Chapter 37.1

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“Freshman class president, Alice Fleur to the front.”


Today was the entrance ceremony. There is a gymnasium-like structure at the academy where the entrance ceremony was being held. Perhaps the influence of the otherworlders is also present in this area? If you looked closely, you could see many similarities to Earth.
I moved to the front, near the podium. It seems that I, as a new student, entered this year with the best results, the first place among the freshmen. There was a stranger sitting in the parent’s seat, so perhaps this was the substitute found to act as my parent. Both my Father and Mother are famous, so there’s no way they could appear here.
However, this was a nerve-wracking and terrifying entrance ceremony. Most of the new students were staring at me. Certainly, the main seat is what everyone wants. Unlike in my previous life, my grades at the school directly affect my life afterwards, so I have to put a lot of effort into it. Children in this world grow up mentally very fast.

“As a special exception, Alice Fleur is granted the certification of Sorceress, and will be given an alias of the Creator.”

Eh!! The place began to buzz. A Sorceress is a title normally given to those with good grades upon graduation. Magician, Sorcerer, and Mage are all basically titles, so it is not an easy thing to obtain.
Moreover, it is unprecedented for a student to be given an alias as soon as they enter the academy. The teachers were also looking at the Headmaster of the academy in front of them—Master Ignace, with surprise. He was smiling with a look of satisfaction on his face.

“Furthermore, Alice Fleur will be promoted to the Special class. Basically, she will take half of her classes over there.”


I won’t say anything. It’s not my place to speak. Things were far too scary behind me. Not only the freshmen, but also the already enrolled students, were killing me with their gazes. Is this a new kind of harassment? Do you dislike me that much?
He then praised me for the carriage I had built and the use of magic in the examination, and handed me a plume ornament, the proof of being the president. The plume is to be worn in a visible place, but a hat will do fine. It won’t get in the way there.
Thus, the bloodthirsty entrance ceremony finished. And by the way, I was finished too.

“… sniff…”

“Yyyoung lady!! Please calm down. This is a great honor.”

“That’s right. Alice, let’s go have a snack. Alicia won’t stop you now, right?”

I was so terrified that I started to weep after the ceremony, and the two of them comforted me. I know it’s an honor, but why do they have to look at me with such obvious blood thirst… it was so scary. And thus, I had snacks afterwards.

“Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp.”

I ate wholeheartedly. Let’s forget everything with sweets.

“That was indeed unexpected. However, for Young lady to get an alias already?”

“Well, there are no students with aliases in the academy, so I was also surprised. However, it’s only natural for Alice!! As her older brother, I’m very happy. And don’t worry, Alice, if anyone tries to bully you, I will protect you. There are only a few who would dare to oppose me.”

I have a small appetite by nature, so when I finished my snack, I used Quick Close to store the remaining snacks. Alicia seemed to want to say something, but if I don’t stock up, I won’t be able to eat them when the time comes. The cookies from this store were delicious.

“I want to confine myself underground… I want to build a grand dungeon and have it defended by a Demon King-class magic tool, so no one will come…”

“Quit it, Father will just look unconcerned and raid the dungeon.”

“Rather, he will look for it with bloodshot eyes.”

Yeah, my Father wouldn’t be afraid of fighting a Demon King either.

“I’m calm… I’m fine now. Sorceress? Don’t know. Alias? Have none.”

“Don’t pretend it didn’t happen.”

I was lightly chopped by my brother.
But a Sorceress, huh… well, at least a Sorceress can use magic freely, so that’s good, but I’m a few years ahead of schedule. I’ll ask my Big brother and Alicia to keep quiet about it and surprise them when I return to my country. Fortunately, both of them agreed to keep quiet about it, so that went good. And if someone tries to bully me, I will be fine as long as you stick with my Big brother.
I also got a higher rank in the library because I became a Sorceress, and now I can browse through many books and even some forbidden books and advanced magic grimoires. This is a dream come true.

“Well, I won’t fret over it. If anything happens, you have to help me, Big brother.”

“Leave it to me. With your Big brother around, nothing scary will ever come near you.”

Perfect. And while we are at it, let’s look for someone suitable to be my Big brother’s wife among the little girls who approach him. The conditions are that they do not leak information to other countries. They will not betray my brother. They will not torment me. And they shall not waste money. I am sure that he has built a popular harem at the academy, so there are plenty of candidates for him, and even if not a single one among them is good enough, the worst that can happen is that I will have to find one among the elder sisters who love my Big brother back at home. I have to make the first move before it’s too late for the siscon brother of mine… Most likely, I won’t be able to get married first. I have a feeling that Father and Big brother are working together to prevent that from happening. Otherwise, I would have a fiancée by now.

“First of all, let’s read all the forbidden books I can. I couldn’t read them back home because of Mother’s interference, I’m sure that with forbidden techniques, my magic furn… the potential of my magic tools will increase.”

I felt some kind of lukewarm gazes from the two of them. I almost told them about the Magic furnace, but my brilliant rephrasing allowed me to keep it under wraps. The current stable amount of magic power generated by the Magic furnace is 10%, and if the amount is increased beyond this level, the furnace will immediately go out of control.

“The Magic furn… she definitely has one…”

“I will increase the surveillance… probably to no avail, though.”

“If I learn Golem magic and put 100,000 of them on the border, will the Empire give up?”

It would take a huge budget to station an army of this size, but Golems are different. The cost of production is not a problem if I make them, and it will be even better if I build a factory that will eventually allow Golems to make other Golems.

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