Chapter 37.2

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“I think they are going to get angry and attack us. They will think it’s a provocation.”

“If something terrible happens, the Golems will be armed with the sword I gave Big brother. The better armed it is, the more it can compensate for the slower reactions. And worst case scenario, if I equip all of them with Magic furnaces, and they damage them, there will be huge explosions.”

Alicia pulled on my cheek.

“Let’s not act rashly, okay♪ Are you planning to fill the border with holes?”

“The damage that would cause would not be a joke. Rather, the explosions would cause a chain reaction and all the Golems would get destroyed.”

It was so painful that I pulled Alicia’s ear to escape. Alicia has four ears, but I wonder which one she uses to listen to sound. She is half Elf and half Beastman, so she has both pairs.
I stared at Alicia as I kneaded my aching cheeks. Alicia seemed to have suffered more damage than I thought, as she was massaging her ears. This was apparently her coping mechanism.
Snack time was over, so we started moving to the dorms. I planned to move my belongings in today, but Alicia, no doubt, demanded that I put all my belongings in my Treasury, so I threw everything in there, and then we moved on. Isn’t that relying too much on your Master’s ability? I tried to complain about it, but all she said that my ability was really useful. I am not a courier, though.
Incidentally, Big brother tried to enter the women’s dormitory with impunity, but the female soldier guarding the gate stopped him, and he reluctantly withdrew. Bye bye.

“Mhm, it’s cozy. Let’s put the bed there.”

“Young lady, that’s a closet.”

I found a space where I would not be able to put anything else if I put a bed there, so I tried to build a nest, but got angered instead. There was one room about 16m2 large and one room about 10m2 large for the servants. There is also a toilet and a small bathroom. Both of them have a drainage system, but they are a little too unhygienic, so I wondered if I could remodel them. For some reason, I got scolded a lot when I took out my magic tools. I only wanted to make system bath from my previous life, so I have no idea why I was scolded. Let’s remodel it when Alicia is not looking.
Anyway, the only light in the room was a lamp, so I hung an LED light-like magic tool from the ceiling and installed a net for capturing suspicious people near the door. Most of the other small items were also replaced with magic tools.

“The room got upgraded to quite an incredible one, huh. Having Princess here makes the everyday life easier.”

“You can thank me in tears.”

“But that doesn’t mean I approve of it. That, and it’s not enough to make me cry.”

Alicia, you are what we call a tsundere. My Father told me that he doesn’t want this light, but the reason is that if he has this, the Prime Minister is going to have him work through the night.
The Prime Minister is a real workaholic, so he will keep working for a few days straight if you leave him unattended. I don’t understand what drives him.
After a while, I heard a tapping sound on the window and Alicia opened the window. It seems that the messenger called Sonic bird has come. It looks like an ordinary bird, but it flies at a frighteningly fast speed and delivers letters to the designated places. When fed with magic power, the bird remembers their magic power and delivers letters wherever they are.

“It appears to be a letter from the Queen. The contents are mostly clerical, but it seems that His Majesty is holed up in the castle tower, demanding your return.”


“So fast!?”

What are you doing!! The castle tower is a place where high-ranking nobles and royalty are locked up!! I can’t understand why he would hole himself up in there.
My Father does too many outlandish things. I think I will have to go back often via magic. The flying magic is currently forbidden because it is too dangerous, but if I can learn to teleport, it will be easy for me to return home. There are only a few people who can use it nowadays, but perhaps I can learn it too.

“What would you like to do?”

“Let’s write back that I will learn teleportation, so he should be patient until then, and also that I hate people who lock themselves in towers without doing their jobs.”

“His Majesty will have to come out too then… you were intending to learn teleportation?”

It’s a super convenient spell, after all. If I use it in conjunction with a control amulet, I should be able to return home safe and sound. The cost will be high, but if they let me pay for the amulet out of my Father’s allowance, there will be no loss to me.

“Anyhow, I will hole myself up in the library tomorrow as soon as my classes are over. There will be people who will say strange things about me anyway.”

“Well, there are going to be fools who come poking the bear. I wish you wouldn’t blame others for your own lack of effort, though.”

From the looks of that entrance ceremony, we will have to be vigilant for a while. I don’t like it when people complain about things that have already been decided. What do you want me to do? What do you want me to say? Let’s leave them to my Big brother to handle, and just go to the library and read gracefully.

“And, my Princess, you will spend half of your classes in the Special class, in other words, in a separate classroom. Perhaps it is because of your age, but the other half of your classes are in the noble class of the elementary division. This might be only temporary. You have already finished your education, after all. If you behave badly, I will report you to Madam Smith, though.”

My Dear Madame Smith, the fearsome educator. She was the best educated madam in the whole kingdom, who educated me in dance and other subjects. Using a magic whip that leaves no scars, she can train even the rudest person to become a graceful person. Her motto is short-term learning, which is why I have completed most of my education at my age. And I don’t even want to recall the content of her lessons. She said that Big brother and Father were also indebted to her, and she was not over the moon about it. If it gets reported that her education was not successful, then, you know, the dreaded classes will be resumed. Terrifying…

“I… will do my best…”

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