Chapter 32.1

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The Treasury of Contracts, and Secret (2)
I have two Treasure Tools, a key and a treasury, which I call the Treasury of Contracts. This is a supreme treasure trove that no one else can touch, and since the treasure trove itself is located in a place slightly off-world, no one, not even me, knows its actual location. Although there are no other effects, the drawback is that it cannot be used in public because it requires a key to open the door. The other difference is that this Treasure Tool can actually change its owner. A Treasure Tool is considered a personal ability, and it disappears when the owner dies. However, this Treasure Tool allows me to set an heir beforehand, so if I die, the key will appear in possession of someone else I designate. Of course, I can transfer the key even if I’m still alive, but if I’m still alive, I will still be the one with the authority to open the treasury, since I can hand over the treasures as I please if necessary.
In addition, I have been told that the mark in my eye may also a Treasure Tool, but the details are unknown. It’s said to appear at certain points in time, but for some reason, no matter which period of time I looked for it, I couldn’t find it.
And so, I also briefly told them about the contents of the treasury, but I quit explaining when I saw question marks above their heads. Too much time was wasted.

“I don’t understand it well, but I get that you have some pretty important stuff stored in it. Each of these certainly need special care. You are the right person for the job, you know all the effects and how to use them, and the treasury is safe from theft, right? Then there’s nothing to blame you for.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your explanation, Princess. However, I didn’t know that you were making weapons… I should have realized it a little earlier. I failed as a maid.”

Elder brother didn’t seem to be angry, but Alicia seemed to be shocked because she didn’t fully grasp my actions. This should keep the fact that I’m trying to build a laboratory underground for fun a secret. I will cry if they ask me to bury it. It has been very difficult to dig so much so hard without getting my clothes dirty or being noticed, after all.

“I sealed things that shouldn’t exist in there… but, since most of them don’t have enough magic power to perform at their full potential, they could be considered just scrap metal.”

The development of the magic furnace is currently in abeyance, so if I want to get the full performance out of those things, I would need to pour magic power directly into them, and if I rely on myself to supply the magic power, I can’t move that many of them. It was a mistake on my part to get carried away and not think about the efficiency of magic power supply.

“However, at your age… well, I had no idea you have been thinking so much about the country for so long… when I was your age, all I did was make Gramps cry.”

Elder brother certainly made an old steward called Gramps (I have never talked to him, so I don’t know his real name) cry a lot. When he was my age, he was invading the monster forests with Father and blending in with the training of the Knights Order.

“But where did you get this knowledge? There are no books that describe these technologies within your reach, Princess. Even if there were, they would be forbidden books… or even if you could read them, the things they describe would be impossible to recreate today, and even their structures would be beyond our understanding.”

All went good up to this point, but I’m not sure if I can continue talking from this point onward.


I opened my mouth and tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come out.

“That appears to be your burden, huh.”

Let’s take a deep breath and try to calm down. It’s okay. You just need to calm down and talk.

“I… am reincarnated. The devices I have made are replicas of things that existed in my previous world.”


I ended up saying it. I have been hiding the fact that I’m a foreigner in this world all this time…

“Reincarnated? So you are saying you have lived in another world and were born in this one after you died?”

“Yes, a world different from this one. Over there, people fly in the sky and out to the stars. The towers reach up to the clouds, and the towns are far more crowded than the towns of this world. A world without magic, but a world that developed through the study of science.”

I told them everything. I told him about the Earth, about Teth, and so on.

“Hard as it is to believe, good science is indistinguishable from magic… If the world is as you say, then I can understand why you know so much… but are magic tools the same as science? What were you doing living in that world?”

“Magic tools are different, but there are many similarities, and also, I have knowledge of my previous life, but no memory of it. So I don’t know where I was or what I was doing in my previous life. But I must have been involved in technology. Science is a discipline. Even a single field requires a vast amount of knowledge and skills. And since I have this much knowledge of it, I must have been involved in it.”

I saw a slight crease between his eyebrows. Did I say something wrong? Surely you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that there was another world out there and that I came from there. I couldn’t argue if he thought I was talking nonsense. Is he going to question my sanity?

“I don’t think you are lying. I know of a world called Earth, too.”

!! How!!

“Have you ever heard of otherworlders? They appear out of nowhere and provide us with knowledge of other worlds. The most common is the summoning of Heroes, and it seems that the Imperial State can use it to invite residents of other worlds to come here. There appear to be some restrictions, though. And in the records of those otherworlders, there was one who said he came from a place called Earth.”

Apparently, I’m not the first. There were people who crossed the world while still alive. I heard that in my case there are limitations because I died and was reincarnated, but are there no limitations if you are still alive?

“I have also met otherworlders. I don’t want to remember them too much, though.”

Alicia said with a sour expression on her face. Did something happen to her in the past?

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