Chapter 14

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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To the Trading City of Vardmoi
During the stipulated period of 10 days, I diligently pursued the monster requests that were recurring among the Guild permanent quests, and procured magic stones.
Basically, the subjugation was against the lowest level monsters, so there was no difficulty, but the quality of the magic stones was also poor.

Still, I had Talat endure and eat it, and got about three more rolls of Silk Spider.

I will sell this in Vardmoi.

And 10 days later, I left the “The Great Eagle’s Nest” where I had stayed for quite a long time and went to the long-distance bus stop where I had gotten my ticket yesterday.
The long-distance bus stop was still empty, and only one bus was parked there.
The bus was not a modern bus, but a metal-covered wagon with seats lined up and a driver’s seat attached to the front.
The entrance and exit were only directly at the back, unless the partition door to the driver’s seat got opened.
The windows were made of glass, but they looked fogged up because they are thick, and you can’t see inside very well.
My seat was a reserved seat, so there was no problem coming early.
I approached the bus to Vardmoi.

“Welcome, little lady. This is the departure and arrival point for the bus to Vardmoi.”

“Yes, I’m Lily who will be in your care today. This is my boarding pass.”

“… I see, understood. Just to make sure, your assigned seats are in front row, seat number one and two, would that be a problem?”

“Okay. No problem.”

“Then please get on board. Oh, this bus travels via station towns every day. You can stay for free at the bus company designated inn during the trip, as it’s part of the boarding pass, so please use it if you like.”

“Does that inn house familiars as well?”

“That won’t be a problem. The prior procedures there have been completed.”

“Then I’ll use that inn.”

“Yes, have a good trip.”

I was seen off by a good driver and got on the bus.
The interior of the bus was composed of two rows on each side.
Why are the back seats the only ones facing backward?
Anyway, I took my place on the right side of the front seat.
I sat down by the window and unloaded my luggage, and Talat climbed up on the aisle side and started to make cushion for both of us.
When I sat down again, I realized that car cushions were quite hard.
So, I waited patiently for the cushion made with non-sticky thread.
This made my seating situation more comfortable.

Eventually, as more passengers gathered on the bus, and it began to get crowded inside, a little something occurred.

“Hey! Why can’t I ride in numbers one and two on the right!”

Numbers 1 and 2 on the right are our seats.
I wonder if something happened?

“Sir, haven’t we explained it many times? It was reserved by advance seat reservation this time. Customers who came for unreserved seats on the day don’t have much choice.”

“But I’ve been using that seat for years! Isn’t it normal to give it up!”

Uwah, what a terrible complainer.
It’s unreasonable to expect to use the same seat even this time when there are reserved seat customers, just because you have managed to use the same seats with unreserved seats before.
Or does he think he can get away with it if he complains?

“Firstly, Sir, don’t you know that there is a rule that seats from numbers one to six on both sides are given priority to customers with reservation? You have a record of taking those seats away from our customers with the power money. You are making trouble by being selfish now.”

“What! You are not listening at all! Let me negotiate directly with those who are occupying my seats!”


“I can’t do that either. This time’s customer is an honored customer among the most honored customers, left in our care by the Trade Guild’s Guild Master himself. If the Guild Master hears a word that we troubled our honored customer, the entire company will lose credit.”


“So please sit in unreserved seats. Oh, there are only two unreserved seats left, so two out of your group of four will have to take the next bus.”

“Don’t mess with me! Why do I have to leave my companions behind!”

“That’s because you showed up close to departure time. If there are only two seats left, only two people can ride.”

“What about the guard seats!? If it’s the guard seats…”

“The guard seats are for guards to ride in. If you plan to occupy them, then you will have to be responsible for monster extermination along the way, is that fine with you?”

“Kuh… Oi, passengers! Two of you get off! I am an heir to the Jagant Company! If you don’t want to be glared at, give up your seat!”

Wow, he finally started threatening passengers.
So, Jagant Company is a place where such tyranny is allowed? I’ll remember that.

“What’s up, hurry up and…”

“Stop it. You are a hindrance to our business.”

At the moment when the heir was about to bark again, fully armed sisters intervened.
They didn’t look like passengers and there were four of them, so they must be the bus guards?

“Who are you!”

“We are the bus guards. You seemed difficult to handle, so we came over.”

“What!? What’s wrong with me asking them to give up their seats!”

“You’re not asking them to give up their seats, you’re trying to take them away by threatening the passengers. Don’t you even know the difference?”

“You, let me tell you… oi, beat these women up!”

“No, w-we can’t do that, Young master. If we cause trouble in broad daylight like this, we will only be sent to the detention center…”


Hmm, that heir seems stupid.
The Jagant Company’s future is bleak.

Taking advantage of the gap when the Jagant Company group started to have a falling out, the guards jumped on the bus and the bus departed.
The two seats that were empty seemed to be for people who are scheduled to board in a different town that is on the way.
In other words, there was never a seat for those people to sit in.
It’s a bit funny.

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