Chapter 60

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I won’t let you destroy the evidence.
We have arrived in the room of my imprisonment in the Walse mansion.

“Martha, Arc.”

When I addressed the two, they disappeared. Then, they reappeared with four more people they caught. I have understood the true colors of my attendant siblings. They are ninjas. No doubt. Gator was also at a loss for words, but I wouldn’t lose to him. I was quite startled too.

“Darkness-sama, are you here? Make these four fall asleep please. Also, an illusion that would make it seem as if nothing was happening in the entire mansion, so the people won’t wake up.”

“Umu, leave it to me.”

“Wow~ so reliable~”

“U, umu, umu! This is nothing hard for me!”

Darkness-sama, I have admired you, but that was in a monotone, you know? Aren’t you way too easy?

“Haru, Sui, Arisa. Cooperate to make a soundproof and a trespass obstruction barrier.”



“Kou, let me know if you sense a heat source just in case. Pay attention to strange noises too.”


Is this all right for the instructions?

“Martha, Arc, any other signs of insects?”


“You, what are you, seriously! This is not possible! Moreover, using a teleportation magic with the Magic Sealing Collar…”

“Ahh, this?”

The collar creaked and shattered.

“Seems like it could not bear my magical power.”

Heh, I made an evil smirk. Magic Sealing Collars have a limit and they would break when the limit gets exceeded. It usually doesn’t shatter though.

After hearing footsteps, Ravioli-san stained with tears and snot and a bunny-eared pretty girl of the healing kind… she looks familiar… appeared.

“Sorry! I am truly sorry!!”

And, Ravioli-san performed a splendid sliding Dogeza. I’m full of the kneeling already.
The pretty girl somehow managed to calm Ravioli-san down, and we decided to talk, with Gator still restricted.

Martha proposed to leave the insects to Mother because she apparently has a kind of information extracting Revelation, and I had Arc return to the mansion with Jend at once to explain Jend’s disappearance before it turned into something big.
Rather, Mother? What kind of Revelation is that? Brainwashing? Is that how you obtained those absurd written pledges? I have countless questions for Mother.



Now then, there were people whom I didn’t know, so the introductions were made first.

“Pardon my late introduction. My name is Rabisha. I am the eldest daughter of the Walse House. I just became seven years old.”

Aaaaah! I remember nooow! This child is the Heroine’s convenient helper character in the game!! The Heroine’s best buddy! … I covered the monologue in my mind, and introduced myself with a composed expression. Gator being seventeen was unexpected.

“… Now then, with the introductions over, let’s talk about how we should deal with you…”

“I did it on my own. All will be finished with my death. You better not get my old man and little sister involved.”

“Anyhow, leaving Gator’s joke aside…”I wasn’t joking! My old man is unrelated to this matter!!”

“… Normally, an attempted assassination on a Duke’s daughter leads to the capital punishment of the entire clan. You guys are commoners after all.”


Gator’s eyes got dyed with despair. It seems that he finally understood his position. It would end with only the person of concern if he was a noble, but that’s not how it works for the commoners.

“Rosarin-sama, could you please forgive us with just my head. They are still only children.”

“Not possible. Are you telling me to give a false testimony? There are no benefits for me in that. Also, I do not desire any heads.”

“… Then, what is it that you want?”

Rabisha-chan stared into my eyes. I love clever girls the most.

“I want you?”

“I understand. I will pledge allegiance to Rosarin-sama. However, that is not enough, is it?”

“Indeed. Gator, are you willing to become a slave of mine?”

“… If that can save my family. Be it slave or anything, I will do it, so… please help them!”

Gator burst into tears. He genuinely wanted to protect his family, and it seems that he couldn’t take being threatened anymore. I let out a sigh.

“Can’t be helped. I was asked by Jend too, so I will do something about it. We have no time, so I will make it brief. You were under the orders of my Father to become the allies of Duke Gerald, that’s the setting.”


“In other words, you were leading an undercover investigation under the orders of my Father, the Prime Minister.”

