Chapter 48

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Daughter, gratitude, and area boss.
The adorable Fairy-san hugged me. A red flower in her long straight, black hair. Magchelia was originally a red flower. It had an image of flames of purification if I had to say.

“Mama, to be able to talk with you, I’m happy.”


“Calm down. Gross.”

Sui (the wicked tongue) quickly chopped at my head, but she’s so cute!

“Err, why am I the mama?”

“You see, I’m a spirit born from Magchelia’s and Mama’s magical power. Therefore, I’m Magchelia’s and Mama’s child.”

“… Cheating, huh?”

“Fighting with a plant, huh.”

Nono, that’s definitely different! Sugar-san jabbed at Binet-san and Mirula-san faster than me. Thank you very much. Your sharp interjection was wonderful.

“Mama, please give me a name.”

I sent the spirits a glance. Everyone nodded.

“The spirit protection of Magchelia’s purification attribute is extremely rare, accept her.”

“We don’t know what you will do, so it would be better to secure more protection for yourself.”

“My number of friends will increase, huh.”

Everyone seems to be in approval. I smiled at the Fairy-san who was cutely smiling at me and spoke.

“Your name is Arisa. Let’s get along, okay?”

The Magchelia Spirit – Arisa, glittered in a rainbow-colored shine and embraced me while laughing joyfully. By the way, it’s a name I came up with after thinking of the gem which changes colors with light, Alexandrite.

“Mama, thank you! I’m happy about the cute name!”

“Get along well with your older brothers, okay?”

“Yeah, older brothers, please take care of me!”

Everyone had different reactions to being called older brother.

“Oh~ best regards.”

Haru’s was casual.

“I, an older brother?”

Kou was very delighted.

“W, well, it’s my duty as your senior to get along with you.”

Sui demonstrated a child-like(?) tsundere behavior..

All my spirits were stably adorable. However, I have come here only to apologize to the Elf Chief… how did it turn out like this?

It looks like it would be troublesome explaining the things when I return home.



“By the way, Rosarin-chan. You have saved this village and brought happiness to my grandchild, I don’t know how to express my gratitude. Is there something you wish for?”

“N~ nothing in particular. It is I, who should be thankful to Sui, and in the first place, I have come here to apologize to Ojiisama for the present I received on my third birthday that must have caused you a great burden. How could I ask for a reward after considering all that?”

“You have no greed…”

Ojiisama was astonished. No, I can’t really think of anything. The rarest item from here are the earrings I’m wearing. This is an item the heroine originally received after the Yggdrasil healing event.

“Fumu, how about my treasured spell then?”

A star gently glittered before me.

“It’s a magic of good fortune. It’s only for today, but you will obtain what you desire as you will have an incredible luck. Fumu, but it’s still not enough. Rosarin-chan, how about money? I have made a request to you after all.”

“I am, more or less, a Duke’s daughter, so I don’t have a need for payment.”


Shouted Mirula-san, Binet-san, and Sugar-san.
Ojiisama and Sole-san were staring blankly.

“Himesan, are you serious!?”


“By Duke’s, you mean?”

“You idiot! That’s a great noble who second only to the King! It wouldn’t be strange if all of us got executed for lèse majesté!”

Mirula-san shook Sole-san’s body in tears. I wouldn’t do that, so calm down, okay?

“Are you really saying the truth, Himesan?”

“… Want to visit my House?”

Binet-san shook his head at a high speed. You don’t like the idea that much? I wouldn’t mind if you come for a tea… although I feel that Martha serving them as guests wouldn’t be good.

“I am not here as the Duke’s daughter, but as adventurer Rosarin, so I won’t speak anything of disrespect.”


The members of the Free Wind were obviously relieved. Do they have some bad memories with nobility?

“Well, my future is relatively prosperous, so I have no need for coins or gems. May we come to play again?”

“Umu, you are very welcome to.”

“Fufu, I will be looking forward to it.”



“A disasteeeer!!”

A young elven man rushed up to us.

“That fellow, that fellow has awakened!!”

Ah, I saw this in the game. It’s the coercion event.

“Has it been attracted by Yggdrasil’s magical power…?”

“I will defeat it.”

“Rosarin-chan!? Don’t be unreasonable!”

“Dirk, let’s prepare. I have a plan. Don’t get hit by its attacks. I am sure you can do it.”

“Leave it to me.”

“The opponent is of an SS rank, so Beastify and go all out right from the start.”


As soon as I spoke, Dirk changed into the beast mode. While mofumofuing his hands, I conveyed him the plan.



Slipping through the barrier, Dirk purposely taunted the enemy. Dirk was objecting, but I lent him my earrings just in case.
The opponent is the area boss, “Great King Slug”.

It’s a nasty monster that looks like a snake with numerous human-like hands growing on its abdomen.
It’s poisonous and receiving even a single hit would be troublesome, so I have brought Mirula-san and Sugar-san who are able of defensive magic with me.

This monster is of an SS rank if I’m not mistaken… perhaps even SSS rank, but it has clear weak points.

“Arisa, Sui, it’s your turn.”



“”The Blessing of the Forest.””

Receiving the magic of Greenery Spirits, Magchelia rapidly grew once again and covered the slug, absorbing its body fluids. Moreover, because it even purifies its poison, Magchelia can be already considered this monster’s natural enemy.

No, although this Great King Slug looks like a snake, it is a slug in the end. Because of this fellow’s magic & physical attack annulment, it’s called an un-exterminatable monster. I don’t know how many players cried because of its savage cheats. I cried too.
Moreover, the series of battles happened after the heroine depleted her magical power by saving Yggdrasil. Truly savage.

I don’t know whether it’s a bad design, but there is a quest with event magic that lets plants grow rapidly. Using that to invalidate the effect of the mucus, the slug can be damaged and defeated. Any plant is usable for the growth.
I will gratefully accept the wisdom and sacrifice of my predecessors! By the way, when I found out about this: As if I could know this! I snapped. I threw the controller across the room. Do you know how many times I died challenging the event… I won’t forgive you!

Whether it was because of the explosion of my anger, the pseudo-snake slug reversed… Arisa, Sui, you did well.

“Here I go~!”

Signaling Rosalia and Dirk, I switched with Rosalia, and prepared the wind magic. Confirming that Dirk evacuated, the Warrior Maiden’s ring changed into a huge wind-attributed sword. Doubling its power by resonating it with my magic, the Great King Slug was cut in half. It was a neat bisection.

“Good work, Dirk.”

“Rosarin, are you not injured?”

Even though Dirk was in more danger than me, he was worried about me the most.

“I’m fine thanks to you. It was such a dangerous role, thank you.”


“……A, aha, ahaha…”

Mirula-san said with a great perplexion.
Sugar-san had a cramped smile on her face.

“Ah gee, seriously, Himesan, what are you!? What was that? What are we here for!?”

“You are my escorts, aren’t you?”

“You don’t need us though, do you!?”

“… Well, I could manage alone if everything went smoothly, but… I thought of having you prepared and the rest evacuated as insurance against the unexpected.”

“… Then, it’s fine… is it?”

Mirula-san said with a complicated expression. Your powers aren’t low by any means. Rather, you are the veterans.

“I will get the people from the village…”

Mirula-san unsteadily went towards the village.
No, somehow, the villagers and the rest of the Free Wind members were dumbfounded.

Ojiisama was like: Rosarin-chan’s festivaaal! but, I have had enough of festivals.
Taking only the head of the Great King Slug as the proof of subjugation, I left the rest to the village. I will make something amazing from this later, said the Magic Arms Shopkeeper-san. I have had enough of cheats as well.
And thus, we left the Elven Village.

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