Chapter 90

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Knights Order’s general affairs section and helpers.
Dressed in the knight uniform I got completely accustomed to, I teleported to the Knights Order. There should be helpers today, so only Sui and Haru are coming with me.

When we arrived before the general affairs office, I discovered four corpse-like things. The macho cacti accomplished their job as they worked on the documents until the end.

“Cacti, thank you for your hard work.”

The cacti saluted all at once… there was a Mr. Cacti that did a macho pose as well, but I ignored it.

“Good morni… uwaa!? Did the cacti turn huge?”

My darling, Dirk, arrived. I didn’t want to say it, so Sui (wicked tongue) explained instead.

“They evolved after getting Rosarin’s magical power.”

“… Ahh.”

Dirk looked at me with eyes filled with disappointment.

“I, it wasn’t on purpose! It was you who told me to do it to reward them in the first place, Sui!”

“They don’t normally grow even after getting magical power. Do you not have the word ‘moderate’ in your dictionary, Rosarin?”

“I do!”

“Ah~ well, the cacti would wither if Rosarin drew all of her magical power for them, so she did probably hold back.”


You had the intentions of following-up, right? Haru-san. What’s that, that is super scary. I certainly did not go full power on them. I am glad I did not…

“I am glad the cacti are all right…”

“… You were holding back, right?”

Seeing that I lost self-confidence in my own reaction, Haru confirmed with me.

“I did. I held back. I think that Sui’s explanation wasn’t sufficient.”

“I believe that your magical power is far too away from the norm.”



We laughed at each other. In the meanwhile, Dirk entered inside.

“… Shall we get to work? There’s an incredible number of documents, isn’t there?”

“Still, it’s three times less than yesterday.”


Holy Beast-sama and Darkness-sama came from behind the stupefied Dirk.

“I came to help.”

“I, I might be busy, but if you really want me to help, I won’t refuse, Rosarin!”

“Thank you very much, Holy Beast-sama. Darkness-sama, I really would love to be helped by such clever spirit such as yourself. I look forward to working with you.”

I silently bowed my head. The pleased Darkness-sama immediately got to work. Holy Beast-sama also bouncingly went to the same seat as yesterday and started working.

“… Rosarin-san.”


“In what world do humans let the spirits help them with paperwork!?”

“Over here! Sui and Haru are helping me out since I was three!”

“Now that you mention it!”

After Dirk nodded in consent, the son of Marquis Roswayde arrived. Huh? He shut the door.

“Son of Marquis Roswayde?”

“Miss Rosarin. Why are there Machonests = cacti inside?”

Ah, I remembered. The cactus monster in the middle of the desert. Machonest = cactus… by the way, there are four in total. The feeling of oppression when they surround you is staggering.

“… They evolved yesterday.”

“……… I see.”

Son of Maruiqs Roswayde entered the general affairs office with the expression of resignation and the spirits… mainly Holy Beast-sama poked fun of him for a while.
Next, Adeil-san was the one to come.


He shut the door. Adeil-san whose frame of common sense and body appearance contradict each other had the same reaction as the son of Marquis Roswayde.

Incidentally, Dober-san continued silently working without being perturbed by the commotion.




For the time being, everyone started working under Dober-san’s instructions. Adeil-san titled his head to the side.

“But, why us? The other two are dignified nobles, but I am a commoner, you know?”

“Sorry, I told Rudolf-san yesterday that I wanted people that are as capable as Dirk, son of Marquis Roswayde, and you…”

“… That’s definitely the reason, huh.”

“Commander is irresponsible in this area, after all… however, how am I capable? I have no idea how to fill out documents.”

“Honest, diligent, and steady, you meet all three important conditions, and the documents you have filled so far had no errors whatsoever. I do believe that you possess a wonderful talent.”

The son of Marquis Roswayde was subtly happy. Seems like he understands now.

“… I see. By the way, what’s that clicking thingy of yours?”

“An abacus.”

I taught them how to use it. They liked it so I asked Sui and Haru to make more for them. However, Elder brother wasn’t impressed at first. As expected, our Elder brother found it eccentric.
In a while, everyone immersed themselves in work.




