Chapter 55.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Chaos in Ostland (1)
Something was strange that day. Summer vacation had just ended, yet many dragon baskets were flying in the sky and there were many carriages on the roads. Soldiers were running around in a hurry. And the whole city was tense.
It was the weekend, so the academy was closed, and I was excited to go on a big adventure, but Alicia stopped me. That was not that unusual. She usually manages my schedule so that I can’t do adventurer activities. I wondered if I was going to receive the typical denial that it was too dangerous to do so today, too. I was thinking that, but today seems to be different.
I had received instructions from Arland to return home. Did my Father already go crazy even though I left not too long ago? Or maybe I was put on political study during this vacation, or maybe Madame is going to re-educate me, or perhaps something I did was discovered again, and it’s time for another of Mother’s sermons. I didn’t know why we were going back exactly, because there were too many possibilities.

“Are you ready, Princess? Excuse me, but I’m going to have to ask you to join me and His Highness.”

Well, it doesn’t matter if we return today. I had no plans other than a great adventure anyway. It’s not like I was itching to go on an adventure right now, so I had no objection to going back to Arland. But tomorrow, Sharon is coming back here, and we have promised to go shopping together, so it will be a day trip only. I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Teleportation is convenient. It’s not too much of a bother on my magic power (if Alicia uses it, she’ll run out of magic power and faint), so let’s just be quiet for today. I don’t want to build up my Mother’s anger gauge by forcibly refusing here.

“I’m ready… but…”

I’m ready. I mean, I’ll be back soon anyway, so I don’t have much of anything to bring with me. Aside from my writing utensils, since I like using things I’m used to.
And then I came back to my room in the royal castle.
But no one was there, no, there was someone outside. But in a case like this, I was bracing myself for Father to be waiting for me now or later, but did he fail to get out? Big brother hurried out of the room. It seems that he was in a hurry and went somewhere. I didn’t notice it, by the way, but it seems that Gramps Ya also teleported together with us. He truly doesn’t stand out. Well, it doesn’t matter if he is here or not, there is no problem in terms of magic power.

“Did something happen?”
“I am about to leave for a meeting related to your security, so please stay here obediently.”

Alicia left the room without answering my question. What is it? Did I do something? I don’t know what it is because there could be so many things.




When Alicia left the room, I heard a disturbing sound outside. A sound that could not possibly be heard under normal circumstances… a sound that could not possibly be heard from outside. In other words, it was the sound of locking the door.
I looked closer and saw that the door to my room was different… it has been changed from an automatic door that could repel a wyvern’s attack, to a regular rugged-looking metal door… Or rather, the door I made has been broken down and used as part of the door to make it stronger. It was destroyed without my permission and then used as material for a replacement door.
This is a door that is supposed to keep people inside, no matter how I think about it. This is my room, right? Since when did I become a sinner? This is clearly house arrest. And it was probably a Sorcerer who was standing outside. There was a barrier deployed to block magic.

“Do they think they can restrain me with this kind of obstacle… how laughable!!”

I immediately deploy counter magic. I had to interfere with the barrier magic, so that it would allow me to use magic inside… I mean, this barrier was one that interfered with magic power in the atmosphere, so there is no problem if I used magic with only my own magic power. Rather, the problem is that if I use magic inside this barrier, it will be sensed by the detection magic of that Sorcerer outside.
Therefore, I interfered with the detection magic and tampered with a part of the formula, so that even if I used magic inside, it couldn’t be detected from the outside.
Well, I could win a fight against someone with the skills of the Sorcerer outside, but I would inevitably injure them. They have far more experience in actual combat than I do, so if I fight carefully not to injure them, I will surely be neutralized. Arland’s sorcerers have that much experience. So this time, let’s move by teleportation without being noticed.

“Lead me, World, to where I want to be, Limited Teleportation.”

I currently have three types of limited teleports.
1. Moving between magic circles.
2. Moving within my field of vision.
3. Moving to a place that I have a strong perception of.

Emergency Evasion Type 1 is a combination of moving within my field of vision and Coote, who I am highly aware of. Basically, two of the three types.
In this case, it is a movement to the place which I have strong perception of, so it’s the number 3. Basically, it’s locations like my room. Well, it is more burdensome than the first one, but it can be done. This time, the target is a person… my Father. Therefore, it will be possible to move to a place near my Father.
There are currently only three people who I can move to using number 3. That is, my Father, my Mother, and Alicia.
I can ask Father directly why he locked me up without warning, as he would have given the order. That’s why I’m going to teleport to the place where Father is.

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