Chapter 52.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Going Back to the Academy
Two months passed by fast. Normally it should be a long summer vacation, but study abroad is not uncommon in this world. So, it’s usually not long enough because of the travel. It’s not unusual for students to spend more than a month traveling back and forth.
I also spend a lot of my free time underground, and now I have a magnificent underground base. The goal is to put concrete on top of the soil walls like an undersea tunnel.
Actually, it’s not necessary, because earth magic I make is as strong as steel. But we can make it even stronger by putting reinforced concrete on top of it, and walls made of soil are too dusty anyway.
I guess all that’s left is the interior and a building dock. I can’t build a large ship without making a crane or something that runs on magic power. I also need to build golems for work. In the past two months, I’ve done a lot of good work. I created an armed golem with four miniguns attached to each arm and chest, and it was not dangerous, so I put it in my storage.
In the end, I did not sell the blueprints for the miniguns. We are going to treat it as a secret weapon of the royal family. We certainly can’t go public with it too soon. But I hear rumors are circulating that we have created an incredible weapon. The objective rifles were inconspicuous, so they went unnoticed. Compared to the dragons living nearby, they are small. People all seem to react to the sound the rifles make, but they didn’t know what kind of tool they were.

“You are leaving already… come back often, okay?”

“I will return once in a while. I marked my room, so as long as the magic sphere stays there, I can come back at any time.”

Conversely, if the magic sphere is not installed, I cannot come back. Damn, I should have installed another magic furnace. What we have now does not have that much surplus magic power thanks to the various installations we have made our the castle. And since I installed the one that was for research, I have to rebuild the one I have for research.
Well, that’s okay. The materials are still there anyway. Let’s hope for the future.

“We have a system in place to deal with the identity issue, so no matter how or when it is discovered… we don’t have to worry…”

Alicia was looking a bit tired these days. She already had the eyes of a dead fish. That’s why her hair is always so terrible. Please get your hair in good condition. If you don’t, you’ll lose to Mr. Coote, that fluffy fella.

“Alicia… you make it sound as if I’m not trying to hide it.”

“Frankly, it’s only a matter of time before they find out. You will be discovered anyway when you get involved in something troublesome, or you go on a suicide mission, and I’m tired of thinking about it already. Therefore, the SS has decided that it would be better to have a security system in place to protect you no matter when you get found out, Princess.”

This lack of trust… hmm, well, it can’t be helped. Secrets are bound to come out sooner or later. It’s very hard to keep my identity a secret.
Well, the magic furnace installed in the castle is hidden underground, and outwardly, I processed the magic spheres that were in the castle to use as a power source, so no one would have thought that I had managed to restore a magic furnace in this time period. It was accepted without hesitation.

“And here. The blueprints for magic tools that emit cold winds and warm winds. I have made it as easy as possible to manufacture them, so I think you should be able to reproduce them. I have also made a wind generator, a dust remover, and a shock absorber that can be placed between the carriage and the wheels, so please handle them as usual.”

I handed over a thick folder of documents to Father. He had a complicated look on his face… Ahh, did he finally finish his work by any chance? This is nothing urgent, so he can take a proper rest first… Prime Minister… please let him rest, you don’t have to look like a dog that just got fed…
In case you are wondering, I gave him the blueprints for a heater, air conditioner, fan, and vacuum cleaner. I have simplified them as much as possible so that they can be made with this country’s technology. Also, the unmodified parts of the carriages caused them to be too uncomfortable to ride in, so I made them the shock absorbers as a compromise. This will make a big difference in riding comfort.

“I have to… work again… this is helpful, but… helpful it is, but… someone, help… no one’s here.”

When my Father turned around, none of the chiefs were present. No, there was one person. As I recall, it was the assistant to the Prime Minister, who was struggling after being grabbed by the Prime Minister by the scruff of his neck. He was the only one that the Prime Minister did not allow to leave. I don’t know his name, by the way, because I have never talked to him before.
“I also have a present for you, Father, so cheer up.”

I felt sorry for him, so I made him a small gift to cheer him up. It is a pocket watch. A purely mechanical watch that doesn’t use magic. If you turn the screw once a day, it will work until the next day. And since he told me he wanted a clock tower before, I made him a large magic clock. This can be considered the release of something I had in storage for a long time.


“I have never seen anything like this. I don’t feel any magic power from this, though?”

“It doesn’t run on magic power.”

I am not a pocket watch maker, so it was surprisingly difficult. It would have been impossible if I had made it with my bare hands. The factory magic made it possible for me to make this product by generating and assembling all the parts at once. To be honest, I am not very dexterous, so I basically don’t do any processing using my hands. I’m not very good at embroidery either, as my prototypes were called avant-garde.

“Nothing surprises me anymore. I just have to turn this screw once a day, right? This is convenient. Moreover, I can see the time in great detail.”

Well, it even has a second hand.
The factory is really convenient. It is semi-automatic from the parts making stage to the assembly stage. I can make almost anything as long as I have a clear image of what I want to do. Thanks to this magic, the production speed has improved considerably.
But there is a drawback. Because of its versatility, this magic can’t produce magic tools yet. Because in a sense, it is an all-purpose factory.
And besides myself, I also taught Alicia and Mother how to use it, but they can only use it in a limited way. At best, they can create ornaments that don’t require any moving parts. According to Mother, she has difficulties creating a detailed image in her head.
Well, it can’t be helped. The world on the other side demanded precision in the millimeters, and even less, so it was quite amazing in a sense. If I had the materials, I could produce a computer, but the materials are too expensive, and there are several that don’t even exist in this world. Not everything is the same as over there.

“It’s about time for us to leave. Letters… are troublesome, and I will visit now and then anyway.”

“It has always been a dream of mine to get letters from my daughter.”

“In the future, I will be living in my territory, so I will be sending you letters then.”

So troublesome… hah!! This bookwormy different world… no, I do read books normally, so I have not lost connection with printed text. However, I might stop writing if it keeps being this troublesome. Which would obviously be a mistake. I’m not a good writer yet.

“Can’t be helped, I will write you regularly.”

When I said this to Father who was complaining to me, he smiled. He really is a childish person, isn’t he? He is already quite old, but he is still far away from “growing up”. Is he youthful? He has not lost his childishness yet? That’s how I feel about him. His dignity is already gone in my opinion. Is this fine?

“I will be waiting!! Well then, I have received a wonderful present from my daughter, so I’m ready to do my job well. You guys better stop running away and help me out!!”

When he spoke to those who were trying to escape, they suddenly stopped and hung their heads down. It seems that not only were they unable to escape, but they were expecting to get caught.

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