Chapter 33

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A Personal Affairs Manager, Alizée
A week after becoming a Bronze Ranked merchant, I received a message from the Trade Guild stating that progress had been made regarding the party to serve as my guards.
I would hear the details once I arrived at the Trade Guild.
Since they wanted me to come as soon as I was ready, I headed to the Trade Guild immediately after finishing breakfast.

Upon arriving at the Trade Guild, I was escorted to a reception room where Miss Priscilla would meet me.
There was also a female employee whom I had never seen before.
I wonder who she is?

“Good morning, Miss Lily. Before we discuss the guards’ matter, let me introduce her. This is Alizée, as you can see, she’s a Catfolk.”

“Nice to meet you, Lady Lily. Starting today, I will be in charge of your personal affairs.”

“Personal affairs?”

“In simpler terms, she’s a staff member assigned to handle individual high-ranking merchants. While there aren’t many merchants with personal attendants, you have many secrets, Miss Lily, so I thought it was appropriate to assign someone to you. Despite her appearance, Alizée is skilled enough to take down several Bronze Ranked monsters. Additionally, she’s capable of intelligence gathering and more.”

“Is it okay to have such an amazing person as my personal attendant?”

“It’s fine, because you are too soft-hearted. When you need connections outside the Trade Guild, consult her. Most things should be fine. Although it would be troublesome if it’s more of highly-priced and rare items like the Mana Spider Silk.”

“Understood. I look forward to working with you, Alizée.”

“Yes, I look forward to it as well. Now, if I may, I’d like to discuss the selection of guards.”

“Selection of guards? Isn’t that done by the Trade Guild?”


“The Trade Guild is responsible up until the selection of candidates. Beyond that, it depends on the compatibility and trust between individuals…”

Ah, I see.
For a bodyguard job, compatibility and mutual trust are crucial factors.
The Trade Guild can take responsibility for selecting candidates without personal ties, but beyond that, it seems they can’t assume responsibility.
I understand.

“I understand. What should I do?”

“The prospective adventurers have already gathered. You need to interview each party and choose the one you think is the best.”

“Got it. What about the terms and conditions?”

“The contract for bodyguards will be on a monthly basis. We’ve gathered candidates under the condition of 5,000 rubies per ten days per person. By the way, 5,000 rubies per ten days is a relatively high amount for bodyguards of Red Ranked adventurers.”

“Oh, really? I thought it would be higher.”

“… Please don’t use your earnings as the standard. Normal adventurers can’t defeat multiple Ogres in a day or deliver Spider Silk every few days like you. The buyback price for Ogre horns and fangs is around 800 rubies, right? While a Red Rank adventurer can target even higher-ranked monsters, earning 5,000 rubies every day is quite challenging.”

Hmm, it seems like I’ve been indirectly told that my sense of money has been numbed.
I hadn’t been concerned because my inn costs 850 rubies a day, but it’s a luxury inn, isn’t it?
Then, how much do ordinary adventurers earn in a day on average?

Curious, I asked Alizée, who told me that White Rank adventurers earn around 400 rubies, Black Rank earn 600 rubies, Green Ranked earn 1,000 rubies, and Blue Rank earn 1,500 rubies on average.
So, I’ve been staying in a luxury inn from the start.
No wonder I surprised the Guild receptionist when I arrived in town and mentioned a budget of 1,000 rubies for lodging.
I need to learn the general sense of money in this area as well.

But thinking about it, fabric is still expensive.
Hemp costs 8,000 rubies, cotton costs 10,000 rubies, and denim costs 15,000 rubies.
The man at the skewer stand bought two denim aprons from me, so I hope he didn’t overspend.
He said he’s doing well in terms of earnings, so I want to believe him.
After all, I’m not trying to cheat anyone.
But he did say that new clothes aren’t the kind of thing you sell at a stall.
I really need to hurry up and make those identifying magic crests for my products.
There’s so much to do.

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