Chapter 86

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Knights and documents.
It has been three days since I got temporarily employed by the Knights Order. Today, we have the same schedule as yesterday. Training in the morning. Patrolling in the afternoon.

Today’s members are the same as yesterday.

“Listen alright? We are going to patrol N-O-R-M-A-LL-Y today!”

“Wasn’t yesterday normal?”

“If that was normal then we would all die from overwork!”

“There were at least ten times the amount of documents in the Prime Minister’s office, though…”



“D, don’t lump us with the Prime Minister!”


“It would be nice if we could execute everyone we catch on the spot.”

“Except pretty girls.”

Adeil-san hit the two’s heads and exploded.

“Let’s leave the idiots behind and go!”


I obediently followed Adeil-san. Isn’t our treatment too different from hers? I heard such murmur, but I pretended that I didn’t hear it.




A few minutes later.

“Rosarin-san! My little brother has been kidnapped…”

“… Yeah.”

How did it turn out like this? The one who sought my help was the daughter of the tea shop I often visit. I have once saved her from a hoodlum, so she knows that I am strong. That must be why she looked for my help, instead of looking for the knights. I stared at Adeil-san. Adeil-san sighed out, but as expected of a pro. He urged the Playboy Knight with his gaze who inquired the necessary information from the big sister who sought my help.

“I will definitely save your little brother.”

The Playboy Knight is sparkling, isn’t he? His teeth are shining like in the toothpaste commercials.

“Curtis, can you tell something?”

“N~ I can’t.”

The Super-intuition is not omnipotent. He might be able to find them if we were closer, but Super-intuition apparently works mainly when the lives of those important to the possessor are in danger. The Hero’s Revelation is a more polished version, you could even call it Trouble Perception.


Rabisha-chan addressed me… where did you come from? You fell from the sky just now, didn’t you? What about the school? Rabisha-chan spoke to me who was frozen in place due to the shock without minding.

“The little brother of that woman from a little while ago has been taken to an abandoned building at the end of this road.”

“… Err, should I ask how, or since when…”

As expected, even I didn’t know how to interject here.

“I heard a scream as I was secretly guarding you, Master, so I gave a chase.”


“The school?”

“I am already using the grade-skipping system too. There were no important lessons today.”

I have not noticed at all. Our Ninja has certainly grown up… eh? Rosalia has apparently noticed. Tell me about it then! With the work of our Ninja, we were able to settle the incident quickly. I had Adeil-san and others listen in while I was writing a protocol according to the events. I have also made a document that recorded the nature of offense and time of apprehension. Then, I prepared tea and tea cakes while Adeil-san was checking the documents over. At that time, the shrewd Rabisha-chan,

“Master’s tea and tea cakes are delicious.”

“Glad to hear that. Eat lots.”

Today’s incident was her achievement so she can eat as much as she can. Adeil-san looked on as I was pouring Rabisha-chan tea.

“… You let your Lord pour tea for you? Isn’t it usually the other way around… oh my, this is wonderful.”

“Master’s tea brewings skills are better than mine, so she occasionally teaches me. The tea cakes are also made by Master, you know?”

“Wha? She made these!?”

“Meals made by Rosarin are also yummy, ya know?”

“… You are quite strange Rosarin-chan, aren’t you?”

Adeil-san said something with a face of resignation.

“That was indeed rude! Are the documents good?”

“They are perfect. Indisputedly. Quick, easy to read, easy to understand. As expected of the Prime Minister’s former secretary.”

Adeil-san patted my head. I was praised!


When I smiled in satisfaction, Adeil-san smiled too.
Hugh-san tried to pat my head too, so I avoided him.

“No, thank you.”

“Rosarin-chan, aren’t you too cold towards me!?”

“Pardon me, but my body instinctively avoids playboyish men.”

“To think you wouldn’t deny even a little bit! Instinctively, you mean that you won’t recover no matter how hard I try, right!?”

“I am sorry about that.”

“Don’t agree there!? At least make up a lie!”

“Datz not twue~”
“Her speech suddenly broke! Moreover, what a super-monotone way she said that!”

“You told me that I should at least lie about it, so this happened when I said something I did not mean.”

“You are ultra serious! Do you seriously dislike me that much!?”

“Dislike… I’d rather if you spoke to me normally. I have no interest whatsoever in people besides Dirk. Don’t make advances on me, it’s annoying.”

“I got her real intentions!”

“Y, you guys, stop that already…”

Adeil-san was shaking. It seems that Adeil-san’s boiling point is quite low. Curtis, Rabisha-chan… please breathe. I would not like if you died from laughing too much. Laugh normally.

My third day at the Knights Order ended like this.
After that, Hugh-san was trying to coax me as much as possible so that we could get along, therefore, I told him I would go home and think about it. Isn’t that an indirect rejection!? He got teary-eyed.

You understood well, huh. Curtis wouldn’t understand that at all.

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