Chapter 44

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Alcohol and a spoiled child.
When I was about to lie in bed, my communication-type magic tool shined. This spiral shelled item adorned with a stone is a telephone-like thing. It’s an exceptional product with even the silent mode. It has a recording function as well. If it shined during an adventure, it would spell a death flag.
I accepted the call by using my magical power.

“Rosarin here.”

“Ah, it connected~ Sorry for being late, Rosarin. Dirk encountered an incident, I need you to save him. Can you come now?”

My Dirk-sama… we are already engaged, so just Dirk should be fine by now.

“I will change my clothes so give me ten minutes. Your location?”

“Isn’t that too fast? We are at the Wild Boar Pavilion.”


I ended the call right away and quickly changed my clothes. Judging by Curtis’ tone, he wasn’t at his wits’ end yet but he was troubled.

Let’s take a look just in case something happened to Dirk. Writing a letter that I will return in the morning, I poured magical power in my brooch and activated the teleportation magic.

My field of vision shook and I instantly teleported behind the capital’s Wild Boar Pavilion. This is the place where Dirk goes for his lunches. It’s a dining hall during the day and a bar in the evening. The shopkeepers are Ojisama and Obasama who don’t discriminate against Beastmen, so he comes here often.

Kararan, the doorbell rung lightly. Curtis noticed me and ran over to me immediately.

“You really were fast, Rosarin! Dirk is this way!”

Curtis pushed my back. There, an unbelievable scene awaited me.



“Son of Marquis Roswayde?”

Dirk was quarreling with the son of Marquis Roswayde. No, how rare.
He has become obedient since that incident and has been taking care of Dirk in one way or other. The person himself is denying it, so I don’t mention it.

“… You are here?”

Doesn’t the son of Marquis Roswayde look somewhat exhausted? Dirk was drinking alcohol with his face strained with tears.

“Rosarin, I bant to shee Rosarinnn…”

Cute. He wanted to see me? Was he lonely?

“She’s right here.”

Don’t point with your finger please. Dirk finally noticed and took a long look at me.




Dirk tilted his head. Cute. Can I hug him? The moment I thought so, Dirk embraced me while still sitting and started rubbing his head on my chest.

“Rosarin, I… wash lonery, I kan’t bear not being able to shee you for dwo weekz.”

Oh shiiiiit! The hell is this, the hell is this! This destructive power is not half-assed!
Tears + lisping + acting like a spoiled child = way too adorable Dirk.

“A, awawawawawa.”

“You got way too excited, you fool”

I was knocked at by the son of Marquis Roswayde. Ah, I calmed down a bit.

“Curtis, what is the meaning of this?”

“Isn’t that because you went to the Elven Forest? That trip usually takes about two weeks, right?”

“Why have you not waited until he could take a break, he was really down about that…”

It seems that he was already on the level he couldn’t bear it anymore.

“And so, Fizz invited him to drink…”

“… It turned out like this.”

Fizz is the name of the son of Marquis Roswayde. Fizzlia Roswayde is his full name.
Also, you need to be sixteen to drink alcohol in this country, so they are okay. It seems to be fourteen in Wolfanea.

First of all, there’s only one thing I want to say.

“I was intending to be back on the same day. I went there on a Dragon and had a teleportation magic stone to go back.”


“Styying over for a night was the longest stay I planned.”

“In other words, what we did was unnecessary?”

“No, I’m grateful to you for looking after my future husband.”

The son of Marquis Roswayde fell down on the table. You have worked hard.
Curtis was the same. Sorry, I should have let Curtis or Dirk know beforehand.

Dirk who usually doesn’t get intoxicated has gotten himself drunk to such extent. His weeping drinking was apparently quite troublesome.
Dirk, with his head buried in my meager chest… umm, don’t sniff my scent. It tickles.



“Pamper me, pleashe.”

Crap! This spoiled chiiiild! Does he want to kill me with moe!? He intends to kill me with moe, doesn’t he! His ears were slightly trembling while laying flat, ah gee, this lonely booooy!

“He is way too cucucuteee. I’m glad to be aliveee.”

Overcome with emotions and tears in my eyes, I returned his embrace and rubbed my head against him. So cuteee. A drunk Dirk, what an adorable creature he is! Good job, Curtis! Son of Marquis Roswayde, you too!

“… Aren’t you happy~”

Curtis was sipping on the alcohol with an exhausted expression.

“How about some modesty?”

The son of Marquis Roswayde rebuked in astonishment.

“Rosarin, I want you to keepsh me. I want ush to be together like this.”

“How about I take you home with me?”

“Idiot, calm down.”

I got hit by the son of Marquis Roswayde. Gee, please stop hitting a girl’s head like that.

“Fizz, you musn’t. You can’t! Bully Rosarin!”

Dirk puffed out his cheeks. Can’t, he said… Dirk you are so cute I am in pain. No, my moe fetish seems to be soaring (ambiguous).

“Shall we return to the Knights Dormitory soon?”

The son of Marquis Roswayde confirmed the time with a pocket watch-like magic tool.

“No dway! I will shleep with Rosarin today!”

“Dirk, even though you have a day off tomorrow, it would be bad if you don’t return, right?”

