Chapter 54.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Reincarnated Princess Never Stops
“Please validate the new equipment I made as soon as possible.”

“Well, if it’s my Little sister’s request, then I guess I have no choice. Should I go hunting a dragon with this?”

Hey!! It’s not anti-dragon class equipment, you know?
Basically, dragons are resistant to fire most of the time, so this would just piss them off, I think.
Also, while I was bringing it here, I refurbished the external parts with new materials, so it should be even easier to use than before. It were the materials I use for the magic life form I was creating.

“To use it, slide this knob to turn it into a sword, or to the lowest setting to make a small fire. Also, if you chant ‘Activate,’ it converts into a magic bracelet mode.”

When I showed him how to use it, he chanted “Activate” without hesitation. Then the lighter melted and turned into a bracelet. Since the liquification of the magic sphere has already been completed, shape change is no trouble.

“This is great… however, that’s not all, is it?”

“Naturally. This is something I made for fun for you, Big brother. If you chant ‘Shoot’… it’s too strong!!”
Big brother chanted “Shoot” without hesitation and with great vigor. Then, a large ball of fire appeared.
As one would expect from Big brother, he was seemingly in a hurry and immediately raised his arm to the sky, and the great fireball flew away into the sky.
This was also a magic tool that allowed you to shoot fireballs even if you cannot use emission magic. As a result of a certain mixture of materials, it has unlimited power, but it also takes away an unlimited amount of magic power from the user, so you need to be careful how you use it.

“So this is what it feels like to use magic… it’s intense. I don’t have that much magic power to begin with, but most of it got exhausted.”

“There’s a pearl of magic absorption in it, so if you chant too powerfully, it will take all your magic power at once.”

“The hell is that?”

Big brother stared in wonder. It’s certainly not a known material… or rather, it’s a byproduct of making high-density magic crystals in a daring manner.
When a certain process is done to a magic sphere, the property of generating magic power disappears, it becomes easier to handle, and it becomes a magic crystal with the property of accumulating magic power. I further condensed it to create the absorption pearl. Basically, only about 1 gram can be refined per 100 kilograms of magic crystals, but it is a product that can store a tremendous amount of magic power.
Of course, there is a drawback. It’s property of storing magic power is too strong, and if it does not amass a certain amount of magic power, it will drain the user’s magic power as well.
Therefore, I have limited the output of the fireball by allowing the user to choose the power of the fireball when it is activated via a chant, but if the chanting is too vigorous, the power will increase, but it will also eat up a lot of the user’s magic power.
Also, the magic power required to activate the magic is increased by 1.3 times. It enables emission magic for people who cannot it… although I say that, in the case of this lighter, it can only manipulate fire, change its shape and temperature.

“Interesting. Surely, with this, I could use as much magic as I wanted as long as I accumulated enough magic power.”


Well, that is what magic crystal is used for, it is basically an external source of magic power. If you run out of magic power, you can supply it via a magic crystal. But it’s still inefficient, so only about 40% of the magic crystal stone’s supply can be recovered.

“It has many uses, since it can change its shape by diverting my magic life form materials. If you don’t change the shape, the absorption pearl will stay sealed, so there will be no problem. I’ll fill it with magic power until it reaches the safe zone later.”

“How much magic power can it accumulate?”

“Hm~ About 300 times my total magic power.”

I have created something that stores a lot of magic power. In the future, it will be used to power airships instead of batteries. It will be very useful, though it will start robbing magic power of its surroundings if it doesn’t have at least one-tenth of the magic power. This, however, solves the problem of powering the airships. If we place a large magic sphere nearby, it will suck magic power from the sphere on its own, so it can be used as a separate engine from the Magic furnace… and there is no danger of it exploding.

“It can accumulate a horrifying amount of magic power then… don’t submit it to the academy.”


I used Quick Draw to take out another lighter I made. It looked like it’s just been reduced in size, but this one was a regular lighter.

“Young lady? I heard some disturbing remarks earlier about magic life forms and power sources for airships, and you are letting Lord Geish use such things? Should I call Madame, after all? What you need right now, Young lady, is the young lady power. You are depleted now, and I can’t even find a piece of it, so let’s ask Madame to replenish it for you. Then you will return to the graceful Young lady you used to be.”

When I was called out to, and I looked behind me, Alicia was standing there. She looked like she was about to cry. It seems that it was bad of me to slip out of the class?
No, I guess not. But why can’t you understand how wonderful this material is? This is a great invention that will make history, you know? With this, we can build all the airships we want.
The disadvantage is that the cost of refining it is terribly high, but there is no other technology in this world that can power airships, so it can’t be helped.
Muh, Alicia still needs more education. Well, she will get used to it eventually. For the time being, I rejected the summoning of Madame by the authority of the head of the family.

Let’s return to the main topic.
Ignoring Alicia’s nitpicking, the new magic tool was well received. She also praised the bracelet mode and the unlimited use of magic limited to fire as long as the magic power was accumulated. This is an item that allows anyone to use magic, albeit pseudo-magic. I tried to mass-produce it for my Father… but the absorption pearl is too expensive, so I was unable to do so.
Well, the pearl itself has many uses, so it’s a good sample case. The Teacher received the lighter with a disgusted look on his face. He may have wanted to keep it, but it was not cheap enough to give it away. The magic sphere is the most expensive material obtained from monsters. Moreover, the magic stones of ordinary monsters are quite small. It takes about 300 kilograms of magic stones to produce the magic sphere in my Big brother’s bracelet. In fact, when I told him that, my Big brother was unusually stunned silly.
But it can’t be helped. It was originally the byproduct of an experiment to see if we could somehow miniaturize the power source that moves the airship. Is the power source for an airship so cheap that you can get it anywhere? I asked him, and he became silent. In fact, I can accumulate enough magic power to move it using this. I may look like I’m playing around every day, but I’m thinking about a lot of things.
However, I didn’t think enough. I will experience that in a few days. I wondered how my thinking in this kind of world could be so naive.

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