Chapter 89

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Knights Order and documents.
It was just about I got accustomed to the temporary employment at the Knights Order. After confirming my schedule, I was guided by Rudolf-san to a different place.

The room he has taken me to had a general affairs plate on the door. The room was full of piled-up documents. I could not see the person that should be sitting behind the desk. Additionally, I might not have a Super-intuition, but I had a bad feeling about this.

“Uh, I feel bad asking, but I would like to ask you to deal with the documents.”

“.. Why is there so many?”

“Well, there are many among knights who escape because they are bad with documents…”

“Then, write a few lines for me. That I am working under the Commander’s orders, and that you allow me to use force if not abiding by my instructions.”

“… Can’t be helped.”

“… Umm… please treat me kindly.”

Before I noticed, a fluffy chihuahua-like person emerged from the mountain of paper… A Mr.Beastman with an animal head. That timid person is Dober-san. Dober-san who has the appearances of a chihuahua. What a gap that is.

“Best regards. Let’s start by sorting the documents by date…”





Two hours later, Rudolf-san returned.

“… Missy.”

“What is it?”

With my eyes on the documents, I calculated with the abacus I brought from home.

“… It’s bad for outsiders to stay at the Knights Order.”

“It’s fine. All of them are spirits.”

“… Wha?”

“They are spirits who gave me their protection and spirits who intend on giving me their protection.”

Sui, Haru, Haku, Kou, Darkness-sama, and Holy Beast-sama are currently helping me. Arisa is taking a nap.

Sui is preparing the documents and controlling the cacti. Haru, Haku, and Kou are sorting out the documents. Darkness-sama and Holy Beast-sama are recounting and preparing the documents as well.

“… All of them.”

“All of them.”

“… I see.”

Rudolf-san was making a resigned expression.
Darkness-sama and Holy Beast-sama wanted to give it a try too, but they were unexpectedly very capable.

“Rosarin, I am done.”

“Ohh, as expected of the Great Spirit of Darkness. Wonderful.”

“Isn’t that right, isn’t that right?”

I was thinking this since a while ago, but isn’t Darkness-sama too easy? I am worried that he will get tricked by a bad girl. Me? I… give him snacks every time as thanks. I don’t push him around… I think. Maybe.

“Rosarin, how about me?”

“What a splendid work. Wouldn’t you be able to work at the castle at this rate?”

“… A King from several generations ago has told me that man shall not eat if he does not work, so I had, in fact, worked before.”

So he did work. If living for this long, you would at least help with paperwork before, I see.

“By the way, that bothersome King was later called The Wise King. Except him, thou are the only one who makes me work.”


I averted my gaze.


Rudolf-san seemed exhausted.

“It can’t be helped! I mean, Holy Beast-sama was taking a nap in this room, you know? I nearly stepped on him, even though I want to mofu, mofumofu, and mofumofumofu him!”

“… I don’t mind, though?”

“Dirk has prohibited me from mofumofu-ing anyone except him! I can’t do it!”

And so, under the pressure, I had him to take on a Beastman form→since he was in a Beastman form, I invited him to work with us→he gave an unexpected OK→we arrived at the present time.
Darkness-sama got jealous because I invited Holy Beast-sama, “I can do that too!” and he started helping on his own.
He was stalking me as usual.

“The end… I see the end! Thank you very much, everyone! I might be able to see my wife, children and have a meal at last!”

Dober-san burst into tears. It was equal to the hard work of my Father, after all. I stared fixedly at Rudolf-san.

“This amount of work does not correspond with the number of people. If you don’t want to work your only person who understands the work to death, you better hire new knights who can do calculations and understand documents, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Because I have not grasped the roots yet, I don’t know what will happen if Dober-san falls ill.”

“Got it.”

“Make it by tomorrow, please.”

“… Do you have any fellows in mind?”

“I would like people on Dirk, son of Marquis Roswayde, or Adeil-san’s level.”

“I see. Understood.”

Rudolf-san left. The work progressed smoothly. Dober-san has been working through this outrageous workload for a long time now, so he was much more efficient than me.
A few hours from then, I reached the limit of my patience.

“… Unreadable letters are not letters! Dober-san! I am going to strangle those who wrote unreadable documents! I am going to teach them how to write properly!”

“That will help. Have a safe trip.”

I don’t know whether he was already tired or if he was of the same opinion as me or what his original personality is, but Dober-san sent me off with a smile.
Taking the cacti corps with me, I went to all parts of the Knights Order, looking for people with a bad writing style, teaching them how to write properly and also pointing out the mistakes they made in the document. I later heard that after I marched around like a Demon King’s parade, the Knights Order started working properly. Their naming sense was too chuunibyou, but in short, it became a Demon folklore.

“Welcome back. Should I not ask why there are red spots on the cacti? Should I talk with the people in charge?”

“No need. Fools who opposed me have seen their last day already. It’s fine, it’s just blood. I have properly taught them how to write.”

“… With fists?”

“… Well, I did talk partly with fists.”

Dober-san seems docile, but it appears that he has quite a good character.
There were apparently four more people working here before, but the rest had given suitable reasons to get transferred away. Naturally, I captured them and lectured them properly.

“Then, I will count on you for the rest.”

The cacti corps prickled the four who gave up on finishing the documents with their thorns. I “helped” the people who were slacking off myself. Dober-san could not catch them himself because he was busy, knowing that the four left.

“It’s fine, we can probably finish in the next 24 hours. Cacti, please continue helping us out.”

The Cacti all saluted.

“Thank you for your help as always.”

A pink flower sprouted out on the heads of the cacti. What’s that!? Sui explained to the nervous me.

“It seems that they feel happy from being praised.”

A new discovery. The famous product of deserts, the cacti, sprout flowers when happy!

“How about taking this opportunity to reward them?”


“Your magical power is a treat for these guys. These children are closer to magic plants like Magchelia, rather than monsters, after all.”

“In that case, here you go~”

I am a woman who does not learn. Just recently, I poured magical power to a different magic plant after being urged by Sui… I poured magical power to Yggdrasil-san.

When I gave them magical power, the cacti turned into macho cacti. They became bigger. What the hell. Sui looked at me with resigned eyes.

“… Rosarin, you gave them too much. They evolved.”

“So it’s my fault!?”

Even if I regret, the cacti seemed delighted, so oh well! I became defiant.
A day at the Knight’s Order’s general affairs came to an end like this.

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