Dirk shook his head with large tears spilling out of his eyes. Because he was still holding me in his arms, he tickled my chest.

“Fu, sniff. No dway, I will stay bith Rosarin.”

A spoiled brat Dirk. What do I do? I don’t feel like telling him to retunr. Even if I said to bring him home wiht me, that would be impossible with his state and at this time…

“He’s drunk quite a lot, isn’t he?”

The Wild Boar Pavilion’s Mistress has come over to us.

“I don’t know the situation, but how about resting at the top until his intoxication retreats? You can even stay the night if you’d like”

“We will be in your care.”

“Idiot! Have some modesty! A man and a woman sharing a bed…”

I got angry at the son of Marquis Roswayde with disgust in my eyes.

“This body of mine is incapable of sexual acts, nothing will happen.”

“That would be impossible without Rosarin’s consent. She’s the Witch Queen after all.”

When I tried to hit Curtis, he avoided. Dirk is clinging to me, so I can’t move more than this.

“Besides, I feel that Dirk won’t let go off me even if I accompany him up to the Knights Dormitory.”

“”…… Indeed.””

“Then, are you staying the night?”

“Yes, how much will that be?”

I pad Mistress the fee. A key was handed to me.

“It’s the farthest one on the second floor”

Mistress left with a wink. What do you mean by “Do your best~”. No, I feel that I shouldn’t ask.

“Then, shall we go?”

“I repeat again, don’t cut to loose.”

The nonchalant Curtis and the serious son of Marquis Roswayde get unexpectedly along, and both returned to the Knights Dormitory while chatting.

“Dirk, I will stay with you so let’s go to the room.”


Foolishly smiling, he took my hand and begun to walk. Ha, he’s unsteady on his feet. By supporting him, we somehow managed to reach the room.

Dirk has directly fell onto the bed.
I made sure to not think about it much, but… there are many bars that have an inn on the second floor. Is it normally used by bad men who hunt for sex with young, drunken ladies I wonder… nono, it surely is used to normally stay the night as well. However, with the bathroom right next to the double bed, I can only think differently. I want to ask the Mistress what she was expecting from the seven years old me.


My cute husband tilted his head in puzzlement since I wasn’t coming over.

“First of all, change your clothes.”

I took out the adult man’s night-clothes provided in the chest. Because he was drunk, Dirk couldn’t unfasten his buttons properly. When I helped him, the wonderful abs before my eyes were… a side benefit.

The usual night-wear in this country is same for both men and women, the one-piece type. People with bad sleeping postures usually wear pants too.

I put the wrinkled clothes I took off of Dirk on a hanger. I saw it when I took a glance while taking off Dirk’s underwear. It was dark.
I could understand the feelings of a defenseless girl, I mean a boy in the puberty.

With such worldly desires, I put my own jacket on the hanger after hanging Dirk’s clothes. I took off the waist pouch too.
My current get-up consists of black shirt and shorts. I’m wearing a knee-high. The ones embroidered with Mother’s temperature retention and defensive effects are my favorite.
I have just taken these clothes from my luggage and they would be difficult to wrinkle, so I decided to sleep without changing my clothes.

“Rosarin, come here.”

Since both of his hands were spread, I went! I felt like I could dive in it now. I wouldn’t though.
When I embraced him with my full strength, Dirk remained unperturbed. The power should be already considered that of a hurling myself at him, but he just limply giggled.

“Ehehe, monopolizinggg.”

N? Dirk landed several kisses on my head.

“Rosarin, the prince hash become cool, hasn’t he?”

“Which one?”

It’s the second prince I play relatively often with, but I go to the first prince when I have something to complain about, so I’m quite close with both.


“They won’t win against my Dirk though.”

“… Do you really think so?”

The amber eyes of his shook uneasily. Gently touching his cheeks, I put my lips on his.

“Of course. Did you think I would kiss an inappropriate man?”

“Indeed, Rosarin wouldn’t do something like that.”

“You smell of alcohol.”

“Do I stink?”

Ahhhh, so cute. Dirk always smells nice! Stop trembling in fear like a small animal please!

“No, it’s just a little bit different from usual, nice smell”

When I tightly hugged Dirk, he licked my neck… eh?

“Delicious… Rosarin smells sweet every time. I always wanted to do this”

NSWF-ish (No need to read!)
I was on top of Dirk before, but my field of vision changed and Dirk was on top now. Moreover, he was pinning both of my hands. He was literally mounting me, so escaping was impossible. The drunken Dirk started licking me. Neck, collar-bone, inside my ear. I was sticky from drool. My shirt was opened. My meager boobs didn’t come in sight, but just barely. He groped around my body and even my awkward places were thoroughly played with. I thought of using a detoxification magic on his intoxication when necessary, but I had no such leeway. Dirk was unexpectedly skillful. No, I have no one to compare him with, but I found no gaps to use magic. Just when I thought more than this would be dangerous, his hands stilled.


His big body fell onto me and I groaned under his weight. I could hear his regular breathing. He unbelievably dozed off in the middle!!

Crawling out from under Dirk, I went to sleep after taking a revenge and a shower.

I, I wasn’t disappointed at all, alright!!

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