Chapter 46

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Yggdrasil, curse and the outcome of serious effort.
Now then, we can’t stay like this forever. I arranged my disheveled hair into a simple braid.

“Then, I will be returning to the Elven Village.”

“U, umm, Rosarin, today’s my day off.”

“Ahh, then are you coming too? I will come for you. Just call me when you are ready. As expected, you can’t go in your Knight uniform.”


With a smile, I activated the teleportation magic.




The scenery completely changed in an instant.

“Welcome back.”

“Oneechan, welcome back.”

“Was Dirk all right?”

The spirits were gathered in my room.

“Dirk got drunk and went out of control, so the troubled Curtis called for me. There weren’t any problems in particular.”


My spirits had all complicated expressions. The representative of everyone, Sui (the wicked tongue) spoke.

“How is he a man? Rosarin, are you really okay with Dirk as your partner?”


It was an immediate answer. Everyone, why you have “it can’t be helped” expressions? Somehow, I feel that the favorable impression my spirits had for Dirk has gone down.
In the delicate atmosphere, a knocking resounded.

“Himesama, are you awake?”

“Yes, good morning.”

Sugar-san came to call me for a breakfast. Everyone of the Free Wind has already gathered here. I informed her that my fiancé will be joining us for the breakfast.

“Eh~ what kind of person is he? Nobility has it hard huh, having a fiancé while being this young and stuff.”

I understand that Sugar-san means no harm, but I wonder if it’s something for people to get angry about? I don’t mind since I don’t care though.

“Err, he’s seventeen and works as a Knight. He’s cool and cute… cute.”

“Why did you say cute twice?”

“It’s important so I said it twice.”

When I said that, Binet-san left while making a complicated expression. While chatting about that, my communication magic tool reacted, so I brought Dirk over.



“You know each other?”

It appears that the members of the Free Wind were acquaintances with Dirk.
Dirk was wearing simple traveling clothes. They were clothes which seemed to allow his usual rough moves be performed easier.

First of all, I explained the circumstances to both parties.

“Wow~ Dirk’s bride, huhh.”

“No, a fiancée.”

“… Is that all right, Dirk? You have been called cute repeatedly by Himesan”

Dirk solidified. Binet-san, you didn’t have to mention that.


“It can’t be helped! Dirk is the cutest in the world! In that case, shall I tell them about yesterday’s happe-“Whaaaaa! I understand! Don’t say it! Don’t speak of it please!! I beg you!!”

Dirk blocked my mouth in panic. Yup, his cuteness is stable. His body matured from a boy to a young man, but his twitching ears and tail were still pretty~
Although he nonchalantly drew closer to block my mouth, he shyly snuggled up to my hand that stretched to mofu his ears. What is it? A dere? Thank you for the meal. I will caress you without reservation.

“Are you really Dirk?”

“… Is your head okay?”

“Is that really Dirk?”

“Dirk, you all right?”

By the way, the commenters in order were Sole-san, Binet-san, Murila-san, and Sugar-san
I thought so at Father-in-law’s place too, but does Dirk behave differently when I am not around?

“It really is me! My emotions just tend to project easily when Rosarin is around!”

“In~ other~ words~ you let your guard down in front of Himesama?”

How dreamy, Sugar-san who seemed to be very fond of loves stories said cheerfully. Dirk was making a baffled expression. I would be glad if that was the case.

“That… is true, isn’t it?”

With his usual bashful gesture of putting his hand on his mouth, he grinned joyfully.

“Sorry to bother you when you are having fun, Rosarin-chan.”

“Yes, Ojiisama.”

The Elf Chief has started calling me Rosarin-chan before I noticed. I also call him Ojiisama. We have become close.

“May I request something of you?”

“Yes, I have no plans in particular, so I don’t mind.”

Insect catching or weeding, I will do anything, you know? Helping Elder brother and Tom Jiisan is my forte.

“Umu, Yggdrasil is in a bad shape. I would like you to supply it with your magical power.”

Yggdrasil’s magical power replenishment event!? This event was a hidden event that occurred when the heroine reached MAX hidden parameters with the Elf Chief. The scene where she poured her magical power into Yggdrasil and it overflowed with magical power was beautiful.
Has the good impression Ojiisama had of me reached MAX? Have my love for Sui transmitted, I wonder?

“Old geezer, are you sane?”

“You are here too. It will be fine.”

I noticed something from Sui’s tone, but I willingly took up the responsibility.

“I will accept your request.”


“Can’t be helped, I will guide you.”

After finishing the breakfast, we were guided to Yggdrasil at once. Yggdrasil is a plant raised in the vicinity of magical power, moreover, it’s the main point of this village’s barrier, so it’s no exaggeration to say that this huge tree is their lifeline. There’s no mistake to say that it’s the pride of the Elves. Sui is an absolute fool for presenting a sapling of something so outrageous to me.
No, the heroine raised one, you know? Yggdrasil’s leaves are used for an indispensable S-ranked medicine after all. But, it won’t grow in a private home’s garden. Using it to fortify our house would be a different story though.

