Idle Talk 7.2

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Idle talk – Diary of a Maid’s Observation of Her Master (3)
Not good. She’s so used to gold coins that she has lost sense for money. When I showed her a small copper coin as a test, she tilted her head. She had never seen one before. It seems she knows it exists, but she didn’t immediately recognize it as money.
By the way, the currency is the same on this continent. The money is issued by the Kingdom of Kerngul, which is a country with unusually strict laws. In other words, it is a country that can be trusted.
In the old days, money was made in many countries, but the values of the currency differed too much between countries, so the country, which had the strictest laws at the time, has been selected. That country has never attacked another country since its establishment, so it was assumed to be safe.
There are six types of currency: copper, silver, gold, and platinum coins, with copper and silver coins having two types, small and medium coins, for a total of six types of currency.
The apple I used as an example just now, can be bought with two small copper coins. Princess said some nonsense how one small copper coin should be around 100 yen, which makes no sense me, but I guess she was taking the knowledge from her previous life and applying it here.
10 small copper coins is 1 copper coin. 10 copper coins is 1 small silver coin. There is only one kind of gold and platinum coins.

“I didn’t know. So I was rich.”

“Now you understand how much of a spendthrift you are. You should try to be a little more restrained.”

“The basis of the economy is consumption, so I don’t care as long as it’s my money.”

Oh no. Even if she understood, she doesn’t reflect on it. In Princess’s sense, money can be earned again, so there is no need to accumulate it. She is an enviable person, but in fact, she can generate money as much as she wants, so she doesn’t think it’s important. Besides, Princess spends most of her money on materials. In fact, materials→grimoires→snacks, and that’s about it. She also gets a few snacks for free when she goes out to the town, so as long as she doesn’t buy any materials, she doesn’t spend much money. She also doesn’t buy many grimoires these days because she can find them at the library.

“I’ll make sure I teach Princess the importance of this matter.”

“The teachers must have forgotten that she is a child. It’s the adverse effect of being too smart. Teach her the basics of common sense all over again.”


On the way back to the castle, when the sun was about to set, His Majesty started talking to Princess.

“By the way, could you decrease the security level in that room.”

“Impartially reward merit and punish offenses, that’s the foundation of government.”

Princess’s former room is now a complete witch hole because it was searched without her permission while she was away. And since she hasn’t done anything to it since her return, it seems that the security level stayed on nightmare. The nightmare magic that Princess used is a kind of curse-like magic that directly traumatizes the mind, so no matter how hard they train, it’s impossible to search through. And now, even the suspicious people are actively avoiding it. There are two guards stationed at the entrance, but there seem to be occasional noises inside, which is very eerie.

“I beg you. I’m getting complaints from the Knights guarding it.”

It seems that the magic tools inside are not sealed, and the only magic in the room is a recognition blocking magic that prevents people from touching them when they enter the room. Princess told us not to worry about the noise because it was caused by the seldom movement of magic tools that still had magic power, but it must be frightening for the Knights guarding the room at night.
It seems that some of the Knights were quite traumatized, and they got down on their knees and asked for Princess’s forgiveness as soon as they returned home. Princess only told them not to go in anymore, but did not lift the security.

“Those things can be taken out only when the time is ripe. Also… it’s a secret!!”

She is blushing a little, isn’t she? It seems that there are some embarrassing items in there. I would love to get that blissful embarrassing item, but Princess said it’s impossible even for me to enter, so I guess that’s that. I don’t want to go in there carelessly and get caught in a lethal trap like a certain Count, so I’ll wait for Princess to let me in sooner or later.


“Found you!!”

“Get him!!”

“Making us look for you all over the town!! Get back to your office, the Prime Minister is waiting for you!!”

When we approached the castle, we got surrounded by Knights. And in their hands, they were holding squishy chains made by Princess.

“I am the King, aren’t I? You guys are too disrespectful!”

His Majesty seemed to be upset by the attitude of the Knights. Their attitude is certainly not one of a subject. But since they judged His Majesty fled without following proper procedures, they seemed to be very angry.

“Princess, we must take His Majesty to his office. It’s going to get a bit rough here, so please go back first.”


A few of the guards escorted Princess away, while the rest surrounded His Majesty. All of them had restraints prepared for His Majesty, and since it was obvious that His Majesty was in the wrong, he was bound and dragged away without being able to put up any kind of resistance. Princess and I had no choice but to get on our way.

“Welcome home, my dear Alice?”

“Emergency tele—!!”

When we returned to the castle, Her Majesty the Queen, clad in high spirits, was waiting for us with her arms crossed. Princess tried to run away as she had done before, but she failed and was caught. And the moment she was caught, a very rustic-looking magic tool was attached to her wrist. It was probably a magic tool to disable the use of magic. She prepared something so rustic that even criminals wouldn’t use against Princess.

“I don’t have any more work today, so let me hear about your day, okay?”

“Nod, nod.”

She held her by the neck like a cat and disappeared into the castle. I also have to hold a meeting with the Secret Service about today’s matter. I have to think of countermeasures to cope with the sudden disappearance of Princess.
Today, she will probably bathe with the Queen and sleep in her room, so I should do the rest of my work in the time I have left.
I could hear His Majesty’s shouting from afar, “You people are too disrespectful~!!”

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