Chapter 52.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Going Back to the Academy
“Father, do you have nothing to say to me?”

“You are doing good, Gil. You don’t cause as much trouble as Alicetia, and I’ve heard that you are adjusting well to the school. Keep up the good work.”

So cold. Isn’t there a difference in temperature? Is it because they are both men? Well, since Big brother is nodding his head normally, there should be no problem. Moreover, I got dissed again……… a troublemaker, huh.
Well, we moved onto the magic circle drawn in the garden. This was a disposable magic circle, made by crushing a magic sphere into powder. Pouring a fixed amount of magic power into it will allow us to move to the magic circle on the opposite side. This one is quite far away, so only I or my Mother will be able to activate it.


“What is it?”


I had a bad feeling for a moment there. It was a stinging feeling, like being pricked by a needle. I checked what I was taking with me to see if I have forgotten something, but there didn’t seem anything in particular that I have forgotten. It must have been my imagination.
—Your intuition is correct, though.—


“Are you okay?”

“Eh? Yeah…”

Hmm~ Something is out of tune. I don’t have the usual “beeping” feeling.
Maybe I’m just a little tired… I haven’t rested much, so let’s go to bed early when we get back to the dorm. Let’s take a break from research for a while.
Thus, I channeled magic power into the teleportation magic circle, and we transferred over, near the Royal capital.



Draconia’s Point of View
“How could she leave so much behind?”

I was checking the magical tools and blueprints that Alicetia left behind with my chief advisors. Since they were made by Alicetia, they were probably safe… however, they often have some kind of gimmick attached to them. She said it was just for fun.

“Your Majesty, I still think it’s impossible to keep her identity hidden.”

“It is possible that some of our nobles have already turned to the Empire or the Imperial State’s side. We do not know where the leak might be coming from.”


“I still think it’s too dangerous to let her stay in another country.”

The ministers were originally opposed to Alicetia’s study abroad.
They are trustworthy. But Sylvia and I dared to send her away. She is naive. She seems to be aware of it, but I want her to grow up strong so that she won’t be hurt by that naivety. There is no need for her to go into battle. It’s enough if she has the strength to follow her heart.
As a former adventurer, I can understand that. It’s hard to be away from your family, even for a moment. I already have no other relatives. They are all dead. But she has us. I don’t know how long will she be able to come back to this environment. She should gain experience while she can.

“I’ll do what I can. However, if Alicetia is unable to protect herself in the event that she is discovered, she will return to the castle, but I think she will be fine. Alicetia is capable of defending herself well. She’s stronger than a good operative.”


They must be worried too. The royalty of Arland is small. And Arland remains a multiethnic nation because the Royal family has formed a pact of alliance with many races. Of course, if the Royal family dies out, the pact will disappear. There would be no way for each race to survive in the event of a division. In other words, the end of the Royal bloodline is a matter of national survival.

“Alicetia will learn what she lacks in that country. We just have to watch over her as long as we can.”

I am sure she will get it. It is a hard choice to send her so young away from home, but the level of education in our country will not allow her to grow up. Because she is already too much to handle even for the most culturally advanced countries already…
It would take a frightening amount of information to educate a child who can memorize almost everything she sees and hears in one session (she won’t memorize anything she doesn’t want to memorize at all).
I am very much looking forward to seeing how far she will grow. If she doesn’t make any mistakes, she will become a person who will have a great impact on this world.

“… Understood. Then we will look into the traitors as soon as possible.”

“Do that. It would be troublesome if they stabbed us from the back at the critical moment.”

Internal corruption is difficult to remove. But if we don’t get rid of it and continue to be as flexible as possible in bringing in new things, the country will only taper off. We should get rid of them and give the vacant seats to capable people.


“No, we cannot live peacefully without this country. We are tired of fighting, but as long as the princess grows up safely, the Kingdom will find peace as well. His Highness and the Princess will surely create a future for our country. Until then, we will protect this country.”

The ministers left the conference room.
Now, what to do with the large amount of magic tools that remained? This time, they were mostly commodities. Should we have the castle workshop mass-produce them and put them out in the open? They are not particularly dangerous, nor are they classified. They are just magic tools that make life easier.
You can live without them, but if you have them, your life will be more comfortable. A daughter who can create magic tools so freely, and a son who has inherited political skills and the right aspirations. The future of this country will surely be bright. I was deeply moved as I looked up at the ceiling.
After a while, I heard a commotion outside the room. Someone seemed to be running over in a hurry.

“Forgive my intrusion. The Empire is amassing troops along the border!!”

Good grief, can’t they take things slowly for once?

“Gather the soldiers. It will probably be another skirmish, but we can’t be too careful.”

This has been happening a lot lately. In wars, negligence will bring serious damage, so we have to be on our guard and smash them thoroughly.
Chandale, the Royal capital of the Arland Kingdom, is located closer to the Empire. This is the center of the country, but it’s not the center of our territory. Originally, the Capital was in the center of the country, but since more territory was liberated of monsters in the long history of the kingdom, the city has spread near the monster forest. Therefore, if we hurry, it won’t take long to join the resident army on the border. Let’s kick their as*es this time, too.

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