Chapter 136

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Great Tsunami
Just as I was thinking about what to do next, Cidar spoke to me.

“Are you really going to pay me guiding fees?”

“Would you like to be paid in advancement? I have no Wolfanea coins though, so it would be in things.”

“… For example?”

“Meat and vegetables.”


He was seriously bitting the bait. Why? When I asked Cidar, it was just as I heard, Wolfanea is in the midst of a food crisis that could seriously starve the people to death.
I was taken to the fields that belonged to Cidar’s family. It wouldn’t grow no matter how much fertilizer or water was used. It barely produced any vegetables.

“This is bad…”

The earth’s mana… magical power is definitely dried up. Even with the revival of Yggdrasil, the crops would be far from overcoming the food crisis. Are they going to starve first, or resolve this situation first… this is quite a tough situation.
Moreover, since the people of Wolfanea are fundamentally rough, they are often killing the crops themselves.

“Rosarin-chan, how about the veggies suggested by Ru-kunn? They will be able to grow well with the revival of Yggdrasil-sann.”

“… Huh?”

“You seem to be disagreeingg, but most Beastmenn are rough, so you probably don’t have to mindd.”

“Eeeeeeh… well, I did want a candidate.”

“Niichan, we have guests?”


“Niichan, I’m hungry.”

They are coming one after another… are they this fertile because they are rats? There were ten people altogether. How cute. They are Cidar’s siblings, huh.

“Cidar, if you get caught, the pipsqueaks are going to be left in the streets. Why don’t you let me hire you?”

“… To work for you?”


“Yeah. I want you to grow experimental crops once Yggdrasil is revived.”

“… Sure.”

“The contract is established then! First of all, the guiding fee.”

I retrieved meat and vegetables out of my bag. The meat is from ordinary Orc, but there’s a lot.

“… This much?”

“It’s enough for all of your siblings. It will be troubling if it gets stolen from you, so eat it at once.”

“… Thanks.”



“… What is that?”

Aldin-sama pointed at the sky. The skies were dark. The cloud… no, surely not!

I retrieved a circle of wisdom out of my bag and confirmed the dark object in the sky.

“… We were late! Everyone, to the castle!! Great Tsunami is coming!”

In Rin’s world, a tsunami is a destructive series of waves in a water body caused by the displacement of a large volume of water, generally in an ocean or a large lake.
In this world, however, it’s the phenomenon of a large number of monsters surging through. Moreover, because the available prey decreased with the magical power drying up, there was quite a large swarm coming at us. If handled poorly, it would spell the destruction of Wolfanea.

“Great Tsunami!?”

“Anyhow, let’s move to the castle first! We need to report the situation! Cidar too, take only what’s necessary and evacuate!”

We all ran to the castle.

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