“…! Yes!”

Seeming to understand, light returned to Gator’s eyes.

“I will tell you the details of the setting later. Bring me everything that could be used against Duke Gerald and his party!”



Huh? Rabisha-chan too? Ravioli-san was staring with his mouth wide open.
While waiting, I heard the story from Ravioli-san piece by piece. He took poor children under his wing and run something akin to an orphanage. Gator was making money and everything was going smoothly as of recent. This is probably where Gator started to get threatened.
The pseudo-orphanage was run volunteers and not profitable. But, both his son and daughter approved and lived without complaining and crying even if they did not have much to eat.

Just as Ravioli-san was about to finish, the two returned. They handed me the documents they carried in their hands.
I only skimmed over it, but this was incredible. I handed it over to Martha in silence. A carnivorous smile spilled on Martha’s face. The impact it had was enormous.
With this, we can surely accuse him of the crimes.

“I, I have also gathered evidence in my own way. How was it?”


Rabisha-chan asked timidly. She was delighted after hearing my words. Cute, but frightening. To be able to produce something like this at this age… I don’t want to be her enemy.

Pouring my magical power, I activated the improved version of the pseudo-telephone magic tool.

“Notice to all Knights and Beastmen Unit on alert. The evidence has been secured. Especially the first corps… Curtis, searching Duke Gerald’s mansion takes priority. All other units are to search the residences of the nobles on the list I had handed you in advance. There is no change to the plan. Thank you.”

Replies came in succession from each military unit. I would be troubled if the evidence was destroyed, so I have dispatched the Knights and especially Curtis with his super intuition for a compulsory search.
When the assassination fails, the nobles would run to protect themselves, no? I won’t give you time to destroy the evidence!!

“I am back~”

Arc has returned. I have explained the situation to him.

“N~ then, shall I write a contract? The nobles will get in contact with us soon.”

As expected of the able attendant. Wonderful.

“Then, I will also participate in the search, Jend should help too. Jend probably possesses super intuition, so searching might be his specialty.”

“In that case, Jend should go with me and Arisa. Haru should be enough to keep up the barrier around this mansion. Let’s leave Kou here too as a guard just in case? We won’t forget anyone who bullies Rosarin.”

Jend ⇒ probably, super intuition

Arisa ⇒ Trap and curse dispelling

Sui ⇒ instructions and planning

Kou ⇒ guard

What a wonderful lineup. And, the staff officer Sui is super eager. Rather, he’s ready to kill. I had them go to Leonid-san’s group.

Dirk and I went to Duke Gerald’s mansion. We joined up with Curtis.

“Rosarin, what about this?”




How scary the super intuition is! He presicely discovered dangerous things one after another. Moreover, it was not only evidence, but love letters from the olden days, poems, and more things from his dark past too. The apprehended Duke will be miserable.

“Rosarin, this is?”

“A box with magical power authentication, is it?”

Magical power authentication recognizes only the owner and won’t open for others. Analyze the box’s magical power, align and…

“It’s open.”

“I, impossible! Only I should be able to open that!”

“This type is unexpectedly easy to open if you manage to align the magical power properly. I can use all attributes, so in theory, be it me or anyone else, it should be possible to open for with some adjustments to the magical power.”

“I, impossible…”

Duke Gerald hung his head down. The contents of the box… a contract regarding my assassination. Is the performer someone among the insects?

I left the rest to Curtis and Rudolf-san after obtaining the main evidence, and Dirk and I joined up with Leonid-san’s group. What’s wrong, Leonid-san? His eyes looked distant.

“This is what’s incredible about you. This will break the hearts of the nobles no doubt, we dug up some terrific things.”

Our strong children seem to have been working hard. Especially Sui. He’s a specialist in harassment.
Jend really seemed to possess a super intuition as he found dangerous things one after another. The teamwork to break the hearts of the enemies with their dark past was also wonderful.
I quietly left Leonid-san’s group.

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