Chapter 49

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Guild rank, special case, and request
With the teleportation magic stone, we arrived at the grassy plains next to the Capital right away. That’s because our guild cards have to be checked first at the gate to the Capital. The situation of Dirk’s position is also punctual, so he has to take proper procedures when going out.

Lining up and passing the checkpoint without a problem, I thought it was the time to say goodbye to the Free Wind members, but Binet-san spoke up.

“Himesan, come with us to the Guild.”

I had no reason to refuse and I also have the Great King Slug subjugation to report, so I acknowledged.



Now then, we have arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild. The receptionist was Shelly-san as usual. She’s a sexy dynamite as always.

“The Adventurer Party, Free Wind. We came to report the accomplishment of a request.”.

This would be normally the party leader’s responsibility, but Sole-san is like that, so this is apparently usually done by Binet-san.
Binet-san signed the acceptance of the reward. Again, the original client that was Arc should have confirmed, but I approved in his stead.

Binet-san then presented four sealed letters to Shelly-san.

“All members of Free Wind endorse adventurer Rosarin Rosenberg for preferential treatment. Letting her ability get buried would be too regrettable.”

“Oh my. I have accepted it.”

Shelly-san smiled in fascination and received the sealed letters.

“Eh? Preferential treatment?”

Preferential treatment means that in special circumstances, the guild rank of a young adventurer will be raised, allowing him/her to accept the same requests as adults.

However, the conditions are strict. On top of having the ability, they need to be recommended by at least five S-rank adventurers. There aren’t many S-ranks in the first place. The Free Wind is relatively straightforward, but there are many quarrelsome adventurers. People like that find writing official documents as troublesome.

“Rosarin-chan, how popular you are. Two recommendation documents from two SS-ranks and one S-rank have already arrived to us.”

“… That’s Arc, Martha, and Manya, no?”


Thinking about the purpose of meeting with high-ranked adventurers face-to-face, was it to receive their recommendation of preferential treatment?

“So, somehow, I’m sorry… for our Martha and Arc.”

“Miss Rosarin just showed such qualitites.”

“We were all in favor.”

“We might get overtook in no time.”

“Let’s go on an adventure again~”

Everyone addressed me with a smile. I think I will have to thank Martha and Arc later for introducing them to me.

“We’d like to meet the Guild Master. We have a special subjugation report. Miss Rosarin, I’m sorry but please keep us company until the end.”

“Yes? I understand.”



Then, in a separate room. Guild Master was an uncle who looked like a bear. Ah~ I think I saw him ten years later in the game.

“So, you had a special subjugation report?”

“We have subjugated the Adventurer Killer from the Elven Forest”

Adventurer Killer? What a dangerous-sounding name.

“Whaat! That monster which both magic and sword were ineffective against!?”

Nn? I heard about that somewhere before? A strong monster which is immune to both sword and magic?

“Miss Rosarin, the proof.”

That thing, huh. Great King Slug. That thing was called an Adventurer Killer?


Thud, I took out the slug’s pseudo-snake head. Guild Master-san closely inspected the monster.

“… The distinct characteristics are matching indeed. Moreover…”


Uge. He took a… magic stone? from its head. It was quite larger than that of the Incent Turtle.

“A magic stone this big. I have no doubts about its SS-rank. The special subjugation has been accepted. Was it the Free Wind alone who subjugated it?”

“No, it was mostly done by Miss Rosarin alone.”

“… Ha?”

“Miss Rosarin subjugated it mostly by herself.”

“Haaaaah!? Binet, is your brain working properly!? One would have his hands full from running away from the SS-rank, so how could this Missy defeat it by herself!!”

“Ah~ I had a trick for it.”


“That, I somehow managed to remove the mucus from its body.”

“Ahh, so that’s why you spoke of having that plant absorb its mucus with magic first?”

Mirula-san was greatly interested.

“Yes. It actually isn’t that strong of a monster without the mucus. It’s just troublesome.”

“Missy, have you fought an Adventurer Killer before?”

“No, it was just a future prediction of my Revelation. I challenged it many times without being able to win, and it just happened to work when I used a magic that was very unlikely to be effective out of desperation.”

I said with a distant look. I haven’t said a lie. Not the truth either though.

“Ah, the investigation of Yggdrasil in the Elven Forest has already been settled too, so please suspend the request. Miss Rosarin resolved it. Make sure to receive the reward later, alright?”


“I put up that request. I just gave it a try because nothing else was working though.”

Sugar-san smiled. Was there such a request? Guild Master-san, your expression is grim.

“Missy, who are you?”

“From a social status standpoint, I am a Duke’s daughter. Martha and Arc are servants of my House.”



Everyone stared at me, dumbfounded. Were you not aware? They are working normally, you know?

“Impossibleeee!! The Red Devil siblings working as servants!? Which influential Duke-sama is it!?”

“… My Father’s name is Rufus.”

“That fellow, huhh!! I can accept that!! That’s possible!”

Father, what have you done? It suddenly became possible once they got to know about you, you know? Your daughter is feeling uneasy though. Sugar-san quietly asked.

“To be able to hire Martha-san, what kind of person is your father?”

“He’s not afraid to argue with Holy Beast-sama, he’s a courageous man who can expressionlessly shove his hand into Holy Beast-sama’s mouth. By the way, Holy Beast-sama is a huge lion.”

“Ah~ that’s likely. That fellow would be able of doing something like that.”

Guild Master-san was nodding in consent. Others were having a cramp on their faces.
Judging from Guild Master-san’s words, Father was being Father since the old days.

“Now then, Adventurer Rosarin. Your guild rank is raised to A.”


It was my turn to stiffen this time.

“First, the Adventurer Killer was so dangerous we planned to increase its rank to SSS. Then, Sugar’s request was of the SS-rank. Adding these two together, reaching S-rank is imminent.”


From D to A in one leap! That’s shocking.
Receiving the preferential treatment, I have accomplished a brilliant achievement of becoming A-rank at seven years old.

Now then, the method of the special subjugation has been added to the intelligence fees. I had no thoughts of hiding it, so I disclosed it.

The money I have received… was a large sum I have never seen before. I could probably live my entire life playing around.

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