Chapter 45.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Returning home (2)
“Gee, I can’t believe my daughter took the last hit from me… don’t take my share too.”

When my Father came back, he was a bit angry at me. Moreover, he ground my head. It didn’t hurt, but it messed up my hair, so I would like him to quit.

“Father, I hate you.”

When I said that, he broke down crying. He’s quick to cry, as usual. I looked around while my Mother fixed my hair with a comb. This time, there was really no damage. At most, the Knights who fought the dragon received a few graze wounds. I healed that immediately as well, so there was zero damage.

“I can do it if I try…”

I was a little tired. The magic power was also close to the danger zone, so I quickly defeated the dragon. I could control my magic power much easier, but my physical strength… well, I’m a magician, so it can’t be helped. I don’t think I am bad at all.

“However, is this the return of the Founder? You are too strong, Alicetia. Rather, can I buy those weapons?”

“Everything is broken.”

I was in tears. The bullets can be recovered later with magic, but the minigun has to be rebuilt. The golems I had been forced to move broke at the joints, and some of them destroyed themselves because they couldn’t withstand the recoil.
The total amount of damage was considerable, but there were no human casualties, which is impossible in a battle of this scale. So the only damage was to me… well, that’s OK. If my research is also recognized for this one incident, it will be a worth it.
I was thinking of new magic tools while writing in my notebook about how to improve based on this case. However, I seemed to have concentrated too much on writing in my notebook. My notebook was taken from the side.

“So this is your research notebook, Alice~ I can’t read it. What’s written in it?”

It was my Mother who took the notebook from the side. But when she looked at the notebook, she tilted her head in confusion.

“・・・・・>? ?????????????????????????????? >. .”

“Sorry, I don’t understand what you said.”

“Of course. It’s not a spoken language. They are just characters. They do have a meaning, but you wouldn’t understand if I put it into words, either.”

Although it’s too troublesome to make it this complicated, I am the only one who uses these characters in this world… or rather, in the whole world, so it is enough if only I can read what I have written down.
I told them about this notebook, too. I guess my Mother likes to experiment as well, so she wanted to see it in person. However, I was surprised that I made characters that even my Mother could not read… It could be used as a cipher, but if we were to use it, I would have to teach her how to write and read it from scratch, which would be a hassle. And in that case, I might have to rewrite the letters in my research notebook, so I won’t say anything this time. I also have things that I find pain in the ass.
Mother hugged me when she returned the notebook. It’s calming, it’s soothing. It would be even better if there was no scent of blood in the air.

“You don’t seem to have a fever, but you must be pretty worn out. You need to change your habit of not caring about yourself until you collapse.”

I am indeed tired. Isn’t this country too light on their feet? I didn’t expect such a battle to take place so unexpectedly. I can’t deny that I wasn’t prepared enough for the battle, so I give myself 50 points.

“I needed a little more time to prepare. If I had more time to adjust the convenient magic tools, I could have experimented with them all at once.”

When I said that, my Mother sighed.


“Haah~~ have some more self-respect. I don’t know if it’s the result of all the hiding you have done, but I don’t see a shred of self-restraint on your part, Alice.”

Mhm, I certainly vanquished the enemy. I already feel like a Superman. I will create a rich life by using all the abilities I have.
However, the minigun seems to have no problems if its durability is improved. The magic power will not be so much of a problem if it is mounted on a Magic furnace-like mount. I think I should do my best to create a Magic Battleship. I have got a draft, but it won’t be possible unless I raise the output of the Magic furnace to at least 40%… no, if I could get my hands on a Power reactor… yeah, I don’t want to use live fuel.

“But we’re going to be busy now. Alicetia won’t be able to escape from the social scene, and since she’s this capable, she will have to perform official duties as well. I wish we had some kind of teleportation magic…”

“I can use it.”

The library had books on ancient magic, so I can use it, although with restrictions.
It was a bad magic. Even I, who had modified the magic circuits, could not control it, so I completed a restricted teleportation spell that could allow me to go back and forth between two magic circles. Well, the difficult part of the teleportation are the specific coordinates, so if I can specify them in advance, there would be no problem. Moreover, it is possible to teleport within a short distance within the field of view.

“So you can… I won’t get surprised at anything anymore.”

Father and Mother looked enlightened.

“Then, can I build a Magic Battleship?”

“Just how much do you want to surprise us!!”

Father opened his eyes wide. Yay~ I was able to surprise him.
But Alicia was standing beside him with her head in her hands. I guess she must be worrying a lot. However, I never thought I would be able to live so freely. I was born into a really good family. However, when I asked why my Father, Mother, and Big brother why they were not that concerned about my peculiarity, they said it’s because the Founder apparently did whatever they wanted to do more than I do.
The First King was a hero who turned this land, which had been a forest of monsters, into a land where humans could live by force. The strength of the First King really was out of the norm.

“Thank God, Volken wasn’t here. Sylvia, let’s push that case by force. Let’s get all this done before he comes back.”

Father was saying something to Mother. I don’t know what “that case” is, but it must have something to do with me. Moreover, it must be difficult with the Prime Minister present… Rather, where did he go? I haven’t seen him since I got back.

“The Prime Minister? I haven’t seen him around.”

“He’s currently under house arrest in his mansion. That’s his punishment for going through your room. He was caught in a pretty vicious trap, and the military is holding him responsible for it, so he’s probably in his mansion right now yelling at them to let him work like a zombie.”

Ah, Mr. Prime Minister, he’s a man who loves his work and would rather go through documents than sleep, isn’t he? But how many months has he been under house arrest? If you take work away from him, there’s nothing left.

“So, what’s ‘that case’ you spoke about? What do I have to do?”

When I asked this, Father looked very proud, while Alicia and Mother looked a little tired. Did you do something reckless again, Father?

“Instead of a Duchess, I will make you a Viceroy!!”

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