Chapter 43

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My friend.
I was born between an Elf and Spirit of Greenery. Father was an Elf and Mother a Spirit. Father has already passed away a long time ago, so I don’t remember him well. Mother… kind of died too.

I was a burden to the village. Heretics are disliked. I think I was persecuted because my mixed race was warping my powers. Well, I have not kept quiet in front of the persecution though.

I was called disgusting. Blonde hair, pointed ears, and green eyes are distinct features of the Elves, there are no Elves with green hair like mine. I find my hair unpleasant myself.


Among that, I discovered a weird girl. Although the girl had two souls, she was pretty. I played a bit of a prank on her. She didn’t take it seriously.

The girl was troubled because of me. I wonder what I wanted to accomplish?
Looking at the troubled girl, I noticed that I actually wanted to make her pleased. Thinking that she would never give me one, I demanded a name from the girl.

“Shuwe. You ae pwetty as a jade, sho how abou Sui?”

The girl said without any malice that the color I hated was pretty. She gave me a name.

I became Sui and give the girl my protection.



Within the girl, there was a Beneficiary. She’s a peculiar one. She doesn’t dislike Heretics.
Even when Haru confessed that he was a Heretic,

“I don’t understand quite well, but Haru is Haru. Isn’t it fine being a little different? Besides, the difficult combined magic would be too difficult otherwise, so I’m thankful. Thank you, for meeting me and giving me your protection.”

She said it just like that. She smiled and thanked him. It couldn’t be helped Haru started weeping. Normally, you wouldn’t be spoken to like that.

After that, I was scared a little that my lies might get exposed. Although I am a Heretic, my powers are stronger than that of ordinary Spirits. I couldn’t tell the truth to the girl who believed I was just a normal Spirit. Exposing my form that was neither of an Elf nor of a Spirit was painful, but curious about what she would say, I showed it to her.

“Ohh, a pretty boy. Huh? Your pronunciation is normal, isn’t it?”

She casually praised me. Rather, my pronunciation was on her mind. That was the only inconsequential thing, I thought.

“Sorry for deceiving you.”

Even now, I couldn’t tell the truth. She replied to my words.

“What? You are not doing it on purpose and I am the same, aren’t I? I don’t think you are faking your appearances to deceive me, so don’t mind it.”

I was so happy from her straightforward trust it hurt. Giving her a reply, I leaned on her shoulder. I thought she was warm, even though she was in a dream.



After that, I gifted her Magchelia on her birthday. I didn’t wish for her to die. I asked the Magchelia to protect her every day. Day after day, I carefully groomed it. Thanks to that, the curse of the dagger that was stuck in the Dragon’s throat could be repelled. I felt a bit proud of myself.

That half Dragon-Spirit… Kou, also got quickly attached to Rosarin.

I believed that Rosarin would accept me even if I told her the truth, but because I lacked courage, the time just passed on.



Another three years later, Rosarin headed towards the Elven Village. It has been a while since I last visited the village. It was since I asked the Old geezer to make the earrings for me.
The villagers found me a burden as usual, but Rosarin did not change. She didn’t pay attention to her surroundings.

My friend said that those who show contempt for me are her enemies. Nobody said such thing to me before.
Haru is my friend, but unlike me, he’s on good terms with the villagers. He was accepted by them. Besides, he somehow made them care for him.
I was guilty of many mischiefs, so I wasn’t told anything but a rebuttal.

Telling me that I was cute, Rosarin looked happy when I was eating delicious things. Looking at the smiling Rosarin, my heart tightens.
That Rosarin was observing me was unexpected. Rather, I got so embarrassed when I realized. I didn’t think even my feelings of wanting to be spoilt were discovered by her.

Thanks to Rosarin, the villagers begin to understand me a little. They have honestly apologized for the first time.

I won’t tell this to Rosarin, but I love her very much. I am no Holy Beast-sama, but now that she has received my protection, she ought to become happy.

Thinking to do my best tomorrow as well, I embraced the happiness I felt in my and Old geezer’s house after a long time, and felt asleep.

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