Chapter 35

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wildcat Claws
The members of “Wildcat Claws,” who were brought to me, are four in total.
The leader’s name is Keuko, a vanguard who wields dual swords. Another vanguard is Uhina, using a one-handed sword and a shield. Akumi was the archer, and Tomoa was the magician, the youngest at 22 years old.
It seems that Alizée has already informed them about the terms of the contract, and they will guard me and assist me in hunting monsters.
However, because I have many secrets, it was decided that we would use an Oath Paper.

“Alizée, what is Oath Paper?”

“It’s a magic tool that imposes penalties in case the agreement is broken. This time, the ‘Wildcat Claws’ will be bound not to reveal Lady Lily’s secrets to others. The level of constraint is 4. It won’t cause death, but it’s a level where one will lose consciousness due to intense pain.”

Wow, it was truly a terrifying thing.
We wrote everyone’s names on the Oath Paper, and Alizée invoked the formula to complete the contract.
The atmosphere became much more relaxed.

“Haah, I was thinking why would they be offering to pay 5,000 Rubies to guard a Copper Rank, but to think they’d even use the Oath Paper. The Trade Guild must really want to protect Lady Lily.”

“Of course. For the Trade Guild, this is still not enough.”

“I see. Let me reintroduce myself. I am Keuko, 24 years old, a dual-sword user. It’s been four years since I reached the Red Rank.”

“I am Uhina. I use a one-handed sword and a shield. I play the role of the frontline wall in this party. Keuko and I go way back.”

“I’m, Akumi. I’m an archer, and I also carry a thrusting sword as a sub-weapon. I’ve been with Keuko’s group for two years, but before that, I was in a different party.”

“My name is Tomoa. My main form of attack is magic, and I also carry a small shield. I take pride in having a decent amount of magic power. I joined this party around the same time as Akumi, and before that, I was solo. It’s only been a year since I reached the Red Rank, but please take care of me.”

I see, I see.
Among the Red-ranked members, Keuko has been around the longest, for four years.
Although not mentioned in the introductions, Uhina and Akumi have been Red Rank for three years, and Tomoa for just one year.
This party is still growing.
I might have struck gold.

“Very well then, Lady Lily, please instruct us on what we should do upon employment.”

“Yes. First, I would like all of you to move into my residence. It’s a slightly higher-end accommodation, but the lodging fee…”

“Lady Lily, the lodging fee is also within the range of the guard cost.”

Alizée interjected warningly.
In that case, even though it would yield an income of about 4,000 Rubies per day, is that acceptable?

“… The lodging fee is 850 Rubies per day, which includes two meals. For a consecutive two-week reservation, it becomes 800 Rubies per day, so please take advantage of that.”


“850 Rubies per day… It’s quite a pricey accommodation.”

“I chose a secure place suitable for Tamers’ lodging. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I appreciate your understanding.”

“No, I have no objections. Is there anything else you need?”

“I have been collecting Spider Silk for the Trade Guild. To collect Spider Silk, I need to provide monster magic stones to my contracted familiar, Talat. I am in need of those magic stones. Please assist me with that as well.”

“Ah, so that’s why you have been hunting Ogres since you were White Rank.”

“Normally, no matter how many lives you have, it’s never enough…”

Ugh, I guess I really was recklessly fearless.
But well, there was no helping it; it just happened to be a good hunting ground.

“With everyone joining, there’s a possibility that the Ogre hunting ground might become unusable. So, I also request assistance in finding other suitable hunting grounds.”

“How should we determine the criteria?”

“First, the quality of the magic stones should be comparable to or greater than those from Ogres. Ideally, some kind of material should be retrievable. If possible, it should be a day-long trip; if not, within a distance of about one or two days’ travel.”

Upon hearing the conditions I listed, Keuko seemed to be lost in thought.
Even with an increased force, finding a suitable hunting ground might be difficult.
Now then, I wonder what kind of monsters she will propose?

“I apologize, but please put the matter regarding the monsters on temporary hold. We also have our own secret hunting grounds…”

“Ah, it’s inconvenient with me, a member of the Trade Guild, present.”

“I apologize, but that’s correct.”

“Understood. Please consult with Lady Lily when I am not around.”

Hmm, a secret hunting ground.
I’m curious about what kind of place that is.
It would be helpful if it fits my criteria.

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