts flowing out.
I fully buried my second finger joint inside.

“A, guu……”

Claire who is getting stabbed by my finger moans in a high-pitched voice and her long, red hair shake.
I bend my finger as a talon and gently pat Claire’s flesh walls while paying attention to not hurt her.

Weakly at first while gradually increasing the power.
Haa, haa, I can hear Claire’s comfortable breathing.

She’s more sensitive than I thought.
Did she get more sensitive than before or are my finger movements more skilled, I stroke Claire’s flesh walls with fascination, trying to please her.

“Does it feel good, Claire?”

“U, un, somehow…… it’s numbing and hot……”

Claire sweetly says while gasping for breath.
I may have developed Claire’s hole during the two times she did ecchi with me.

Developing an inexperienced girl with my fingers, mouth and possibly even penis──
To a man, this feeling of superiority feels the best.

More than anything, I’m genuinely happy that Claire is feeling good.
Is she pleased by being serviced by a man?

I twist my wrist and rotate my finger just like a screw and expand Claire’s flesh jar.
I put pressure on Claire’s creases with the bottom of my finger strongly stimulating her from inside.

“Yaaa…… an…… fuaaaa……”

Her bent, nude body starts convulsing.

“Abel-sama, me…… too……”

Racine looking from the side unbearably panted while fidgeting with her small hips.

“Alright. Wait, Racine. I will──”

While playing inside Claire’s secret place with my right hand, I extend my left hand towards Racine and trace her hairless itty.

“…… N, auu……”

I just patted Racine’s labia lightly and she showed a really sensitive reaction.

I have thought so before during the sex ritual in Rashuka City, but she hides a really sensitive body under her neat and tidy appearances.
Guchiyu, I made my way through the two tightly closed petals with half of my finger.

“Ah, waaaaaa……!? Aun, it, camee……!”

Racine screams in surprise at the sudden insertion, but immediately after that, she lets out a captivating moan.
Zubu, zubu, I push my finger further inside her slimy hole.

My finger unexpectedly smoothly slides up to the root into Racine.

A foreign substance hasn’t entered this place since the sex ritual.
The still inexperienced Racine’s insides received my finger more smoothly than I expected.

Although very immature, the creases adapt to the form of my finger and wriggle.
Isn’t this a movement of a woman with abundant experiences?

“I’m going to move, Racine.”

After declaring, I pull my finger back to the entrance.
From there, I push in again.

“Ah, there…… r, reaching a comfortable, please…… ah, fuun.”

Racine breathes comfortably.

“Abel, me also…… o…… don’t forget about me……”

Before I noticed, I have neglected the movements of my right hand and Claire impatiently looked at me.
I strongly nod at the wet, appealing eyes.

I put effort into my right hand and start thrusting my finger inside her hot vagina.

Guchiyu, kuchiyu, jupu……!

The bathroom echoed with moans of two girls who enjoyed fingers inside their vaginas.

“Ah, faa…… aan, more…… do it more…… Abel…… u.”

“Abel-sama, a…… amazing, feels good……”

Claire and Racine shake their hips while moaning in pleasure.

I’m doing a good job with my fingers──
That much is certain.

While I had awkward movements assaulting both girls at once, I got used to it after a while.
After getting down the rhythm of my left and right index fingers, I continuously thrust them in and out of Claire’s and Racine’s meat jars.

“An, I…… I, already…… n…… comin…… g!”

“Haa, haa, haa…… me too…… no good…… no good…… I’m comingg……”

Both Claire and Racine greatly bend their backs one after another and their high-pitched voices tremble.
Both my fingers start feeling the flesh walls tightening around them.

I pull out my fingers from the two melting meat jars.
The secret hole in their butt valleys starts moving and nectar starts dripping out from the other hole.

If they are wet this much, the preparations are completed.

I stare at the two trembling figures.
Their sexy, charming back lines are inviting me in.

Now then, in whom I should insert first──


Claire dubiously looks over her shoulder,

“This time, are you…… are you going to insert that……?”

A happy smile floats on Racine’s face.

I hesitated for a while.
I can’t discriminate between these two beautiful naked girls.

Just who do I penetrate first──

This must be the most luxurious worry for a man.

Claire’s abundant, tender, elastic butt.
Racine’s small, cute peach-like butt.

Whoah, both are too attractive……!

I close my eyes and thurst my waist randomly.
Guchiyu, a wet touch hits my glans.

I open my eyes to see who my penis touched──

“Yan, Abel, u……”

When our eyes met she let out a delightful pant.

Alright, let’s do Claire first.

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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