Chapter 47

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I got a daughter☆
When we returned to the Elven Village, they were seriously celebrating a festival. How did this happen in such a short time?

Well, I was thanked very much. Because the Elves weren’t able to notice Yggdrasil’s curse, they have apparently spent their days while uneasy about its abnormal phenomenon. This reaction was caused by that. They were relieved that I came here. It can’t be helped then.

But you see, being in high spirits is fine, but stop carrying me on your shoulders! Don’t wasshoi meee! Rather, so it was in this world too! No, it’s scary! Too high! I’m going to faaall!

When I sought help with tears in my eyes, Kou caught me in the air in his mouth. No, he indeed helped, but the fear I felt when he did that was so big I’d rather be thrown in the air by the villagers again.

I decided to watch the situation from Kou’s back for now.

“Kou, thank you for saving me.”

“Ehehe, you are welcome~

Kou was delighted by being patted. Kou’s nutrition has been also good recently, as his scales became completely slick with no roughness. The scales were so beautiful they would put rubies to shame.
Ah, Dirk seems to be frustrated. It can’t be helped though, right? I felt the danger and passed him the Magchelia. I gave you the custody of it because I trust you, so please look after it carefully.

The villager’s whose tension raised got a new sacrifice.

“Heyy! St, stop ittt.”

It was Sugar-san. My condolences, my condolences. I don’t have the intentions of letting myself be wasshoi-ed again.
While thinking whether to save her, Sole-san participated too. Is that so? Mirula-san and Binet-san were taking some distance so they wouldn’t get involved.
Kou threatened everyone who tried to approach me in order to get me, so no one tried anymore.



“It was Jouchan right, the one who saved Yggdrasil.”

An attractive middle-aged Elf of a friendly-looking stall spoke to me.

“Haa, well… I believe it was 90% Magchelia’s achievement though.”

“Don’t mind the small things! The village is full of magical power thanks to you, here’s my thanks, eat up!”

The Elven Ojisama has forced a large number of meat skewers onto me. They are goods for sale, aren’t they?

“The money…”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s my treat. Thanks.”

My hair was ruffled. Trying out a mouthful… I don’t know what meat it was, but it was juicy and tasty.

“Thank you very much. It’s very delicious.”

When I said my thanks to the Elven Ojisama, the people of the street stalls brought their products to me one after another.
I was told that returning gifts is bad after taking the skewers… I didn’t know. Elves do everything forcibly, don’t they! I imagined them to be more of the cool beauty type!

When I told that to Mirula-san, he told me that I wasn’t mostly mistaken, but the tension of the Elves apparently raises when it comes to those whom they treat as their relatives.

I gave most of the food to Dirk to eat, and stored anything except food to my bag.

By the way, there are three kinds of flowers that are a specialty of the Elven Village, also most toys here are made towards the boys. Things like bamboo(?) dragonflies, carriages and puppets…
Other specialties are balms, soaps, and perfumes. These apparently don’t appear much on markets outside the Elven villages.
I was flustered when we later found several expensive magic tools among the baggage.

“Festivals are fun, aren’t they?”

Kou who was mostly enjoying the festival was grinning from ear to ear. The meat skewers were tasty, so he’s in a good mood.

In front of me was the completely exhausted Sui, the teary-eyed Sugar-san who was scolding the kneeling Sole-san. He participated instead of helping after all… the other members were smiling wryly too. This seems to be relatively usual for them.
The exhausted Sui spoke to me.

“Sorry, Rosarin…”

“No, it couldn’t be helped.”

The happy Ojiisama came over. This person is in a really good mood.

“Rosarin-chan, are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yes. I have received everyone’s kindness and even their gifts.”

“Umu, umu. Everyone must be delighted. Today really is auspicious.”

“Ah, that reminds me, about this… something similar to an egg appeared on it, it’s not an illness, is it?”

I showed the flowerpot of Magchelia Dirk was holding to Ojiisama. I will be sad if Magchelia worked too hard and fell ill. Ojiisama opened his eyes wide.

“This is seriooous! Auspicious! This is joyous! Alcohoool! Festivaaal!”

“Old geezer, quit it already! … Ahh, congratulations, Rosarin. You have become a mother.”

Interrupting Ojiisama’s shouts, Sui took a look at the Magchelia and smiled pleasantly.

The Magchelia’s egg overflowed with a rainbow-colored light, and an adorable fairy came out of it.
Pitch black hair and red eyes. A female Fairy-san that wore a rainbow-colored, shining mini-skirt dress with a matching pair of shoes.

The girl stared fixedly at me and smiled cheerfully.









Rosarin 7 years old, even though I’m not married yet, I got a daughter.

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