Chapter 38.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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First lesson. First time in a classroom. Although it’s my first time here, it does not feel like it. Maybe it’s because of my previous life. I have experienced déjà vu many times before, but I don’t really have that feeling now. Who was I in my previous life? I’m a little curious. I have the knowledge, but I don’t feel déjà vu about a classroom. Did I teach myself somewhere? Well, currently, I’m from a noble family, so I guess it is no wonder I am not familiar with it.
The classrooms are no different from my previous life’s classrooms. There is a facility like a university auditorium, but basically, 20 to 30 students often take classes in one classroom. The first class of the day is dance, so we have moved to a gym-like area. We changed into simple dresses in the locker room before moving on, but if you looked around, you would see young girls wearing gorgeous dresses here and there. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make children wear extravagant dresses like that when they are young.
Girls were to dance with boys in our class, so I decided to give it a try. Thus, I was dancing with the eldest son of a baron from somewhere, whom I met for the first time today. It was quite interesting.


“I, I’m so sorry!!”

“Don’t mind it.”

Well, the only drawback was that I got stepped on a lot. I don’t have good balance, so we both fell down when my foot was stepped on. I guess it’s just my age. It was the same for others, so I guess it’s just the age.
I have been through Madame Smith’s torturous education and I never step on anyone’s foot, but other students are not used to it and there are pairs of students who often step on each other’s feet and stop.
I can’t understand why we have to go through such a rigorous education at such a young age!! It’s just me…? I feel a little depressed.

“That… I’m sorry. Alice.”

“I don’t mind.”

Apparently, he thought I was mad at him and apologized. But even at my age, everyone is a child of nobility. Everywhere you go, people are saying who’s good, asking whose noble is that son of, and it’s become a small social gathering place. They may be young, but they are nobles. Is it me? I don’t care where they are from, as long as they don’t treat me with ill will.
For example, I don’t want anything to do with the people in the corner looking at me and Alicia and whispering to each other, “Is she not ashamed of having a Beastman with her?”—If Alicia wasn’t looking at me so intently, I would have used magic to drench them in water already… but she probably sensed that and was silently pressuring me not to do anything unnecessary.

“Nevertheless, you are very good at dancing, Alice.”

“They were just a bit strict at home with me. Anyone can do this well once they get used to it.”

“I will try my best, too.”

Why are children so cute? Is it strange for me to feel that way since they are the same age as me? Come to think of it, there were no noble children of the same age as me in Arland for some reason. There were children of nobility and below, but for some reason, there were no children born in the same year as me. I have never played with kids my own age. I was either older or younger, so I had to pay more attention.
They were quite passionate at random, but I don’t have any romantic feelings for them. They were all so young, after all. I prefer dandy uncles. I think it’s the adult’s charm that makes it. They feel cool (I don’t need muscles).
That’s how the dance class ended. I made a list in my mind of a few people who I needed to be on the lookout for and got a rough idea of the power structure of this class. Let’s try not to get involved with the watchdogs. They were clearly looking down on me.
After that was a rough history of the continent lesson, but I have read through a thick 30 volume book called the Continental History, so there was nothing new.

“Uuuh, that was some splendid dancing, Young lady.”

“Why are you crying?”


I went to Alicia during the break, but she was crying.

“You have been too free and uninhibited lately~ You are more curious than graceful. Rather than a tiger, please keep being a kitty forever.”

How rude. I can do things when I put my mind to it. I just don’t do it because I get tired and huffy when I try to live gracefully in my personal life as well.
Next time, I’m leaving the Elementary division and moving to the Advanced class. There were about 50 students in the class, and the age didn’t matter. So I will be in the same class as my Big brother… is it ok to mix kids like that? I guess the basics don’t matter… I was told something about how competent eggs should be involved with each other, regardless of age, etc., but I was sleepy, so I hardly listened.

When I opened the door to the class… I silently closed the door and tried to go back the way I came.

“I’m going back.”

“Hey~ wait up!!”

I was caught by my brother, who appeared at the speed of light. I flailed about and resisted, but my physical abilities were not enough to put up much of a fight, and I was taken into the classroom.
When I went inside again, all the students were still looking at me. All of them were at least twice my age, and some of them were looking at me in a very serious way. There was A, who had lost the duel, but he looked away when he saw me. He was the only one isolated, but I heard that people who lose a duel are like that.

“This is my little sister. I will get very angry if you bully her.”

When Big brother said this, the people who had been staring at me looked away. Apparently, Big brother is one of the tops of the class.
Then the class began. First, the introductions. This was my first time hearing A’s name, but I was not interested, so it doesn’t really matter. It seems that this year there are only two new students, him and me, which is less than in previous years.

“She is a Sorceress, so she is better in magic than you guys. You all should strive to be as good as her.”

Oh, so this teacher is one who is all about magic ability. I don’t care if I am superior or not, but please don’t say things that agitate other people. Why should I make enemies where unnecessary?

“I am Alice Fleur. I might be young, but I look forward to learning with you.”

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