However, it’s huge. And thick. My field of vision is filled with a trunk. The leaking magical power is comfortable, but it’s withering here and there.

I touched the trunk and started pouring my magical power… I felt discomfort. The magical power didn’t flow well. Something was… there’s some kind of unpleasant obstacle. Something invaded the Yggdrasil, shredding it to pieces from inside.




I know this.




“A curse? How audacious to cast a curse on Yggdrasil”

Darkness-sama muttered. Since when were you here? Are you a stalker?

“Can you do something about the curse?”

“Not possible. I can neutralize it at most.”

Listening in to our conversation, Ojiisama’s face paled. The village can’t exist with their lifeline cut off.

“Have no one took notice of this? It’s in such a bad shape. I imagined that Elves would pride themselves in magic though.”

“That would not be possible. Elves are certainly good at magic, but we can’t use Darkness magic. That is the expertise of the Dark Elves. It’s impossible for us Elves to perceive it. We can use things like Light and Greenery, but dispelling is a different kind of magic… in the first place, it’s not like we can dispel it without knowing what kind of curse it is”

Sugar-san explained in vexation. Her birthplace is on the brink of being lost after all.
I was struck with an idea and proposed.

“Sui, won’t Magchelia be able to do something about it?”

The purification flower, Magchelia. A flower that gives power to resist curses to those who take care of it. Because it solved a matter with a curse the last time, I can’t say that it’s not effective.

“… It’s worth trying.”

I brought the potted Magchelia from my room. I spoke to the Magchelia.

“Please assist me, okay?”

Using Magchelia as an intermediary, I sent magical power to the Yggdrasil. I released my magical power while imagining that Magchelia purified it.


I immersed myself in controlling the magical power, but someone’s scream interrupted my focus. When I unconsciously opened my eyes, the Magchelia in my hands sprouted outrageously and wrapped around the Yggdrasil.

“No way~”

I was shocked. Magchelia grew even more and its leaves became rainbow-colored.

“Magchelia, it really made a serious effort.”

“Wait! What do you mean by ‘serious effort’!? No, rather, why did it become like this!?”

“Why, you ask… because you have asked it to assist you.”

“It’s my fault!?”

“Thus, Magchelia’s tension raised, so this is the result of it being serious.”

“It’s my fault no matter how you think about it!”

“However, what a splendid Magchelia… it’s my first time seeing one with rainbow-colored leaves.”

“Yeah, Rosarin’s Elder brother is the possessor of the Green Thumb Revelation, I have taken care of it with a great effort, and it received plenty of Rosarin’s all attribute magical power after all.”

Green Thumb is a Revelation doesn’t allow failure at any plant rearing. I was quite indebted to it in Elder brother’s route in the game. That reminds me, Elder brother had a Revelation like that.
Also, it had a wonderful support of a Greenery spirit and my high-quality, all attribute magical power.

Cheat × Cheat = Great Cheat

The current results are because of that very formula, huh.

“Well, I can understand if it’s like that.”

Why is it, I wonder? I feel like Magchelia was telling me ‘I will assist you, so give me magical power please. Yggdrasil will be healed with a little more’. Others seem not to hear it.

I poured my magical power into Magchelia again.


I heard the voice again.

“My friend that possesses the Light of Purification, please heed my wish. You, that possesses the magical power of Greenery, answer my prayer. Give solace to Yggdrasil.”

Sui grasped my intentions and immediately followed up. Haru also assisted.

The magical power has begun circulating normally. Something got caught by Magchelia and lost its powers.


Yggdrasil’s flowers bloomed. It’s pale pink flowers that resembled cherry blossoms glittered with magical power, it looked beautiful. When all flowers of the gigantic tree bloomed simultaneously was a masterpiece.
Right now, a blizzard of falling petals glittered as they rained incessantly. I was gazing at the fantastic scene.

A seed-sized thing was sent to me through the Magchelia’s stem. This was apparently what caused the curse. I put it in a sealing cloth and stored in a bag for further investigation.

“Ohh, Yggdrasil is overflowing with magical power! Rosarin-chan is our village’s hero! Alcohoool! It’s a festivaaal! Rosarin-chan’s festivaaal!”

Before long, Ojiisama ran off to the village.

“I will stop him!”

Sui chased after Ojiisama.

“I will be relying on you, Sui! I don’t want something like my festival! I leave it to you!”

I will do my best! Sui disappeared with a delicate reply that didn’t sound that reliable.

Then, I lowered my eyes to the Magchelia in my hands. The Magchelia returned back to its normal size as if nothing happened. However, its central part was strange.

“… An egg?”

Something resembling a bird’s egg was at the center of the Magchelia. No, it might seem like that because of its shape, but it was obviously something different because of its rainbow color.

While making no progress on the Magchlia’s mystery, I left the Yggdrasil together with the rest of the members.

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