Chapter 74.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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National Defense Council (1)
A week has passed since the Founding Festival. The festival lasted for three days and three nights, but the nobles and the Royal family only celebrated on the first day. The remaining two days were for the citizens to celebrate voluntarily, or rather, they seemed to be trying to extend the unlimited drinking day by even one more day.

Originally, it was supposed to end in one day, but because they didn’t drink enough, they were gradually extending the festival, shouting, “Don’t let the festival end‼” According to Father, there’s talk that in ten years, the festival might last for a whole week.

For me, the engineers, and Mr. Grantz, this past week was a break. The engineers, in particular, seemed to spend their time alternating between sleeping and drinking. I wonder how much they like alcohol.

“Princess, are you finally participating in the National Defense Council? I’m jealous.”

“I’m a year ahead of my Big brother, but it’s a bit nerve-wracking.”

I received a single letter. In it, it stated the approval for my participation in the National Defense Council.

The National Defense Council holds more authority than the Noble Council. Even for members of the Royal family, participation is not permitted without the consent of several members of the council.

In the past, there were times when a sitting King was not acknowledged, resulting in a period without a reigning monarch. The King at that time was said to be deeply embarrassed and was only acknowledged after three years of effort in this prestigious council.

To attend this council, one must first be of noble status and have the consent of the members. In other words, only those whose abilities have been recognized by influential figures can participate. While the members are not kept secret, they don’t publicly announce their membership. This is because some nobles might offer bribes or even resort to holding family members or subordinates hostage to secure participation.

Even the lowest-ranked nobles like knights can participate if they are of noble status and have their abilities recognized. However, Alicia does not have the eligibility to participate, so she cannot accompany me. They are quite strict about not allowing her entry into the venue.

“Anyone who becomes a noble thinks about it at least once. I, too, wanted to become a noble called to the National Defense Council. Indeed, Princess, you have become an indispensable talent for the country in name and reality.”

“I’m not aware at all. Did I really do something that significant? By the way, are the maids still down?”

They were looking forward to the Founding Festival, but two out of three caught a cold and didn’t show up. It seems they stayed up late chatting in thin clothing, too excited. Feeling sorry for them, I sent them some souvenirs.

“Well, I think they’re fine now. It’s unthinkable for anyone becoming a maid for the princess to catch a cold. Since becoming your maid, Princess, I’ve never fallen ill even once.”

A proud Alicia puffed her chest. It’s true there haven’t been any illnesses, but is it alright that she often looks exhausted to the point of seeming like she’s about to die when she’s tired or feeling down?

Having said that, here I am at the venue now!!


“Princess, this is a recreation of a sweet potato from another world. Could I ask for your evaluation?”

“No, no. I’ve successfully hired a pastry chef from another world. The cheesecake made with the specialty cheese from my territory is exquisite.”

“You‼ If you hire someone like that, the confectionery industry in my territory will fall behind yours‼”

“They just happened to be sent to my territory to be protected. Hahaha‼”

The venue has five layers of round tables, and the closer to the center, the higher the right to speak during the meeting. However, for some reason, when I entered the venue, I was shuffled around and placed in the center.

And then, a mysterious boasting about sweets began? For some reason, they all come to me for a taste test. Everyone was friendly, and not a single person, despite me being a junior, showed any signs of impudence. It genuinely feels like they are pleased that I was here.

“Um… why… me? I like sweets, but…”

“If we can get the Princess’s approval, it’s as good as winning in sales in the Capital city! We won’t force you. But please, give us your evaluation.”

When I asked Big brother for an explanation, he said that all the stores I frequent are booming. Especially the ones with many of my recommended stamps are considered high status.

Certainly, I sometimes give out recommended stamps. There’s one with a stylized picture of my face that Alicia spent a week carving herself. But I haven’t issued it much.

“If a store has talent, you will acknowledge it, even if it doesn’t sell well due to location or other conditions. Although limited only to the Capital city, you have a high economic impact. In fact, if you like it, you don’t just order it; you personally visit the store. Now people call it the ‘Silver Moon Miracle.'”

Silver Moon is a café located slightly off the main street. The owner is a Beastman, but due to the lack of initial funds, they couldn’t set up on the main street. When I (Alicia was there as well) stumbled upon the place, I pressed the recommended stamp because the cakes were so delicious. It’s still the only store that has over ten recommended stamps. Since I give stamps for each dessert or tea, there are also stores that have multiple stamps.

“Does it really get that crowded? Whenever I go, the space in the back is always available.”

“That seat is reserved exclusively for you now. Even nobles can’t use it. Because of that, Silver Moon’s sales surpassed 300% compared to the previous year, and many artisans want your approval.”

I give out stamps for clothing and accessories too, but I didn’t expect it to become like this… Quite impressive. Maybe I should be a bit more restrained?

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