Chapter 42

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Made friends festival and Sui.
The wildly running grandfather of Sui’s was the Chief of the Elven village. And, he really held a festival for his grandson for making friends. No, the entire village wasn’t having a dinner together though.

Thus, Sui was hanging his head down in shame with a red face and his grandfather couldn’t stop grinning. The difference from the frightened surroundings was quite odd.
I kept my cool like I do when accompanying Dirk-sama at the evening parties. I kept chatting with Ojiisama without bothering to read the mood.

“So, Miss Rosarin, how have you received the protection of our Sui?”

Somehow, the other villagers… village elves? it’s puzzling so let’s keep using villagers. The villagers seemed to be curious as well. There’s nothing I could accomplish by lying, so I decided to tell the truth.

“I’m truly sorry for our grandchild.”

It’s fine already. I don’t mind it after all.

“No, it’s thing of the past. At present… no, I have been receiving lots of help from Sui since a long time ago. We take care of plants together, he’s a hard worker, you know?”

I said with a smile.

“I receive compensation though.”

Embarrassed from the praises, Sui interrupted.

“Compensation? You mean the snacks? I give you snacks because you are truly adorable when you stuff your cheeks with them.”


Sui choked, but I continued.

“He loves custard and when eating custard sweets, he expressly turns into his little fairy size to munch on them happily, you know? He usually doesn’t change his form, but he does at that time to eat. He’s super cute”

“Rosarin, you have a bad character.”

“I am honored by your praise.”

“I wasn’t praising you!”

It’s rare for Sui to yell with his face bright red. Just being this relatively frustrated is unusual for him.

“Himesama, did you receive his protection knowing that he was a Heretic?”

Both Sui and Haru’s expressions stiffened.

“I didn’t know. But even if I knew, I don’t think my choice would change. Sui is my friend.”

“If it’s Himesama than any spirit would obey you, right? You didn’t have to accept this ill-natured one…”

“I do not seek out spirits that obey me. What I seek is an equal relationship, that’s all. Also, you have been to rude to my friend since a little while ago. I might go berserk☆”

I poked fun with my words. However, on top of releasing magical power that was mixed with the coercion of darkness, my eyes weren’t smiling.

“I apologize for my companion. Calm down. Sugar seems to be affected by the magical power and is unable to breathe.”

I consciously suppressed my magical power. Half of me let it ran loose purposely.

“Yess~ can’t be helped.”

“S, scary…”

“A, as expected of Neesan’s favorite…”

I have completely frightened my surroundings, but I have not paid it any attention.

“Sui is kindhearted, you know? He brought me Magchelia without saying anything so any danger wouldn’t befall upon me, and he got these earrings for me to protect me as well. I don’t know about other people, but I won’t forgive those who look down on my friends. You are making me unhappy”

“No, I won’t do anything! I won’t say anything anymore, alright! What are you planning to do!?”

“It cannot be helped. I feel annoyed. What should I do about the fellows who bad-mouth my Sui?”

“… Throw a large number of caterpillars at them.”

“Them, I shall do that.”

“No, retort with words.”

Binet-san who was going at his own pace interrupted.

“I understand. I will thoroughly torment them mentally with words and then throw caterpillars at them.”

“It grew worse!?”


I don’t think you need to get surprised, Mirula-san.

“Well, leaving the method of revenge aside… shall we return? We can visit Ojiisama secretly via teleportation and I don’t mind returning right away if you are feeling uncomfortable, Sui.”

“It’s fine. I got what I deserved.”

“Hmmm? What do you mean?”

“I was called disgusting by the fellows from the village, so it can’t be helped that they came to hete me when I took revenge by throwing caterpillars at them”

“Yeah. You are indeed at fault for that, but so are they, right? Can I tie them up?”


“No, those who make Sui saddened are my enemies.”

“It’s fine, you don’t have to! Don’t do it!”

“It’s fine, I will only punish them mentally. I will just bully them a little with the magic I used during Dirk’s time…”

“That’s the one with zombies, right! Don’t do it because the Elven old men might die from shock! It will definitely leave them with a trauma!”

“You get along well, don’t you?”

Ojiisama watched our exchange warmly.

“Chief, stop them please!”

“No way. There is certainly nothing I can do about my grandchild’s mischief, but what you guys did is nothing praiseworthy either. It will be a good medicine.”

“Old geezer, I beg you, don’t consent to this! It will definitely become a great disaster!!”

Just what does Sui think of me? He was too frantic, so I decided to stop.
It couldn’t be helped, so I started endlessly talking about Sui’s actions I found adorable with Chief-sama.

“And then, and then, he was stealing glances as the other spirits were hugging me. With such envy on his face at that~ When I caught him and rubbed my face all over him, he was saying how he hates it, but he didn’t even try to escape. The other day, a smile was on his whole face, he was just super cute.”

Sui was trembling from embarrassment.

“He’s saying that there’s no need to thank him, but you can see that he is happy when you look carefully, and he is also arranging flowers in my room every single day. When tired, he would pour me an herbal tea in a casual manner, he would then pour me a fresh one, his consideration and gentleness is what is wonderful about him.”

“I’m shocked by your power of observation.”

“Fuhaha, I’m looking a lot, you know~ You are relatively more straightforward than Haru and Kou, but you seem to be poor at being fawned upon, so I was just observing.”

“Sorry, this is my limit. Please let me off already, Rosarin…”

Sui was on a verge of death caused by embarrassment.

“Fumu, I might consider letting you off if you give me a tight hug.”

“You still want to continue!?”

“I can keep on talking for at least one more hour, you know?”

“G, got it.”

Sui embraced me in his small form. The little warmness came from my friend. When he snuggled closer, he let out a laugh as if tickled.
He’s way too cute. Tsunderes are wonderful.

“I am glad, I am glad. I am glad that you are happy above aaaaaaaall! I am so glaaaad!!”

Oof, Ojiisama has begun weeping loudly. Oh my my? The Elves around as well… even Sugar-san was weeping!

“I… am showwy… I geld prejudice bcoz he was a hewetik… I hage neber sheen gim make a face like dat. I am showwy for bellitlin’ you.”

Sugar-san’s face became a disaster… Sui’s face was also pulling back. I had a hunch I would be late with a handkerchief, so I took out a bath towel.

According to Sui, the beliefs and prejudices of the Elves are intense.
For the time being, the attitudes of the Elves seemed to have softened. Sui also bluntly and properly apologized to which they replied, so everything turned out fine?

Looking at our relationship, the image of Heresy = Bad has become a little bit better. Haru is also a good child who can do when he tries, so let’s keep at it little by little.

That being the case, the “Sui made a friend” festival came to an end, and we decided to stay the night at Chief-sama’s house.
I have informed the family but forgot about Darkness-sama, so when the worried Darkness-sama got caught in the barrier and it became a great ruckus is a story for a different time.

That reminds me, I have completely forgot about you… sorry, Darkness-sama.

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