Chapter 62

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Nightly visit?
The endless scolding got finished, Dirk and I who couldn’t walk straight decided to retire for today.
No, actually, there are things I still want to do, okay? Like consolidating the evidence and making preparations of driving the criminals into a corner. But, staying up late is bad for the skin and the adults threw me out to the bedroom.

After somehow managing to get into the bed, I felt a presence in the darkness. It erased all of its presence. There was a single opponent. A man. I immediately passed the baton to Rosalia. The moment the man reached out with his hand, she swiftly pressed him onto the bed while blocking his joints.

“O, owowow.”

“… Dirk?”

Unbelievably, it was Dirk. Releasing him from the restraint, I faced him on top of the bed.

“Nightly visit? It’s not that I am reluctant to accept your nightly visit, but I would be a bit troubled if I lost feeling in my legs and loin tomorrow…”

I tilted my head in puzzlement. I immediately spread a soundproof barrier. Dirk turned bright red and objected.

“T, that’s not it, alright! S, something like losing the feeling in the legs and loin… I won’t do anything like that, okay! It’s not the time for that either!”

“Then, what is the matter?”

Dirk took my hand. He hung his bright red face down, but still talked.

“I couldn’t sleep. When I closed my eyes, I saw Rosarin getting stabbed, I was really scared… I wanted to see you no matter what. I was fine even if you were sleeping already, I just wanted to feel at ease after confirming your safety.”

I leaned my head against Dirk’s chest.

“Feeling at ease?”


“I also couldn’t sleep.”


“Shall we sleep together tonight?”

“… Yeah?”

“I wish to sleep together. I did my best today, so please give me my reward. Using your arms as a pillow would be nice.”

“N, no way. I probably won’t be able to keep my reasoning.”

“It will be fine, I can tell from all the experiences up until now. I will be at ease, you will be at ease as well. My body temperature is high, so you will sleep well, surely.”

I pushed Dirk down. My red-faced fiancé with teary eyes in the dark. His black ears were trembling. I had a sudden impulse of play-biting them.


Dirk covered his mouth. So cute. I bit his ear once again.


Crap, this might become a habit. One more time… the moment I thought so, my body rolled over and I was being pushed down instead.

Ah, not good.

This is bad. It seems that I have pushed his switch. The pheromones-full Dirk-sama has arrived.


Wai, not good, not good, not good! He’s emitting so many pheromones it feels like I am getting impregnated just from his gaze…! It seems to be my time to freeze in place.

A tongue was inserted into my ear. Chuu, guchi, wet sounds resounded.

“Ah, no, Dirk, hyan.”

Awawawawa, the hell is this, it feels more indecent than just tickliiing.

“Stop, it.”

Don’t gasp near my eaaaar! His, his breaaaath!


“If you tease me too much, I will eat you?”

After he finished, he kissed me. One kiss wasn’t enough though.

“No… more…”

He licked my ears again… that’s not it! I had enough of that already!

“N, not that, kiss me~! I want you to kiss mee!”


“Dirk, chuu~”

Dirk quickly separated from me and started trembling on all of his fours.

“Shit, you are so cute! The hell, the hell, the hell is this, are you planning to kill me with kisses!? Are you inviting me!? You are so cute I might die! No, I will live!”

Dirk snapped. He was grumbling for a while, but I wanted to get caught so I rubbed against his arms like a cat. Thinking that I am sly, I spoke with puppy eyes.

“… Hug me?”

“Why are you so adorable!? I might turn crazy… I already am crazy though!”

“N~ girls want to be found cute by their beloved. If you find me cute, that’s because I am putting great effort into it, there’s a part of that too.”

“… I see. I also want you to find me cool and reliable, but it doesn’t seem to be going smoothly for me.”

Dirk felt despondent. A stable cuteness. However, Dirk’s charm isn’t only cuteness. I told him my honest feelings.

“You are cool, alright? Your dreamy black fur is sexy, the serious face you make while fighting makes my heart throb. Besides, I’m relying on you. Today as well, I believed that you would save me was something to happen to me, so I did not feel any fear at all when the knife went towards me. The way you responded to my call and helped Jend was cool too.”

“… Really?”

“Yes. Thank you very much for everything.”

I bowed my head. Dirk’s self-esteem is low. He laughed happily. Conveying my thoughts to him even a little is good.

“Let’s sleep, Dirk.”

When Dirk entered the bed, he gently embraced me.

“My beloved Rosarin, goodnight.”

“My beloved Dirk, tomorrow, the day after that, and forever, stay by my side, okay? Goodnight.”

“… Yeah.”

His hand that was gently stroking my head was so comfortable, I felt a peace of mind and immediately fell asleep in his arms.




In the morning, we were found by Martha once again.

“To think Dirk-sama had the guts for a nightly visit… this is unexpected.”

“That’s not it, all right!”

Dirk denying in tears. Did you have a dysfunction? He desperately denied even that when Martha asked. The family came over because of the noise too.

I had a hunch that I will spend my morning getting endlessly lectured again.

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