Chapter 88

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A kiss with Dirk and breasts.
My hair was gently caressed. While muddleheaded, I snuggled up to the warm hand. That feels nice.

“N… more.”

I want to be patted. As if understanding my desire, the hand resumed patting me gently. I smell my most beloved scent. My thighs feel ticklish.

“N… that tickles.”

“Eh… wha, you can’t! I can see! I will remove my tail, so don’t turn over!”

“… Funya?”

I was awakened to Dirk’s panicked voice. I confirmed the current situation.
I was being hugged princess carry style on Dirk’s lap. Then, recalling the circumstances before I fell asleep, I attempted to escape from Dirk’s lap in panic, but… Rosalia-san! Don’t get in my wa… eh? Don’t amuse yourseeelf! I will die from embarrassment! I will die from embarrassment, alright!! No matter how weak I felt, I dozed off while wailing, you know!? I won’t be able to look at Dirk’s face!

“Good morning, Rosarin. I am sorry for waking you up… that, you were so cute while half-asleep that my tail just…”


The thing tickling my thighs was the tail, I see. When I tried to remove it while half-asleep, I ended up overturning my skirt which caused my panties to be in plain sight.

“… Dirk, were you observing my sleeping face?”


“I am sorry, I want a reset. I am going to die from embarrassment. People are creatures that die from embarrassment. I am going to explode. It’s that, you know? Don’t approach me, don’t touch me, I am going to jump.”

“I don’t understand well, but calm down!”

When I struggled to escape, Dirk captured me. He did not expand any strength, but I was captured easily. The situations definitely worsened, however.

“Release meee! I will die! I will die from embarrassment! I can’t calm down! I am going to cry instead!”

“You will cry? I want to hug you close to me, though… Can’t I?”

Dirk tilted his head to the side at point-blank range. Adding ‘Can’t I?’ to it, that’s shrewdly adorable!
His slightly dejected expression is pitifully cute!
However, on the contrary to his words, the hands that held me in place were powerfully manly.

“Dirk you dastard.”

I clung to Dirk’s neck and made sure he couldn’t see my face.

“Fufu… ouch.”

I made a hickey on his neck in retaliation. Then, I licked it a little.

“… Are you not cold, Dirk?”

Dirk was still naked above the waist.

“I wasn’t able to put on the clothes because you were clinging to me, then I did not want to separate from you… I’m fine since you are so warm. Besides, I just have to Beastify when I get cold.”

I touched Dirk’s hands. So warm. It seems that he was telling the truth. His hands are big. They are rugged and the skin is hard. They are the hands of someone who uses a sword.

“… Have you calmed down?”

“No. Not at all. I am sorry for bursting into tears all of sudden.”

I spoke without looking into Dirk’s face. My face is surely bright red at this moment. My cheeks feel hot, so I can’t show him my face. Dirk didn’t seem to mind my behavior as his tail was swaying in a good mood.

“… What are you happy about?”

“Because you behaved like a spoiled child in front of me. You did not endure and cried without hiding your difficulties. I want to stand by your side… did I get a little closer just now, I wonder?”

Knock, his forehead lightly hit mine. That smile of his was so gentle.

“I am sure that I… rely on you more than you think, Dirk. I considered you standing by my side since a long time ago.”


He kissed me in a good mood. His tail swayed happily. I felt embarrassed, so when I averted my gaze from Dirk, I noticed that there was blood on both of my hands.


Reaching back into my memories, I remembered that I scratched him when I was clinging to him.

“Sorry, Dirk! The wounds on your back must be hurting, right!? I will heal you right away!”

Dirk looked at me who was panicking with a troubled expression.

“My back… I don’t want to heal it.”

“I did not now you had pain fetish.”

“That’s not it, okay! These wounds aren’t anything serious and they are proof of you acting spoiled, so I want to leave them until they heal naturally, at the very least!”

“… Alright, I am going to heal you.”


“I shall obliterate the proof of me acting spoiled! I will erase it without leaving a single traceee!”

“Wait! Hey! I told you not to erase them!”

Dirk panicked and started tickling me so I wouldn’t be able to activate my magic.

“Hyahahaha! Stop… ahahahaha!”

It appears that he memorized that magic can’t be used without concentration. Dirk didn’t have any intentions of stepping back.


I stared at Dirk with teary eyes, but he was grinning. As there were no signs of my frontal attack working, I decided to stab him from the back.

“That reminds me, I had my body measured the other day.”


“My breasts have grown a little.”

“I don’t need to receive such a report! Keep it a secret! You better hide that! I think this often, but the things you are embarrassed about are considerably weird!”

Dirk’s face dyed red.

“Is that so? There I times I do it on purpose too. Besides, there’s no need to be embarrassed when you are proud.”

“Don’t play with me! And be more bashful, please!”

“I believe the reason that my breasts have grown is thanks to the massages. I won’t remove the wounds if you do it for me. How about it?”

After thinking for a while, Dirk replied.

“All right.”

“Eh? Wha…”

I realized just how attached Dirk was to the scratches. On top of my strategy failing, I got counterattacked with a massage.

“A, auu…”

“Learn from experience a little, please.”

Although Dirk’s face was considerably red, he had no mercy. I learned that I shouldn’t make Dirk serious.

Like this, I spend my day with Dirk.

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