Side Story 4.1

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Liberation Operation
“Why don’t you kill me? You understand, don’t you? I… I just want to die. I’m sick of it!! Even though I was summoned here without my consent, everyone treats me like a monster, uses me as a tool, and then forces me to help sacrifice innocent people. Why do I have to suffer like this?!”

“If Gramps saw you now, he’d be furious. You’re too soft. If it were the old you, you’d turn on the person who made you like this.”

Takuto coldly spat out these words to Kazuhito, who fell down on the ground in a cross shape. Kazuhito is not at fault. He was forced to help the Church. Kazuhito had no intention of doing so. It’s something he couldn’t do anything about.

“But… I don’t know why I learned Shishido-ryu anymore.”

Kazuhito murmured as he looked at his broken arms. He didn’t seek strength for this kind of thing. Kazuhito just wanted strength that wouldn’t lose to himself. But the result is being caught and being forced to work as a slave below others and being hated. It was all very unrewarding.

“Well, let’s make the Church pay before we die. Nobody will complain if we gang up on them over here. Ai is alive over here. I don’t know where she is… but let’s get together like we used to…”

“No wonder you’re so pissed off. Mai isn’t rewarded either for not giving up yet.”

Takuto chuckled bitterly. Mai was someone who was there for Takuto when he was depressed after his childhood friend died.

“By the way, I think we should help Mai too… Is she okay? They were pretty vulgar.”

Honda Mai. She was also one of Takuto’s childhood friends. The four friends, including Takuto, who was searching for their childhood friend, have known each other since they were little, but Takuto had become distant from them after the death of Ai because he was focused on his training.

She was a beautiful girl. A large chest and a well-defined waist. When she walked around the city, talent scouts from the entertainment industry often approached her. Takuto felt it was quite dangerous for her to be captured by the Church for various reasons.

“Ahahaha!! You probably think the same, but, you know, it’s pointless to worry. There’s no one here in this otherworldly place who would mess with us. That collar isn’t all-powerful. Plus, I heard she used fire magic to incinerate the genitals of the priest who attacked her until they turned to ash. She won’t let anyone do such things to her.”

The slave collar is far from perfect. It’s difficult to affect strong individuals from other worlds, and it can be broken. It won’t break unless something significant happens, but she is strong. Because she’s in love with Takuto and has a strong will, she seemed to despise being defiled by those lower than her to the point of staking her life on it. As a result, the pitiful priest who tried to assault her ended up changing his job to a eunuch, according to Kazuhito. Takuto, upon hearing this, involuntarily pressed his belongings and stepped back. His complexion is a bit pale.

Furthermore, engaging in se*ual acts with people from other worlds is close to taboo even within the Church. When you summon a thousand people from other worlds, there is a reasonable chance that cute girls will appear, but engaging in such acts requires close contact. In other words, it means being defenseless. In the past, they have received quite a bit of severe retaliation, so they stopped getting involved in that manner… and can only resort to violence to some extent.

The Church was concerned about them running rampant and breaking out, so there was no need to worry as long as they have the girls on a leash to an extent. Besides, they had plenty of women around, so there was no need to go through such an ordeal. In any case, there were only a few priests who tried to embrace the otherworlders, who would fight back, even if it was a little dangerous to them.

“Well, as long as she is okay… Rien, please heal Kazuhito.”

“Ri… Rien thought she was going to die… otherworlders are scary. Are you all from some warrior tribe?! I wish you wouldn’t rampage around with your partner in your bosom!”

Rien, who emerged from Takuto’s chest, looked exhausted. She could also use healing magic. And with her healing magic, Kazuhito’s arms were quickly healed.

“Alright, shall we do this?”

“Yeah. Let’s teach those who think they can do whatever they want a lesson about reality. We’ll figure out the compensation later.”

On that day, Takuto disappeared from the town of Miinya. His shadow also eluded pursuers, and the whereabouts of Takuto and Kazuhito were unknown.

One month later.



Takuto and Kazuhito were back in the Imperial Capital. They were launching an attack on one of the strongholds of the Church Knights.

Kazuhito boldly entered through the gate, making a bloodbath of the Church Knights who came to intercept him.

He was punching them without any weapons, but he had applied hardening magic to his fists, so he didn’t feel much pain. Occasionally, he grabbed the legs of Knights and used them as improvised blunt weapons. Truly inhuman… not the way heroes are supposed to fight. He even used the Chuch Knights who were hostile to him as weapons. Calling this man a Hero would make Heroes seem like villains in the world.

“Damn you!! I’ll make you pay for all the times you used me as you pleased!!”

“You!! How dare you turn your fangs against us, who serve the Lord!”

Kazuhito has witnessed the rotten side of the Church first-hand. That’s why he harbored nothing but hatred for them. Moreover, both Kazuhito and Takuto were from Japan, a country on Earth known for its religious freedom. They didn’t follow the lifestyle of loyalty to a single religion in Japan, where Buddhism, Shintoism, and Christianity were all over the place.

So the Church Knights’ anger didn’t reach him. To Kazuhito, these Knights were a kind of fanatics they didn’t want to be associated with.

“Damned fool, these guy’s insane. Call in the monsters. Hurry up and put the collar on him!!”

Several Church Knights retreated from the battlefield in front of the stronghold and then returned with several otherworlders, but…

“That’s a bad move.”

The man who had returned with the otherworlders was split in half vertically, and the collars of the five otherworlders with combat abilities were cut apart without injuring their necks. Takuto had been waiting in hiding for this opportunity. Among the liberated people from another world was Honda Mai. She was wearing a robe and holding a sacred silver staff, but she couldn’t react to Takuto’s speed. The same was true for the rest of otherworlders, and when they realized that the collars lying on the ground were their own, they went mad with joy and charged towards the Church Knights without any hesitation. It seemed that they held a deep grudge from their time as slaves.

Truly, when there were seven people from another world with high combat abilities, including Takuto, Kazuhito, and Mai, the Church Knights, who should have had a thousand members, immediately had some of them running away. The collars that had bound them were gone, and the Church Knights, who were former adventurers, sensed from years of experience that they couldn’t defeat Takuto and his group.

Adventurers choose their lives over the country or doctrine. Next came the money, so their commitment to the doctrine was low. Therefore, after Mai and the others were liberated, the number of Church Knights had decreased to around six hundred.

“Takuto… No, for now, we need to escape from here. Let’s get out of here quickly.”

Mai wanted to express her joy at reuniting with Takuto, but they were in the midst of battle, so she focused on clearing out the Church Knights first. She could only use fire magic, but her firepower was enough to turn this stronghold into ashes with ease. She unleashed her true power, and a tsunami of flames swept through the stronghold, along with Kazuhito.

When the flames subsided, there were only a few people left standing. Nine of them were commanders of this place, equipped with barrier magic tools or able to endure with their own magic.

And the rest…

“Are you planning to kill me?!”

It was Kazuhito, who was emitting smoke as he spoke. He had judged that there was no way to avoid it, so he immediately covered his face and released his fighting spirit, literally enduring it. It seemed that he had transcended the boundaries of humanity since coming to this world. Not only the surviving Church Knights but also the otherworlders whom they had rescued and Takuto were all open-mouthed in astonishment.

“Sorry. I totally forgot you were here. Well, it’s you, Kazuhito, so you should be fine. You are indeed fine.”

Mai, who wanted to celebrate her reunion with Takuto as soon as possible, had forgotten the presence of her ally and was about to engage in the reckless act of burning everything together. A love struck maiden can be an unstoppable force.

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