“… I won’t forgive this! Dober-dono! This document is too horrible!! I am going to complain directly!!”

“Wait, son of Marquis Roswayde.”


“Don’t stop me!”

“That’s not it. You might as well take this too.”

“Ah, this one too.”

“Please take this one as well.”

“… Why are there so many terrible documents?”

“… I suspect that the Knights Order has muscles in the place of brain.”

The son of Marquis Roswayde squatted down. No, it might be a prejudice, but that’s what I learned in one day yesterday.

“… I am not able to deny.”

He can’t deny. That much?

“Not specializing only in physical strength, but also being able to support others and using your head to follow-up skillfully is what makes a good group. In this meaning, Adeil-san has it truly ideal.”

“Is that so?”

“Curtis is a musclehead, and Hugh-san excels in supporting by extracting information. Adeil-san would be the peacemaker. There won’t be any problems in their group as long as Adeil-san keeps them in check. Adeil-san is excellent when it comes to leadership.”

“… Nonsense.”

His gaze was on a document but his cheeks were blushing. Is he being embarrassed? I suddenly smiled.

“I have eyes for people. Son of Marquis Roswayde, I will come up with an efficient route for you, so wait for a little before going, please.”

“Roger that.”

“Do you need cacti to use for coercion… or not, to guard you on your way?”

“Why would coercion be needed!? I am only going to complain about the documents, why would I need guards!?”

“Unlike you, Son of Marquis Roswayde, they did not listen to the complaints of a little girl.”

“… I apologize for my coworkers. How did you manage yesterday?”

“I used violence.”

“How did it come to that!?”


“Is there no option to discuss with you!?”


Son of Marquis Roswayde, Dirk, and Adeil-san were dumbfounded. Owowow. Stop with the hand-claw, Son of Marquis Roswayde.
And as I thought, Dober-san has a good character. He’s laughing.

“If I had to give you an explanation, then it would be because there was no time. There were so many unreadable letters and so many errors that those papers couldn’t be considered documents anymore, so I went all savage on them.”


The three knights were at their wits’ end. Seeing how the current situation is, they weren’t able to deny. When the son of Marquis Roswayde released me, he went to battle the muscleheads.




A few minutes later. A mad son of Marquis Roswayde returned.

“There’s no talking to them! Lend me the cacti!! Since they are like this, I can settle it only with violence! I am going to rectify those muscled brain tissues of theirs!”

“Alriiight! Cacti, go end them!”

“Hear out their reason at least! Hesitate at least a little!”

“Calm down, Fizz! You will definitely regret it alter!”



In the end, the two calmed down the son of Marquis Roswayde and decided for Dirk to go next.





A few minutes later.
He returned teary-eyed. First, I patted him and then nonchalantly mofued him.
He’s different from me who usually uses steel against inconsequential opponents, so he was quite down. So they did not listen to reason, I see.
How terrible of them. There, there.

“Dirk’s enemies are my enemies, I will annihila- “Wait. I will go.”

Adeil-san caught me by the nape of my neck. Adeil-san, I am, more or less, a Duke’s daughter, aren’t you treating me too terribly?





A few minutes later.

“Rosarin, I was wrong. Go and exterminate those muscleheads. I permit it!”
(Adeil uses “Ore – masculine” to address himself here instead of the usual “Atashi – feminine”)

Hey there! Adeil-san, your character is breaking! Where did the fake-onee chara went to!?
However, he had three reports rewritten even though they did not listen to him, huh? As expected of a man who is able to control Curtis (musclehead). Ahhh, I know that you are irritated, but you will tear off your nails if you keep chewing them, you know?




That being the case, under everyone’s agreement, Rosarin is departing!

“I’m off~”

“Have a safe trip. Make sure not to dirty the documents.”

Dober-san established himself to be quite a brute.

In the end, I had corrected the muscleheads myself. Seeing the still red cacti, the rest couldn’t talk back and so we had a lunch break.
I thought that Holy Beast-sama and Darkness-sama were too quiet, so when I called out to them, they got startled because they were too concentrated on their work. No, seriously, thank you so much for your work.

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