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Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Idle talk – Diary of a Maid’s Observation of Her Master (3)
I want to kill this mutt so bad. Hi there, it’s your maid-guard, Alicia.
Something is wrong. Every time I catch Princess, I end up with a mutt in my arms. For some reason, they keep switching places. Is it possible that it’s some kind of illusionary magic? Have I already fallen for her trick and mistake the dog for the princess?
Or is it a short-range teleport? It is possible that the moment she gets caught, she switches her place with the bad dog? In fact, I can easily find Princess standing not too far away.
However, why is she running away… I guess she doesn’t want to get scolded, which means she understands that going AWOL is wrong. And it seems that because His Majesty was teleporting with her, she was running away without a care in the world.

“Princess, please be obedient. Do you hate me that much?”

“You have been too angry recently.”

“That’s right, that’s right.”

Ignoring the fact that His Majesty was becoming a child at this point, the reason I’ve been so angry lately is that her pranks were getting worse. She ignored the inconvenience for other people, and went too far by having His Majesty agree with her to build underground facilities and secretly installing a Magic furnace in the castle.
Moreover, she said that the reason why she built it underground was because it was cool. She immediately corrected herself and said that underground was less conspicuous and that she wanted to make it easier to guard the castle by limiting the entry routes, but I think she really meant what she said at first.

“I am not angry. With Ηis Majesty here, I didn’t have to worry about your safety, but I would have liked you to talk to me about this first.”

Since His Majesty is a Hero, it would be easy for him to fight off the spies while protecting Princess. It would be nearly impossible for even the strongest men to defeat His Majesty with the assistance of our Princess. However, Princess is a girl. His Majesty, who is a man, cannot cover for her alone in certain situations, so I want her to take me with her.


“I wouldn’t lie.”

“Why don’t you come with us then?”

When I made it clear that I would not get angry, she easily allowed me to accompany them. Apparently, the truth of the matter is that His Majesty was worried about Princess, who rarely leaves the castle, and took her out to town.
Our Princess has a bad habit of staying, blockading herself indoors. It is not that she is a recluse, but that she is too busy… she puts all her passion into her research, so when she has free time, she is often drawing up blueprints. So, according to His Majesty, he’d rather she took a stroll in the sunshine.

“Your Majesty… I wish you would have informed me first. The Knights at the castle were very angry at you.”

“I don’t care!! If I tell them, they’ll just dismiss it and make me work anyway. I can’t stand being treated like I’m slacking off when all that fool Volken does is bring more work to do.”

It’s true that the Prime Minister loves to work, so it can’t be helped.

“So, how do you keep on switching places, Princess?”

“Emergency Evasion Type 1. It makes use of a short-range teleportation to swap the location of objects in view. Thanks to the successful construction of an efficient formula, most of the incantation can be discarded. The only drawback of this new spell is that it has an area of effect of about 50 meters.”


It would certainly be impossible to catch Princess if she used such magic at high speed. That must be why the spoiled dog always ended up in my arms. She was the one who I caught, but the moment I caught her, she switched places with the dog and ran away. And since it consumes a reasonable amount of magic power, it can apparently be also used for fast travel.
As one would expect, with the vacation time off and no more stress from school and no more need to hide, Princess started to create more and more magic. She can already use some advanced magic, and she was working on some new advanced magic spells as well.
Well, let’s not get into details. His Majesty will be locked up in his office after he returns, and he will be forced to work again. The Secret Service is already aware of us, and they are guarding us, passing by us from time to time on the road. We shall let Princess do as she pleases today.

“Nm~ Coote, turn into large-sized dog.”


With a puff of smoke, the dog transformed from a small dog to a large dog that could carry Princess. She climbed on top of the dog’s back.

“Easy life.”

It seems that she was a little tired. But a little while ago, this would have been my turn to shine… I won’t forgive the mutt.
After that, we strolled around the Royal Capital without any particular purpose. There was no purpose to begin with. As expected, even His Majesty wouldn’t take Princess to a bar with him, so they were happily exploring the city together.

“Come to think of it, I don’t know how the money is called.”

“You weren’t taught!?”

Princess muttered as she looked at the stores on the street. His Majesty was flustered because he didn’t think she wouldn’t know. By the way, I’m startled as well.
Come to think of it… I didn’t tell her. I forgot to teach her because she doesn’t get the chance to actually touch money very often, or rather, I had a sense that she would know even if I didn’t teach her. If I recall, I didn’t even tell her the name of the currency, aside that we use silver and gold coins.
That means… she must have a devastating sense of economics… no… she probably does not have the personality to care about the value of money. She definitely doesn’t care about it. She doesn’t understand the importance of money because she can afford anything she wants to buy.

“What is the meaning of this, Alicia.”

“It seems that I have forgotten to teach her. She knows there’s a difference between silver and gold coins, but seeing her like this, I don’t even know if she has a proper sense of economics.”

“How rude.”

Princess got angry.

“Well then, Your Highness. Here, I have 1 gold coin… which is one million Riel. How many apples can I buy at the fruit shop with it?”

“Mm~ 100.”

“Too expensive!!”

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