Chapter 87

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Dirk and mofumofu.
I’m having a break from school today. Dirk has a day off as well. That being the case, it’s a date time!

I am wearing the wine red one-piece dress and shoes Dirk has bought for me the last time. The Lily of the valley hairclip is in my hair. Dirk, who came to get me smiled happily.

“It suits you very well, Rosarin.”

He also came wearing the clothes I chose for him. Dirk spoke to me nervously.

“Let’s go to my home today. The old man is not at home so there will be no one to disturb us.”

“Yes. I am looking forward to it.”




That being the case, I visited the Barton mansion after a long while.

“I will call if we need something, but don’t disturb us otherwise.”

Saying so to the butler who came to welcome us, Dirk has taken me to his room.

“You don’t have anything here, huh.”

“I live in the Knights Order’s dormitory, after all. How long has it been since I came to this room… but, it might have originally been like this. Except for the books.”


“I love adventure stories, you see. I wanted to become like my favorite novel’s protagonist, so I became a knight. I wasn’t able to become like the protagonist since I was born a Beastman, though.”

“That story was your starting point then?”

“Might have been. Do you want to read it next time?”

“Yeah, I do. Now then, Dirk. Remove your coat?”

“A, are you really doing it?”

Dirk’s tail rolled into a ball and his ears lost strength. Is he frightened? How cute, oy.

“I am. Do you know how much was I enduring…! I endured, bore, and stood up against the mofumofu temptations in my house! There’s no scent on me whatsoever, right?”

Dirk moved his nose close to my neck.

“Yeah. There’s only my scent.”

Dirk seemed very happy.

“That being the case, please reward me. Ah, is patting the children’s heads to praise them allowed or not? It feels natural.”

I pushed Dirk onto the bed and quickly unfastened his shirt’s buttons. What splendid muscles. Dirk is slender, but his body has is properly muscular.

“Ah, did you stop patting heads too? Wait a moment! I have not Beastified yet!”

He has not resisted even though he was telling me to stop, so I caressed his abs. Umu, hard.

“Yup. It’s not mofumofu, but I thought it wouldn’t be good. I ended up explaining the situation to the children.”

“Hiya, ah… ah, head-patting is fine. First of all, don’t pat my belly. It tickles.”

Dirk blushed up to his neck and tears formed in the corners of his eyes. So cuuute. I play-bit his ears while caressing his chest.

“Nyaa!? Wha, d, don’t touch my chest!”

Dirk guarded his chest in panic. Nyaa, he said… is he trying to make me explode from moe? The current Dirk is like a maiden getting molested by a sleazy man. His sex appeal isn’t halfhearted.

“Dirk, I won’t touch others. I am going to do this only to you, okay?”

I rubbed my cheek against his and whispered that to his ear. My own voice unexpectedly became sugary.

“Satisfy me?”


With intoxicated eyes, Dirk stopped resisting. I observed that body of his.

“You have many small scars, huh.”

I traced the scars. Each time I traced a scar, his body would tremble.

“Ah, do you find it unpleasant?”

“Nope. But, I don’t want you to get hurt this much.”

Dirk took my hands into his and kissed them.

“I will be careful.”

“… You do that, please.”


He is working as a knight, so not getting injured wouldn’t be possible. I am happy that he kindly accepted my intentions.

“Now then, it’s about time you Beastify?”

“A, au… you are continuing?”

“Yeah. I explained the situation to Jend, but he keeps tempting me by Beastifying for some reason. Please appease my frustrations. I have endured enough. Rather, this is where things get real.”

“… Looks like Jend has not learned anything, huh. Things get real here… i, it has been quite difficult for me the entire time, though!?”

“I am not satisfied yet. I want to pat, mofu, and brush you. There are many places I have not touched yet. Don’t worry. I will make you feel good.”

“I don’t think I can not worry… ugh… please, go easy on me.”

Dirk Beastified and laid face-down. I rubbed my cheeks against the nape of his neck.

“… I smell soap.”

“I, I took a bath before coming to get you.”

Because I declared I would mofu him beforehand? Is he a girl? His level of feminity is higher than mine. Why do I feel that I have been recently losing to the feminity of the knights…

“… Don’t bathe next time.”


“It’s hard to grasp your scent.”

“You want to sniff me!?”
I smiled quietly. I am sure that I don’t have a scent fetish. I do have Dirk fetish, though.

“That too, but I won’t get marked like this.”


“There are many men in the Knights Order and the numbers of Beastmen have been increasing, right? Although only the Beastmen can tell, I might as well use your scent as a repellent.”

“Got it.”




And so, my sealed golden finger has been unlocked.

“Nyaan… funyaa…”

Black Panther is a sexy creature, yeah? Dirk, whose eyes were melting entrusted his body to me… his sex appeal exposed. His voice was sugary, his tail snuggled up close to me too… his ‘pamper me’ mode was going on full throttle.

It was a common word for me to say, but I want to shout from moe! My Dirk is the best in the world! He’s a miraculous creature!
Lick, I kissed his mouth. When I kiss with the Beastified Dirk, his fur prickles and tickles me. When I stroked his throat, he let out a purr.

“… Dirk, isn’t your animal nature getting stronger? You weren’t miaowing like this before, right?”

Dirk froze with a snap. It appears that he wasn’t conscious of it.

“Wha? I was miaowing?”

I stroked Dirk’s tail in silence.

“Nyaa… n.”

“… You have been Beastifying a lot recently. Moreover, you have become more spoiled.”

“Aaaaauuuu… perhaps it’s getting stronger. I thought so too during the incident with Jend, but I am unable to control my impulses at times. It’s true that I act more spoiled, but… I only react to you… because I lo… because I love you, Rosarin.”


Crap, crap, crap! Dirk, he is too wonderful!!
Dirk undid his Beastification and kissed me who was unable to reply.

“You have told me before that I have been able to smile a lot more recently, right?”


“Right now, I feel much happier than the protagonist of my favorite novel. It’s all thanks to you. I am glad that you exist.”


“That’s why, let’s cross the eighteen-year-old mark together. I will be your ally, no matter what happens.”

Dirk is probably aware of my worries. He is the only one whom I told everything that was in my Clairvoyance. It should be difficult for him as well, but he is spoiling me just as he said he would.
Truth to be told, there was no need for Dirk to be my fiancé. In order to avoid my future, someone like Alphage-sama would be probably the most suitable. With authority and ability, he would be the optimal partner.

At first, I admired him as a game character. But, when was it, I wonder? The him of the game felt distant. Currently, my eyes can only see Dirk.

“I am so glad I chose you, Dirk. I want to be with you forever and ever.”

That was my… our wish. On impulse, I hugged him without holding back my strength and burst into tears. I might have dug my nails into his back. But, I kept clinging to him. I wished, desired to not separate from him. My tears flowed without stopping.

This fear is fear that stuck to Rosalia who couldn’t cross over her eighteenth birthday over and over again… Dirk received me and continued stroking my back without saying anything.
In those safe hands of his, I fell asleep without realizing.

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