Chapter 54.1

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The Reincarnated Princess Never Stops
After finishing the meal with everyone, I had to go to the Special class this afternoon.
Basically, the time for my lessons in the Special class changes from day to day. The daily lesson schedule is explained to me by my homeroom teacher of the Elementary class, so they tell me what time my lessons start.
If most of my day is spent in the Special class, the schedule for the next day would be explained to me there. In other words, I do not have a set schedule.

“In other words, magic is the art of interfering with the principles of the world by using one’s own magic power as a catalyst, and it’s difficult to activate magic without both the magic power that fills the world and one’s own magic power. The reason is that although you use your own magic power as a trigger, it simultaneously influences the flow of magic power in the surroundings. Naturally, it’s not impossible to interfere with the principles of the world with one’s own magic power, but the difficulty of activation jumps anywhere from several times to dozens of times.”

Today’s lesson was on Magic and Magic Tools. What is magic? What can it do? It’s this kind of lesson, but I believe this: Magic can do anything… even raise the dead… well, it’s not common, since it’s considered nearly impossible because of the extraordinary amount of magic power it requires.
What I am trying to say is that magic can interfere with the principles of the world at the cost of magic power, so it’s a mechanism that can do almost anything as long as you have a clear image and the necessary magic power.
That is quite an amazing thing. For example, even if you lose an arm, you can restore it with magic… It requires a clear image, so you have to be familiar with the composition of the arm, but you can do it as long as you have the necessary amount of magic power, which is contrary to physical phenomena. It’s a cheating mechanism in many ways, but on the other hand, it’s also something harder to advance in the longer you study it.
In this world where magic exists, no one thinks about why the apple falls from the tree. That’s because it will fall as long as you have magic. In other words, there are numerous people who think it’s useless to think about problems like this.

“Magic needs a concrete image to stabilize itself. It’s a matter of seeing, or deepening your knowledge of the subject, and each individual has their own take. Some people seem to understand the magic of others just by looking at it, though.”

Today, the Teacher spoke sarcastically and looked at me as well. To me, magic in this world is easy. I can understand the structure of magic, which is poorly conceived, just by looking at it… Basically, otherworldlers are generally better at magic. That’s because we know the answers to questions such as: “Why does fire burn? What is water?” The spark of fire can be created by friction. If oxygen is fed to a small spark, it will burn at once. And if you gather moisture in the air, you can produce water. Electricity can also be produced. People from other worlds can have easier time living in this world because the technology of their previous worlds is more advanced—although, of course, this is not the case in all worlds.
Well, the students in the Special class know that I can copy most magic once I see it. Of course, that’s why they avoid me. Because it would make all their hard work go down the drain in an instant.
However, even I study every day. I spend a lot of my free time reading books and practicing magic, so I think it’s terrible they treat me so unreasonably.

“Today, I will explain how to create a magic tool. A magic tool is an object with magic in its core. Sometimes, other things can be added to make it even easier to use.”

For example, if you make an oscillating magic tool and attach a toothbrush to it, you can make a pseudo-electric toothbrush. Of course, if it works well, it can be turned and concealed as a ring. Thus, the common sense is to pack accessories with simple defensive barriers, or offensive magic.
If you can do that, you can make a living as a magic tool craftsman. Basically, a Magician is also a magic tool craftsman.
Well, it would be a pain in the ass to explain in greater detail, because I would be covering bestowal magic. However, in fact, there is not much difference.

“I will have you create a magic tool that starts a fire. This is the most basic of all magic tools. If you can’t do this at least, you can’t call yourself a Magician. Those of you who cannot use this kind of magic should train outside first, so please take your training swords and move to the schoolyard.”

A magic tool, huh… moreover, you want me to make a lighter? Good, let me do my best.
I quickly started drawing a blueprint in my notebook. Some students and teachers looked at my notebook, but frowned and walked away. It’s common to encrypt these things. There is no way they can understand this language, which even contains hieroglyphics. I am confident that even the best intelligence agencies on Earth would not be able to analyze it because it’s my own unique mixture.
Since it was just a pseudo-lighter, I finished designing it in about 20 minutes… Magic stone? There is no need for such a material that requires time and effort to fill with magic power. I took out a magic sphere. The size was that of an Orc-class. Well, it’s a special material, so only I can get it.
I put fire magic into it and put on the exterior. It looked like a 100 yen lighter. It was about twice the size, though.

“Alicia, I’m done.”


“……… You didn’t add any strange features to it, did you? You definitely didn’t add anything weird to it, right?”

“When you adjust this knob to activate it… it becomes a sword!!”

When the knob to adjust the flame size was turned to maximum, it turned to a sword with a blade of flame about one meter long. The temperature robbed oxygen from the opposite direction of the owner all the time, so it boasted an unbelievable amount of firepower for a magic sphere (not strictly speaking) of this size. Furthermore, the opposing party was confronted with an environment where oxygen was continuously getting depleted, so it also produces a sabotaging effect!! What a wonderful invention this is. Should I apply this to be the official self-defense equipment of the Arland Kingdom? It’s not good to use it all the time because of the oxygen depletion problem, after all.
However, what a splendid tool this is. The downside is that you can’t cut anyone with this, because it’s a flame… should I make it, so it can use external parts to temporarily materialize it? Or, should I apply a restrictive barrier so that it can be used to strike at will… I’m torn!!
Well, if it’s just steel, I can solve this problem in a matter of seconds.

“Again… huh. What are you making!! You were supposed to make something to start a small fire!!”

“Of course, I have already cleared that objective. A versatile item that can be used as a fire starter when camping or for self-defense in case of emergency. I’m going to get my Big brother to test this for me.”

A dive off the windo… Alicia was looking at me with madness, so I normally dashed out the door. Well, my legs are slow, so I moved while a few millimeters off the ground.


“Come here, Alice!!”

I hugged my Big brother, who was outside making some stranger adult faint. The stranger who was lying on the ground was probably the Swordsmanship teacher. I’ve never met him, though, because I have nothing to do with this lesson. Well, it doesn’t matter. First of all, I have to ask my Big brother to verify my invention.

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