Chapter 61

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Walse Household’s destination and scolding.
There shouldn’t be any problems with the searching, so Dirk and I returned to the Walse mansion.

The children looking after Ravioli-san are still in there, so the barrier is still standing. I have decided to bring everyone from the Walse Household to our home to hear their stories.

“Welcome back, Rosarin. Do you have something to say to me?”




“I am home, Niisama. I, I was tomboyish a little today.”

When I returned, the great demon Elder brother welcomed me. I kept it secret from him since I knew he would definitely object this time, but it seems that I was exposed. I hid behind Dirk’s back.

“Obediently apologize, Rosarin. Rupert will probably forgive you too?”

“Au… I am sorry, Niisama.”

“… There won’t be a next time, alright?”

“Yess! I will persuade you next time properly!”

“Can’t you say that you won’t do anything dangerous in the first place!?”

“I think that something like this is more or less necessary in order to complete the objective!”

“You stupid Rosarin! Are you intending to make me worry over and over again!”

I apologized but got scolded in the end. Incomprehensible.

“Rosarin-sama, you are weak against your Oniisama, I see.”

Ohh, I got a smile from a bunny-eared beauty.

“I am~”

I smiled wryly.

“… Who might you be?”

Elder brother finally noticed that we have guests. He sought explanation, so I had Father, Mother, Elder brother, and Lumia-san gathered in a parlor where I explained the situation.



“I am truly, truly sorry about your precious son!”

How many times did this person kneel on the ground today? It’s not directed towards me this time, so I feel at ease though. Ravioli-san prostrated before Lumia-san.

“Please raise your head.”

“I understand that this is not something we can simply apologize for. Not only Father, I also have a responsibility for forsaking Jend. Kill me, or give me a good beating, please do as you like”

Gator presented a knife to the bewildered Lumia-san. Rosalia-san, please do your thing. Leave it to me! I got a reply.
Thus, a splendid ax kick landed on top of Gator’s head.

“Stupid! Jend will be sad if you die! Do you think Jend would like that? Besides, don’t just wait for the punishment, but make up for it.”

“Make up for it?”

“If you committed wrongdoing, you don’t just die, you make up for it so the victim doesn’t suffer all his life. Nothing will change with your death. Nothing but your self-satisfaction.”

Gator hung his head in shame at my words. I matched the gaze of Ravioli-san.

“Ravioli-san. An acquittal is not possible. How do the confiscation of your family assets and three years of free labor sound to you?”


“Old man is-“He is related. He certainly isn’t related to this matter in your mind, but as the head of the household, he did nothing to stop you. He didn’t save the children that were entrusted to him. It cannot be said that he’s unrelated.”

Gator hung his head once again. I understood that he really loves his family. I sent a gaze towards Father.

“Tousama, it’s about the children Ravioli-san was entrusted with. They are the country’s responsibility, no? It’s the result of neglecting the poor people, isn’t it? The hurt children need to be taken care of, right?”

“Indeed. The country is responsible as well.”

Guessing my intentions, Father grinned.

“Neglecting the poor leads to the deterioration of public order, yes?”


“Will you be able to push forward my draft?”

“A government-managed orphanage or nursery, huh. Leave it to me. By the way, Rosarin. About this rebellion. Many incompetent people were dismissed, but we are short of people now.”

“That’s so, isn’t it? Put those with light crimes for several years of free labor. Also, I have a proposal of hiring female civil officials and knights, we could also try employing commoner civil officials.”

“This is a good opportunity.”


Father and I smiled evilly. It would be hard on His Majesty, but I will have him do his best.
Ravioli-san timidly inquired from me.

“U, umm… by orphanage and nursery, you mean?”

“Orphanage is a place that takes care of children who lost their parents and children of households that cannot take care of them for any reason. Nursery is a place that looks after the children of working parents. The intention is to make them government-managed institutions. Ravioli-san will be working there. Of course, Ravioli-san’s house is not appropriate for it just yet. I think the remodeling will be easy though.”



Ohh, Ravioli-san is eager to work.

“What should I be doing?”

Rabisha-chan cutely tiled her head.

“I will have you work as my personal maid. I will leave the education to Martha. Please obey her instructions. Martha is a wonderful maid. She will guide you properly.”


“Please leave her to me, Ojousama. This Martha shall make Miss Rabisha into a wonderful maid that Ojousama can be proud of.”

Rabisha-chan was a little taken aback by Martha’s eagerness.

“I, I look forward to your guidance and encouragement!”

However, she immediately recovered and bowed her head to Martha. She really is smart. Martha smiled cheerfully. Seems like she got the passing marks.

“I, I…”

“What to do with you?”


Gator interjected with teary eyes. No, wasn’t it just a light joke?

“To be frank, you are of no use to me as you are, therefore, please give him a work, Arc. I plan on having him become Niisama’s attendant at one point”


Elder brother suddenly exclaimed in a surprise. Eh? You don’t like the idea?

“Didn’t you say that you want an attendant because of gardening that requires lots of physical work? Gator is a Beastman, so he’s strong and tough, he’s quite suited for the job.”

“Hmm, what do you think about that?”

“I… have not raised anything but vegetables…”

“Do you like plants?”

“Eh? I did not have the leisure to watch them until now… so I don’t know. I like vegetables though. I feel happy when I manage to raise them well.”

“I am fine with him. Best regards, Gator. Arc, please give him guidance so I can use him”

“Eeeeeh, I will be busy for a while though…”

The complaining Arc had a point. However, I placed a hand on Arc’s shoulder from behind.

“Gator might look like this, but he is the son of a merchant. You have managed the residence during Ravioli-san’s absence, no?”

“Oh? Yeah.”

“You can do things like accounting and document filing, right? Naturally, you will help a senior at work with anything you can, yes?”

“Well, if it’s something I can do.”

“Alright, I will make him usable!”

Gator stumbled backward at Arc’s sudden eagerness. Hmm, these two men are pure, but they are really bad at expressing themselves. I still prefer Rabisha-chan way better.

Just as Walse House’s fate was decided, Jend and others returned.

“I am home~ Oneechan, I found lots of stuff.”

Praise me, praise me, the puppy… not, Jend wagged his tail.

“You are an able child, aren’t you? Thank you for helping your big sis.”


“Rosarin, we came after breaking the hearts of the bad guys who wanted to do you bad.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you?”

Sui-san yo. I’m scared to ask what you have done, alright? I don’t want to confirm. Your smile is pitch black, you know?

“Mama! Arisa too, tied up those who tried to escape while crying, you know? I also undid the traps!”

“… Yes, thank you. You worked hard.”

Seriously, what happened? I looked into the distance while patting my cute children (including Sui). I don’t want to ask for the sake of my heart’s tranquility, but I cannot avoid confirming with Leonid-san later.

“By the way, how come you can talk, Jend?”

Elder brother suddenly asked the real question and I started sweating. The honest Jend spoke while smiling proudly.

“I become able to talk again when Oneechan nearly got stabbed with a knife!”

The room fell silent. Only I sweated profusely.
A cold wave drifted around.
… Cold wave? I took a peek at my parents. I shouldn’t have done that! Mother was smiling broadly too! Super scary! Father too! Mysterious ray of light seemed to be shooting from his eyes!

I got caught at once when I tried to escape from the window and got scolded severely by both my parents and brother.
Ugh… my legs… getting scolded in Seiza is simply difficult.

I have gotten scolded endlessly by the affectionate family members that were worried about me. Dirk was also pale from the family’s threatening attitude, and he sat next to me while holding my hand when I was getting scolded.

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