Chapter 46

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Material Distribution
As a result of teaching magic to Tomoa and hunting many Gaya Tortoises, we ended up loading Daigo Seventeen to its limit.
Although the speed of Daigo Seventeen slowed down with that much cargo, we managed to return to Vardmoi without resupplying.

Vardmoi, after a long time, was quite warm, as befit the summer weather.
Today, we’ve decided to disband for now and have scheduled a business negotiation at the Trade Guild tomorrow, so we have come to the Night Lion inn to check if we could get accommodations.

“Oh, welcome back, Lily and the others. How was the material procurement journey?”

“It went well. Do we have rooms to stay in?”

“Please wait a moment… Alright, you’re all set. The rooms you used before are available. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. Are the rooms ready now? I really want to take a bath.”

“They are all set. I’ll give you the key right now.”

After receiving the key at the inn’s reception, I headed straight to my room, filled the bath with water, washed myself, and then sank into the bathtub.
Daigo Seventeen did have a shower room, so I could take showers, but I couldn’t take baths.
I couldn’t shower every day either, as we had to conserve water.
Ah, this feels refreshing.

After a good rest at the inn, the next day, we headed to the Trade Guild and negotiated for how much we would receive for the materials we obtained on this journey.
Alongside Alizée, my exclusive contact, Priscilla, the Guild Master, was also present from the Trade Guild.
This negotiation seemed serious from the Trade Guild’s side.
Not that we were taking it serious, though…

“Hmm. You only need this much?”

“Yes. We can’t afford to take more than this.”


What we needed were three sets of Wonder Deer antlers, fur from four of them, meat from two, a pair of left and right Assassin Mantis scythe-like blades, a pair of left and right needles, a pair of left and right flying scythes, two Gaya Tortoise shells, three sets of the belly part of their shells, skin from four of them, and a small amount of Gaya Tortoise meat.
The Wonder Deer antlers are for Akumi’s bow, the Assassin Mantis scythes are for Uhina’s sword, the needles are for Akumi’s thrusting sword, and the Gaya Tortoise shells will become shields for Uhina and Akumi.
In addition, we also have Elder Treant branches, but we decided not to hand those over to the Trade Guild either.
It seems that the Trade Guild already has a large amount of Treant materials, and doesn’t want to deal with the likes of Elder Treant materials.
The meat of the Wonder Deer and Gaya Tortoise will be processed into preserved and smoked meat before handing them back to us.
I will also receive a portion of Wonder Deer meat as is, but it won’t be ready until fall, since there’s quite a lot and it needs to be aged first.
As for the fur and skin, I will use them as materials for crafting leather armor and clothes through magic tailoring.
I don’t know how luxurious the final products will be, but I want to give it a try.
The Trade Guild will handle the tanning process and such for me, so I’ll leave that to them.
Furthermore, the materials that the Trade Guild is taking will be purchased, minus the transportation costs, and will be left as a reward for completing their request.

“I will ask again, is this really all you want to keep? Considering your contribution this time, you could keep three times this amount.”

“We can’t really take more than this. Even this much is too much.”

“I see. Well then, the Trade Guild will store a few of the materials in reserve, apart from what we will sell right away. If you change your mind, you can come pick them up.”

“Are you saying you’d let us take materials from Red-ranked monsters just because we changed our minds?”

“I won’t mind since you returned with Daigo Seventeen, that precious treasure trove of ours, fully loaded.”

According to Priscilla, they would have made a profit even if we brought back just half of the cargo capacity.
However, since I won’t be able to sell all of these right away, that would be a problem in itself.
I can’t take that much responsibility, of course.

“With this, the material trade is concluded. Let’s move onto the next topic, have you thought about opening a store, Miss Lily?”

“A store?”

“Your clothing store. It seems like a good idea.”

Even if she suddenly brings up opening a store, I’m not sure about it.
I guess I’ll listen to what she has to say first.

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