Chapter 45

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And then, morning.
When I opened my eyes, Dirk was next to me.
This person, why is he kneeling on top of the bed, I wonder?

I pretended to sleep and observed him. His ears and tail were drained of strength.
First, he checked his clothes… he was looking at his body. Ah, his ears and tail shot straight up.

“… The hell is this…”

It seems he has noticed my prank. He checked his body again.


Next, he looked at me. He was in the state where he wanted to ask me but couldn’t. He started loitering around me.


Ah, not good. I burst into laughter unintentionally.

“Rosarin, you are awake, aren’t you!”

Dirk’s face was bright red and he had tears in his eyes. I raised and quickly touched his lips.

“Shh~ it’s still only a dawn, you are bothering everyone.”

Freezing because of my actions, he looked around his surroundings.

“This, where?”

“How much do you remember, Dirk?”

“I went drinking with Curtis and others…”

He seemed to have remembered. He blushed, then turned pale and hectic. I cast soundproof magic just in case.


“While drinking, you came for some reason.”

“Yes. I was called over by Curtis.”

“… I was clinging to you all that time.”

“Yes. You were adorable. You cried because you missed me.”

“I’m not happy about that, alright! And so, I made things difficult and complained about being with you.”

“Yes. You were.”

“… Rosarin, please answer me honestly.”

Dirk seized my shoulders with a very pale face.

“Depends on the question.”

I replied seriously too.

“I, how far did I go?”

“Incidentally, how much do you remember?”

“Eh, uh, li, licking and touching… my memory after that is vague…”

“That’s cruel of you… after spending a passionate night like that with me, you are telling me you forgot all about it?”

Enduring my laughter, I made a sad expression.


Ah, you are reacting to that? The passionate thing was your kiss. It was my first time being so exhausted I couldn’t use magic.

“Dirk, you were quite skillful.”

At kissing. I made my cheeks blush… rather, just remembering it makes me blush naturally.

“What!? At what!? Why has your face turned red! You are cute, but seriously, what have I done!?”

Dirk was wrapped in chaos. Too amusing.

“That… I can’t say.”

I covered my mouth with my hand and acted bashfully.

“It was on the level you can’t speak about it!?”

“No, it probably ended on the level you remember. As expected, playing to be shy while talking about that specific content is a bit…”

Dirk crumbled on top of the bed. He was glaring at me, but since his ears and tail were despondent, he wasn’t scary at all. Rather, he was pitifully cute.

“Don’t make fun of me like that…”

“Not possible. That is my purpose in life. Besides, it’s not like our relationship will change even if you put your hands on me.”

“… How far did I go in the end?”

“I have not lied. You have fallen asleep in the middle.”

Dirk seemed to consent, but he looked at his body again.

“I have no memory after that, but. T, this is a hi, hickey, isn’t it?”

“I did that out of vexation because you have dozed off in the middle. Thanks for the treat.”


Even though Dirk was scolding me, I told him with a nonchalant face.

“Even though we got engaged because of love, dozing off in that moment was like telling me that I have no charm, so I did that because I was honestly frustrated.”

“That’s not the case at all! You are charming! Rather, it would be bad if I didn’t fall asleep at that moment! How much do you think I am enduring normally!?”

“Then, please tell me.”

“… Wha?”

“What and how much are you enduring?”

“I wwwwwon’t!”

“Then, I won’t believe you. Dirk, you liar.”


Actually, I was sulking. The truth is that I also thought that we won’t be together as much from now on, so even though I was happy about his foreplay, he dozed off! He wouldn’t get up no matter what I did!

“I’m not lying. You are asking how much I love you?”

I was almost overcome by a very fast heartbeat.

“I became like this only because of you.”

His slender body that got much more muscular than ever before. His body got so big that he wrapped me up completely.
Even so, Dirk’s amber gentle eyes didn’t change.

“Dirk, I prohibit you drinking in front of other women.”

“No, I won’t drink anymore.”

“Leave it for when you are only with me.”

“I’m sorry? No, I’m telling you I won’t drink anymore.”

Dirk tilted his head. No, I want to see drunk Dirk again by all means.

“No, drunk Dirk was cute and sexy… I want to see it again by all means. Additionally, I would like if you could make moves only on me.”

“Se? Eh? I, I won’t cheat on you, alright! I decided to pair with you, okay!”

“… You can’t cheat once you decide on the pair?”

“Ah, that’s…”

I said something unnecessary, Dirk mumbled. With his face getting red, he looked at me who was waiting for a reply in silence and spoke bashfully.

“Once Beastmen decide on the pair, they can’t de… desire anyone but the other half of the pair. We don’t choose another even after the death of the pair. We pair only once for a lifetime. I’m a half human, but because my instincts as a Beastman are strong, I have no interest in anyone besides you… do you find it unpleasant, Rosarin? That, umm, being looked at by my lecherous eyes”

His bright red cheeks were adorable. Dirk, so cute.

“N~? I’m happy.”

“… Ha?”

“If I can be charming to such extent to you, then I am only glad. I would love to have adorable children that resemble you one day, so I would be quite troubled if you didn’t look at me with such eyes.”

“Yes. I’d like children that resemble you as well.”

Dirk said delightfully. I was carried on top of his lap… what a bliss.


Thinking that I will have to return to the Elven Village soon, I thoroughly enjoyed Dirk’s warmth.

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