Chapter 25

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“Then, take care. Abel.”

In the morning, Claire saw me off from the Inn.

The morning air is chilly.
That chilly air amplifies the feeling of tension even more.

It’s a somehow unpleasant feeling.
Practical examination felt way easier.

But, it’s no use complaining about it.

Because I was the one who decided to join the Knight’s Order.
I have to do my best.

“Yes, I’m off.”

“Ah, wait a minute.”

Claire moved her body closer slowly.

Her sweet breath brushes my face.
Yesterday’s ecchi scene flashes through my mind and my heart rate increases.

The second intercourse was not at all inferior to the first one.

The naked body of a cute girl panting below me.
The seduction of a nude girl dancing on my waist.
And also the indulgement of releasing my spirit in Claire’s deepest place.

I was able to remember everything clearly.

I did it twice with such a cute girl……
My heart throbbed bittersweetly.

And then, at that time,


The next moment, with a little small sigh soft lips touched my cheeks.


“It’s a good luck charm…… So…”

Claire separated her body from me and her face turned red up to her ears.

“T, thank you.”

I got embarrassed immediately.
To get cheek kissed in order to encourage me, what a corny situation.

But, I’m fine with that! Alright, I’m energized!

The tension disappears like it was never there in the first place.

That’s right, I have to do my best for Claire.

I will definitely pass──
With my new determination, I went to the interview hall.

The interview hall was in a certain mansion──It is the Chamber of Commence that the Practical exam took place yesterday──I was led to a waiting hall.

It’s the same place as yesterday.
There are a lot of rowdy people, but it’s not so suffocating like it was yesterday.

I find a petite girl in the crowd.
A girl with blonde hair in white robes──It’s Racine.

“Abel-sama, good day to you~”

A female priest rushes up to me with a warm smile plastered on her face, my mood softened.

“I see, Racine has an interview too.”

I was worried about her yesterday so I blurted out a sigh of relief incidentally.

“How did you do in the practical exam, Racine?”

Her body is petite, in no way it looks like Claire’s athletic body.
In terms of fighting ability, putting aside the empire’s magicians, it had to be difficult facing all those brave men yesterday.

“Ehehe, it was a clean sweep. I have defeated everyone with my holy magic.”

“Holy magic?”

“Putting it simply, it’s a magic that we priests use…… You are a magician Abel-sama, were you not aware?”

“I’m, that…… My magic is self-taught you see.”

My general knowledge is zero.

“Then, you obtained such spectacular magic power with self-education……That’s wonderful.”

“N? Did you watch my matches by any chance?”

“What are you talking about. Almost every other applicant observed you.”

Racine laughed unintentionally.

“To fire high power magic that can pierce the ground continuously. It was my first time seeing such amazing magic.”

“Well, even so.”

If you are going to admire me so straightforwardly, I will get embarrassed you know.
Somewhat ticklish, a bittersweet feeling.

“Far from Knight’s Order, I think you are a Royal Court Magician. Surely, Abel-sama will be able to pass easily.”

Racine stares at me with sparkling eyes.

“Next, examinee number 275, Abel-san.”

A person in charge called me over.
It seems it’s my turn now.

“Then, I’m going.”
“Let’s do our best to become colleagues. I am looking forward to it. Good luck, Abel-sama~”

Encouraged by Racine, I went to the room interview took the place.

I was led to a large conference room deep inside the mansion.

Five men sat behind a desk.
They are the interview officials.

The room is excessively spacious, probably because of the bizarre glint in the interviewer’s eyes, the tension exploded.

This is bad, my heart is going to explode!

“My name is Roge. I have the privilege to interview you along with these four people.”

The man in the center said solemnly.

He looks around 70 years old.
His gray hair is knotted in the back, he indeed looks like a knight with a long military record.

In spite of looking like an ordinary old man, the glint in his eyes is the liveliest among the five.
Sweat gushes out of my body just from sitting face to face.

Calm down, me. Settle down.

I gently hit my cheeks.

I recall the good luck charm Claire gave me a while ago.
I gradually calmed down.

The effectiveness of this good luck charm is outstanding.

I exhale and stare back at the old knight.

The first question will hopefully be the orthodox『Why do you wish to enter the Knight’s Order?』.
It’s the question I have prepared for.

Aight, come at me!

“It seems that you have repelled Empire’s magician in your hometown.”

“Wa, yes, me…… No, I want to fight for people, no for the country──eh?”

A totally different question came!?

Roge-san raised his eyebrow dubiously.
Oops, I never answered his question.

“I will ask again, the one who repelled the empire’s magician is you, right?”

The old knight asks again as if nothing happened.

“I have received a report from a Knight that joined this spring.”

Does he mean Claire?
I see, she told the order the details about my fight with Gaizas.

“Yes, I have repelled him with my magic.”

“Manipulating mighty magic to beat an Empire’s magician. That is a splendid achievement.”

The old knight smiled contentedly.

“You have also used high power magic continuously during the practical examination. With that power, there’s no doubt you wouldn’t be inferior to Empire’s magician.”

It seems that firing a flashy magic yesterday was the right decision.
All right, nice flow.

“You are still in your teens…… It’s terrifying how much you grow.”
“Really, what a promising fellow.”

I heard the other interviewers whisper in a low voice.

I wonder if I’m treated like a super rookie or something?
The flow is getting better and better.

It would be nice to break through the interview in one go while the impression is good──

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